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As Pirates rest, SoCal regional football playoffs take shape

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Under usual circumstances, a bye week for the final week of the regular season would just mean the Ventura College football season ending seven days early.

But this has been no ordinary season for the Pirates, who have finished 10-0 for the first time in school history, won the SCFA Northern Conference and clinched a berth in next weekend's Southern California semifinals.

"It's a three-game season right now," Ventura coach Steve Mooshagian said this week. "You're in the tournament. There's only six teams that get to do this throughout the state of California and we're one of them."

Mooshagian's team practiced Tuesday and Wednesday, spent Thursday in the gym and took the weekend off, ahead of Sunday's playoff pairings announcement.

"We should know who we're going to play at some point on Sunday," said the third-year Ventura head coach.

The SoCal playoff field will consist of the National Division's three conference champions, plus a wildcard team, and be seeded by the final regional poll.

No. 2 Ventura (10-0) has clinched the Northern Conference.

No. 1 Mount San Antonio (9-0) and No. 3 Riverside City (8-1) -- both 5-0 in conference play -- will determine the Central Conference champion Saturday at 6 p.m. with their showdown in Walnut, which will be broadcast by http://www.SoCalCollegeSports.com.

The Southern Conference is a mess. No. 6 Santa Ana (7-2), No. 7 Saddleback (5-4) and No. 9 Fullerton (5-4) are tied atop the standings at 4-1. Santa Ana, which owns the tiebreaker, can clinch the berth by beating Fullerton Saturday. Should Fullerton triumph, Saddleback can clinch the berth by beating Golden West. Fullerton will advance with a win and a Saddleback loss.

While much of the Pirates' coaching staff is schedule to scout the Mt. SAC-Riverside showdown Saturday, Mooshagian is planning on taking in Santa Ana-Fullerton in person.

"It'll be interesting to see how it plays out," Mooshagian said. "There are about six scenarios in play... We can't control it. I just hope there's no shenanigans involved."

The Mt. SAC-Riverside loser seems to have the inside track on the wild card berth, which is goes to the highest ranked non-champion in the final regional poll. But No. 4 Bakersfield (7-2) and No. 5 Citrus (7-2) could force their way into the discussion by beating Pasadena City (1-8) and No. 8 Los Angeles Harbor (5-4) Saturday.

An 8-2 Riverside and an 8-2 Bakersfield could make for a heck of a wild-card debate Sunday morning, considering, in that scenario, both teams would have lost to the same two teams -- Ventura and Mt. SAC.

Mooshagian is more concerned with what the bracket would look like if Mt. SAC loses to Riverside for the second straight year. Ventura would, most likely, ascend to the top seed, but might not get the benefit of facing the bottom seed.

SCFA bylaws say the seeding committee "may" reseed the field to avoid matching up two conference opponents. In that scenario, five-time defending SoCal champion Mt. SAC would visit VC next week, rather than a potential four-loss team.

"That's my only concern," Mooshagian said. "If we happen to be fortunate to make it through undefeated, then we should play the fourth seed. It shouldn't have to be manipulated so that Mt. Sac and Riverside don't play again."

Mooshagian on SCFA schedule

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The Southern California Football Association released its 2012 schedule Monday.

Ventura College football coach Steve Mooshagian was pleased by a tough non-conference slate that includes visits by Riverside (Sept. 1), which went 11-0 last fall, including a win over Southern California champ Mount San Antonio, and Saddleback (Oct. 7) and trips to Long Beach City (Sept. 8) and Los Angeles Harbor (Sept. 15).

"I like it," said Mooshagian. "It shows that we've arrived and people are looking at us in a totally different way. We've earned some respect.

"If you want to be the best, you have to play the best. That's how we're approaching it."

The season opener against Riverside, coached by former Palomar and San Diego State head coach Tom Craft, will be a marquee event.

"I love it," said Mooshagian, the former Sacramento State head coach. "Two former Division I head coaches (matched up)... Tom is a hell of a coach."

Moorpark, which joins VC, Bakersfield, Hancock, Canyons, Pasadena and Cerritos in a reconfigured SCFA Northern Conference this fall, opens at Orange Coast and hosts Citrus and Santa Ana.

The annual Citrus Cup game is the fifth week of the season, Sept. 29 at Moorpark.

