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Cars and Coffee in Knoxville

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It's been over a year since making the 2100 mile move cross country from sunny Southern California to beautiful Knoxville Tennessee. One thing I have missed the most is the car scene. No one can deny that Socal is the hottest spot for car enthusiast. Just within 15 miles of my home I could visit such companies as Borla, Magnuson Superchargers and Wilwood Brake company to name a few.

It's also hard to have a weekend go by in SoCal without some kind of auto event. From the Running of the Bulls (Lamborghini club run up the pacific coast), to the plethora of make and even model-specific car shows, any given weekend of the year you can find fellow gearheads eager to share their rides and passion for all-automotive.


After arriving in early 2010, I found that there is a bit of an auto scene in Knoxville as well. One of several auto-related invents includes a gathering called Cars and Coffee. This get together exists thanks to the European Auto Garage. These guys have a focus on maintenance and customization of euro-specific lines (Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc.). They also have a personal passion for all things engine-related.


I found out about this get together from a Knoxville-local longtime friend and fellow gearhead; Tom Tharp. Tom is an analytical guy that too enjoys all aspects of cars and is very involved in fabrication and customization of his own cars.

Being I travel so much for work I was not able to attend my first C&C until May of this year. They host one every month during the nicer seasons of the year. I was very impressed with the assortment of cars. Unlike a California car show with the usual super-cars, hot rods and American muscle, this show had anything and a hodgepodge of cars. The variety kept me much more enthralled with each and every ride.


Then next C&C is being held July 2nd from 9a-12p. I think I will be taking the Triumph Daytona 675 this time. The weather is right and I need to get more seat time on the bike. I am hoping my Boulevard "bobber-style" motorcycle project will be completed by August's gathering (hurry up on painting that fender Micah!). But no matter what you ride or drive, make time if in town to stop by and check out this event. You will enjoy the cars, camaraderie, and coffee...if that's your cup of tea!

Lance C. Lambert is our expert Motorhead, and blogs of all things wheels related.