The SCFA interrupted the Big Game rivalry after 48 years of continuous play. This will be the first fall since 1962 that VC and Santa Barbara City don't meet on the football field.

Meanwhile, Moorpark retained its other local rival, Los Angeles Pierce. The Raiders go to Woodland Hills Oct. 8.

Haflich, unbeaten teams frozen out by system

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The California community college season has looked a lot like NCAA Division I football this year as two teams, one in each region, have put together impressive 10-0 seasons but yet will not be allowed to compete for the state title.

Because of the three-tiered systems employed by the SCFA and NCFA, 10-0 Riverside (ranked tied for No. 1 in Southern California) and 10-0 American River (ranked No. 3 in Northern California), who are both from their region's middle tier, were not placed in their region's playoff systems Sunday.

Former Ventura High and Ventura College linebacker Jerry Haflich is the head coach at American River.

"We're having a great time," said Haflich, who was inducted in the Ventura College Athletic Hall of Fame earlier this year. "I'm really proud of my guys. They've played their fannies."

Since giving defending state champion and top-ranked Mount San Antonio its only loss of the season, Riverside fans have called for their team to be considered for the national title, which is determined by polls.

Despite the Boise State-like situation, Haflich isn't calling for his team to be considered for playoff spot.

"Are we ready to compete for the state title?" asked Haflich. "I don't know. We haven't
been tested week in and week out like the guys in (the top tier)."

Instead, American River has applied to be promoted to the NCFA's top tier.

"If you want to play for the state title you have to jump into the conferences that are there," said Haflich. "We're preparing to take the next step and go from there. That'll take all the question marks away."

Picking up the tab

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The Southern California Football Association asks its bowl hosts to search for local sponsorship to keep the schools from paying about $2,500 in bowl costs, which includes security, field preparation and team meals.

Ventura didn't have to look long for the Beach Bowl's sponsor.

"It's all about helping the college because I really believe in them," said Ventura realtor Joe Kapp, a 1970 VC graduate. "I have a lot of good memories there. I was anything but a good student and the college allowed me a place to grow up a little bit.

"It's also a fantastic place to watch a football game."

CCCFBCA bowl pairings announcement

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Print coverage: Ventura County Star, Palm Desert Patch, Daily Breeze, Long Beach Press-Telegram, Chico Enterprise-Record, Napa Valley Register

November 19

Southern California Football Association


National Bowl
No. 6-South El Camino (8-2) at No. 1t-S Mt. San Antonio (9-1), 1 p.m.

Southern California Football Association Bowl
No. 4-S Cerritos College (7-3) at No. 3-S Palomar (7-3), 5 p.m.

Division championship games

Central Championship Bowl
No. 8-S Golden West (6-4) vs. No. 18-S Long Beach City (5-5) at Orange Coast College, 6 p.m.

American Championship Bowl
No. 16-S East Los Angeles (7-3) at No. 15-S Santa Monica (8-2), 1 p.m.


Beach Bowl, sponsored by Joe Kapp Real Estate
No. 10-S College of the Desert (6-4) at No. 7-S Ventura (6-4), 6:30 p.m.

Golden State Bowl
No. 5-S Saddleback (8-2) at No. 1t-S Riverside (10-0), 6 p.m.

Western State Bowl
No. 11-S Los Angeles Harbor (7-3) at No. 8-S Hancock (6-4), 4 p.m.

Northern California Football Association


Bothman Bulldog Bowl
No. 8-North Diablo Valley College (8-2) at No. 7-North College of San Mateo (7-3), 1 p.m.

Capital City Bowl
No. 5-N Chabot (9-1) at No. 3-N American River (10-0), 1 p.m.

Graffiti Bowl
No. 4-N Butte (9-1) at No. 6-N Modesto JC (8-2) , 1 p.m.

Living Breath Foundation Bowl
No. 14-N Solano (6-4) vs. No. 11-N Hartnell (7-3) at Cabrillo College, 1 p.m.

Sierra Central Credit Union Bowl
No. 12-N Monterey Peninsula (7-3) at No. 14-N Yuba (6-4), 1 p.m.

Togo's Delta Bowl
No. 10-N De Anza (7-3) at No. 9-N San Joaquin Delta (6-4) , 1 p.m.

November 26:

Regional championship games

Northern California Football Association Championship at Hawaiian Punch Bowl
No. 2-N Fresno City (10-0) at No. 1-N City College of San Francisco (10-0)

Southern California Football Association Championship at TBD

December 10:

California Community College Athletic Association Football State Championship at TBD

Fall slate finalized

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The community college football schedule has been finalized for this fall and there are no surprises. Moorpark College and Ventura College will play the same schedules as last fall with the venues flipped.

Moorpark will host Ventura in the Citrus Cup game Sept. 3, as well as Compton, Antelope Valley, Chaffey and Los Angeles Harbor at Griffin Stadium. The Raiders will visit L.A. Pierce, Hancock, Santa Barbara City, Long Beach City and Citrus

After visits to Moorpark and Fullerton, Ventura will open its home schedule against "Big Game" opponent Santa Barbara City. It will also welcome Pasadena City, Cerritos, Bakersfield and Canyons to the Sportsplex. The Pirates other road opponents are Chaffey, Hancock and El Camino.

Both local programs will host three of its five divisional opponents this fall, Ventura in the SCFA Northern Division and Moorpark in the SCFA Western Division.

SCFA football schedules for Fall 2010

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Here are the 2010 football schedules for the Moorpark College and Ventura College football teams, note the Citrus Cup opener.

Moorpark College
Sept. 4: Moorpark at Ventura (43rd Citrus Cup game)
Sept. 11: Los Angeles Pierce at Moorpark
Sept. 18: Hancock at Moorpark
Sept. 25: Santa Barbara City at Moorpark
Oct. 2: Moorpark at Compton
Oct. 9: BYE
Oct. 16: Moorpark at Antelope Valley*
Oct. 23: Long Beach City at Moorpark*
Oct. 30: Moorpark at Chaffey*
Nov. 6: Citrus at Moorpark*
Nov. 13: Moorpark at Los Angeles Harbor*
*Western Conference game

Ventura College
Sept. 4: Moorpark at Ventura (43rd Citrus Cup game)
Sept. 11: Fullerton at Ventura
Sept. 18: Ventura at Santa Barbara City
Sept. 25: Chaffey at Ventura
Oct. 2: Ventura at Pasadena City
Oct. 9: BYE
Oct. 16: Ventura at Cerritos
Oct. 23: Ventura at Bakersfield
Oct. 30: Hancock at Ventura
Nov. 6: Ventura at Canyons
Nov. 13: El Camino at Ventura
*Northern Conference game

Continue the post for the entire 2010 Southern California schedule.

New SCFA football structure for Fall 2010

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Southern California Football Association's new three-tiered structure for the 2010 season:

Northern Conference
El Camino

Southern Conference
Mount San Antonio

Western Conference
Long Beach City
Los Angeles Harbor
Antelope Valley

Eastern Conference
Orange Coast
Santa Ana
Golden West

Mountain Conference
East Los Angeles
San Bernardino Valley
San Diego Mesa
Mount San Jacinto
Victor Valley

Pacific Conference
Santa Monica
Los Angeles Valley
Los Angeles Southwest
West Los Angeles
Los Angeles Pierce
Santa Barbara City

Brief thoughts on SCFA realignment

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Just a few quick thoughts on the SCFA realignment while they are fresh in my head:

1. It may look like a bear, but Ventura is set for a similar schedule to the one in which it went 7-3 in the 2009 season, with the exchange of 2007 state champion El Camino for Los Angeles Valley.

That said, that one upgrade will pit the Pirates against what probably will be considered the toughest schedule in more than 80 years of VC football.

And they will probably have at least one, if not two, crossover games with the Southern Conference (No. 1 Mount San Antonio?)

2. How much would coach Jon Mack been fired up for this challenge?

3. With five conference games, that leaves five non-conference games. For Ventura, two of those games should be the rivalry games against Moorpark and Santa Barbara City. For Moorpark, two of those games should be rivalry games against Ventura and Los Angeles Pierce.

I'd also like to see VC play Glendale, since the two teams have played nearly every year since before World War II.

4. Bakersfield was No. 2 and Hancock was No. 3 in the power point calculations the SCFA used to see the divisions. I guess the Northern Conference was pretty tough, especially at the top, over the past two years.

The SCFA numbers had Ventura at No. 9 and Moorpark at No. 32, which means the Raiders are technically the lowest ranked team in the middle tier over the past two seasons. It looks like the Raiders really may belong in the lower tier, although try convincing coach Jim Bittner of that. The Raiders did, of course, make the eight-team Southern California regional playoffs in the two previous seasons.

5. Moorpark's positioning in the middle tier it looks like Bittner, after a two year wait, should get the two wins he needs to join the state's 200-win club soon.

6. Considering the pressure on community college athletic administrators regarding the state budget, you'd think geography would be a higher priority.

The National Division makes a lot more sense as with Mount SAC/Pasadena and Cerritos/El Camino swapped.

That would look like this: Bakersfield, Hancock, Ventura, Hancock, Pasadena, Mount SAC (North of the 210) and Fullerton, Palomar, Grossmont, Saddleback, Cerritos, El Camino (South of the 210).

VC's Lawrence on SCFA realignment

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Ventura College defensive line coach Ted Lawrence on the addition of a third tier in the Southern California Football Association and the Pirates' placing in the top tier, along with Bakersfield, Hancock, Canyons, Cerritos and El Camino:

"I figured it was fair. I didn't have time to do the math, but they were all on the schedule already, except for El Camino."

Bittner thoughts on SCFA realignment

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Moorpark College football coach Jim Bittner's thoughts on the addition of a third tier in the Southern California Football Association and the Raiders' placing in that new middle tier, along with Los Angeles Harbor, Citrus, Long Beach City, Antelope Valley and Glendale:

"That's going to be interesting."

"I was surprised. I didn't know where we'd end up. I sort of thought we'd be with Glendale. I figured that would be for sure."

"I was in favor of the three tiers but I didn't know how it would shake out."

"They should have put Pasadena in our tier. That would have made more sense.

(on Ventura's placement in the Northern Conference)

"That looks tough."

SCFA votes to restructure into three divisions

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The release from SCFA commish Jim Sartoris:

At the SCFA Executive Committee today, Jan 29, 2010, the committee voted 9-1 in favor of restructuring the SCFA into three competitive Divisions, beginning in this upcoming 2010 football season. A lengthy discussion of how best to meet the goals and mission of the SCFA preceded the decision. After considering the recent membership poll, where 2/3 of the membership were in favor of three divisions and considering how best to maintain competitive balance it was decided that the three division structure best met the needs of the entire membership. The committee, using a combination of recent two-year records, a 2009 power ranking formula and geographical considerations, placed our 37 member colleges into three separate competitive divisions. (See attachment) The following 4 step process was used to place colleges:

1) The top 12 National Division colleges with the best two-year records were placed in the National Division, The 12 American Division colleges with the poorest two year records were place in the American Division, and the remaining colleges were placed in a new middle division: the Central Division.

2) Within each division, colleges were then ranked by their power-ranking. ( See power ranking attachment)

3) Within each division, the colleges were separated into two conferences - placement was done by serpentine method, to equally distribute colleges by their power rank.

4) Adjustment were made to the conferences for geographical purposes - to help with travel distances.

The final placement of colleges:

National Division

Southern Conference
Mount San Antonio

Northern Conference
El Camino

Central Division

West Conference
LA Harbor
Long Beach
Antelope Valley

East Conference
Orange Coast
Golden West
Santa Ana

American Conference

Pacific Conference
LA Pierce
LA Valley
Santa Monica
West LA
Santa Barbara
LA Southwest

Mountain Conference
Victor Valley
East Los Angeles
San Bernardino Valley
San Diego Mesa
Mt. San Jacinto

Criteria for non-conference scheduling was discussed. The committee directed the commissioner to again request that each college indicate who they believe to be their traditional rival outside their new conference, so that may be included into the schedule development if possible. Besides using traditional rivals, the non-conference schedule will include crossovers between division conferences as well as crossover games with other divisions. Basically the National Division will have one crossover game with their division and play other games primarily with the Central Division. Central and American Division colleges will play both intra-divisional and inter-divisional crossover games. The commissioner was asked to strongly consider competitive balance and geographical location when making the non-conference schedule. A draft schedule will be developed by Commissioner Sartoris and then approved by the Executive Committee. Hopefully the schedule will be available by the end of February.

The committee will continue to work on developing a clear and objective procedure for movement between divisions and conferences every two years.

Each conference champion will qualify for a bowl game. With the new CCCAA/COA legislation presently being considered, the National Northern conference champion and the National Southern conference champion will qualify for the So. Cal Regional playoffs, with the next two highest ranked teams in the final CCCFCA/CCCAA poll also qualifying ( Four Team Playoff). Conference champions in the Central West and Central East conferences will play a bowl game for the Central Division championship. Champions of the American Mountain conference and American Pacific conference will play a bowl game for the American Division championship. Three other bowls will be available for teams that are bowl eligible according to CCCAA Championship Handbook. It is hoped that in the future, this three division structure will make it possible to match up with the NCFA's three divisions for statewide bowl games at each level.

New conference meetings will be called in late March, preceding the CCCAA/COA convention, to elect one AD and one Football Coach to the SCFA Executive Committee and Competition Committees.

Please see the attachments and if you have questions please contact your present conference representatives.

SCFA looking at restructuring

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Two tiers may not be enough for the Southern California Football Association, which may vote next week to add a third level of competition.

Designed to match programs of similar competitive levels, the SCFA and its National (upper) and American (lower) divisions replaced the traditional conference structure before the 2008 season.

Two years into the new structure, the divisions were set for a reshuffling this offseason. The only problem was, while several National division teams applied for relegation, no American division teams were interested in promotion.

"One of the reasons why we came together under one umbrella was so we would have the flexibility to look at competition and find ways to balance it," said SCFA commissioner Jim Sartoris. "I think there may be a sentiment after two years of experience that possibility three (tiers) would be better for encouraging movement up and down."

The SCFA executive committee will meet Jan. 29 in Long Beach to come up with a recommendation, although 67 percent of schools approved of the change in a SCFA survey this month.

All seven Northern Conference schools, including Moorpark and Ventura, approved of the three-tiered system.

Despite a winless season last fall, Moorpark was not interested in moving down. But the Raiders might be a good option for a middle tier.

"The middle tier is a much better fit for us, given our size and our program's success," said Moorpark athletic director Howard Davis.

One obvious benefit is a three-tiered system would mirror the structure that's been in place in Northern California, perhaps setting up a trio of state championship games.

"That would be the ultimate goal, if we could get a three-tiered deal going to have those levels of championships," said Sartoris. "But there are a lot of things to consider. We have to fit within the guidelines of the COA constitution.

"We're kind of a hybrid type of situation, in football. There are so many variables, it's hard to predict how this is going to come out."

Greg Wagner of the Antelope Valley Press broke this story earlier this week.

Click the jump for the full results of the SCFA's survey on the subject.

Third SCFA tier proposed

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Here's an interesting article by Greg Wagner of the Antelope Valley Press, who reports that the Southern California Football Association will discuss adding a third tier to its multi-level structure in an annual meeting later this month.

Designed to match programs of similar competitive levels, the SCFA and its National (upper) and American (lower) divisions replaced the traditional conference structure two years ago. An additional division would mirror the three-tiered structure that's been in place in Northern California.

"The ideal thing is to have three divisions, so when a team moves up, you don't move up all the way," Antelope Valley College athletic director Newton Chelette told Wagner. "You have a chance to work up to that level. You don't have to just be thrown in there to get thrown back down."

Wagner reports that a middle tier would allow competition between schools that have been successful in the American Division (like Pacific Conference champion Antelope Valley) and schools that haven't been successful in the National Division (like Moorpark, which at 4-16, is tied for the worst overall record in the National Division over the first two years of the SCFA experiment).

There is no mention of why a multi-tiered system works in this era of budget cuts and cost containment.

UPDATE:Wagner mentions Antelope Valley and Moorpark as two of the programs that would fit a middle tier. Another source I spoke to tonight said Citrus and Glendale would also fit, as both schools applied to drop down to the American Division for the next two-year cycle, but were denied because no American Division teams applied for promotion to the National Division. Confused yet?

Items to consider

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Two years into the experiment that is the Southern California Football Association, the football coaches association will be tinkering under the hood, considering several other structural changes during the offseason.

Commissioner Jim Sartoris said there was "strong sentiment" to make two major changes to the format of the Southern California regional playoffs.

Over the past two years, the champions of the lower-tier American Conference received automatic bids to the eight-team regional playoffs, the winner of which faced the winner of a two-team Northern California regional playoff in the state title game.

The result was state title game between a Southern California champion playing its 14th game and a Northern California champion playing its 12th game.

"It's difficult to play 14 games because of wear and tear," said Sartoris. "There's some negatives to that. Usually you're playing right into the middle of December and your students are in finals."

Satoris said there was a "good chance" that the future, in both regions, could see a four-team playoff field seeded by the coaches' poll, rather than automatic bids.

"There is consideration for that to happen," said Sartoris. "Everything is on the table right now."

Another proposal is an eight-team regional field seeded by the coaches' poll, without automatic bids for conference champions.

Under that plan, El Camino (8-2) and Saddleback (8-2) -- two of the top teams in the state who finished third in top-tier conferences -- would have made the playoffs this year instead of Pacific Division-winner Pierce and Mountain Division-winner Los Angeles Harbor of the lower tier.

The coaches association's executive committee will meet soon after the New Year to determine the final proposal for the COA Board to consider in the spring, according to Satoris.

"By Jan. 15, we'll have a position in our association," said Satoris. "There's a lot of things going on. "

SCFA postseason breakdown

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Click here for a handy football postseason breakdown from SFCA commish Jim Sartoris.

Not that Northern Conference fans need much help:

"Bakersfield - Playoff team - Qualifies as #1 finisher, no matter their outcome in the last game. Would win tie breaker with Hancock if both 5-1 in conference.
Hancock - Playoff team - qualifies as #2 finisher, has completed their schedule of 10 games. Finished 5-1 and 9-1.
Ventura - could end up 7-3 or 6-4 overall depending on the outcome of their game with Moorpark (0-9) and would be Bowl Eligible.
Canyons - could be 7-3 or 6-4 overall depending on the outcome of their game with Bakersfield (8-1) and would be Bowl Eligible."

The bottom line

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With promotion and relegation built into the two-tiered SCFA, two top teams in the lower American Division replace two teams from the upper National Division every other year.

Since the Ventura College and Moorpark College football teams finished fifth and tied for sixth, respectively, in the seven team SCFA Northern Conference last fall, they would seem to be on the chopping block with a losing season this season.

SCFA bylaws state that only National Division teams with losing records can be dropped into the American Division, which would seem to say that Ventura (5-5 last year) needs five wins to guarantee safety while Moorpark (4-6 last year) would need six.

Glendale (3-7), Riverside (3-7) and Citrus (2-8) are in worse shape entering the season.

Ventura coach Jon Mack called safety the absolute minimum goal for this season.

"Anything less than that would be disgusting," said Mack.

New Challenges for VC, Moorpark

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As I wrote in Friday's paper here the 2008 season will present a new set of challenges for the pair of rival Western State Conference champions, Moorpark College and Ventura College.

The conferences around Southern California (WSC, Mission, Foothill ect.) have been torn up and replaced with the new Southern California Football Association, which is described on its website SCFAFootball.com thusly:

"The creation of the SCFA is somewhat of a historical event for community college football in Southern California because it is the first time that all thirty-seven (37) community colleges offering intercollegiate football programs will be under one administrative umbrella.

The SCFA's unique organizational structure, which includes two competitive divisions, divided into separate conferences, provides an opportunity to insure competitive balance and a positive athletic, as well as an educational, experience for more than 3,000 student-athletes participating in our football programs each year."

What that means is 16 of the 37 teams in Southern California are eliminated from state championship contention before the season begins. Those teams will compete in the two conferences within the American Division, the second tier of the SCFA.

The other 21 teams form three conferences -- the Northern, Central and Southern Divisions. Moorpark and Ventura find themselves in the Northern Division, which basically consists of the top teams from the former WSC (Canyons, Bakersfield, Hancock, Glendale, Moorpark and Ventura) plus Pasadena, which is obviously a regional rival of Glendale.

The system basically creates an upper and lower division system, much like European soccer. Promotion and relegation, in soccer parlance, occurs every other year based on win-loss records.

Addendum B of the SCFA Constitution states that "Generally, two teams from the National Division will move to the American Division every two years, subject to recommendation by the competition committee and final approval by the SCGA Commissioner."

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