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Benefits of Becoming a Green Certified Business

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In this Sustainable Ventura News Story (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE NEWS STORY), 
Sustainable Ventura News speaks with Environmental Specialist
Courtney Lindberg about how how businesses can become green
certified in the City of Ventura.


It's become even easier for local businesses to be green.

The City of Ventura's Environmental Sustainability

division is now offering Ventura businesses the opportunity

to be recognized for their excellent environmental practices

through a free Green Business Certification Program.


"Green certification offers Ventura businesses local and statewide

recognition for being a leader in protecting and preserving our

environment and natural resources," says Environmental Specialist,

Courtney Lindberg. "The program provides businesses with a unique

opportunity to be recognized for their green practices. Venturans

value our environment and appreciate businesses that share the same



The City worked closely with the Ventura Chamber of Commerce

Green Task Force to get input from the local business community

and to make sure the process was business friendly. The Green

Business Certification Program is currently available to office/retail

and restaurant businesses within the City of Ventura, but other sectors

will be added as the program gains traction. Although the certification

requirements differ for each sector, the main environmental categories

are waste, energy, water, pollution prevention, wastewater, and

general staff education.



"Any interested business can sign up online to start the certification

process," continued Lindberg. "If they choose to, I can meet with them

at their place of business and walk them through the registration process

as well as discuss steps that need to be taken to become certified."


Once a business is certified, they are given a decal to display on their

window and a logo that can be used in their electronic and hardcopy PR

and marketing materials. Since the Ventura certification is affiliated with

a statewide program (@greenbusinessca.org), businesses will also be entered

into a statewide database with other certified green businesses. Certification

is good for two years, at which time the business would need to recertify.   


To get local and statewide recognition for your business,

Contact: Courtney Lindberg, 805-667-6502 or

email: clindberg@cityofventura.net.


Sustainable Ventura's May 2013 Show - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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SustainableVentura.TV's May 2013 show (hosted by Maryann Ridini Spencer), features a trip to the Earth Day Eco-Fest in Promenade Park and visits with the Refill Shoppe (363 E. Main in downtown Ventura) and the Ventura County Medical Center (VCMC) to find out about their reduce and reuse policies.  City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Courtney Lindberg also shares some great tips on preventing stormwater pollution.  WATCH THE SHOW: http://bit.ly/12bK2Cp

VC STYLE: Water Take 1 Online Short Film Contest Awards Video News Story

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Thumbnail image for watertake1logo.jpg

On Thursday, November 8, 2012, the first Water: Take 1 Online Short Film Contest Awards Presentation and Party was hosted by Brooks Institute of Photography on one of the sound stages at their Ventura Campus. SustainableVentura.TV's Maryann Ridini Spencer covered the event attended by Ventura Mayor Mike Tracy and Ventura City Councilmembers Christy Weir and Neal Andrews. Those present enjoyed refreshments and mixed and mingled before watching a special video presentation of finalist and winning films. Also present were local contest winners and representatives from Patagonia, Limoneira, Ventura Water and iThentic, all contest sponsors.

Over 125 people attended the free ceremony, open the public with an RSVP.

Water Take 1 online short film contest awards video news story


Sustainable Ventura visits the Ventura Chamber of Commerce's "Haunting at the Harbor"

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On Thursday, October 25, 2012 from 4:30-7:30pm, The Ventura Chamber of Commerce presented the "Haunting at the Harbor" Business Expo at the Four Points Sheraton on Schooner Drive in the Ventura Harbor. The event featured over 60 local businesses showcased in tabletop exhibits, food vendors, a silent auction and raffles and prizes. The "Sustainable Ventura" TV Series was on hand to talk to attendees.



"Sustainable Ventura," hosted by Maryann Ridini Spencer and Ray Olson, airs on Caps-TV VTV's Channel 15, Thursdays at 8:30pm.  It rebroadcasts Monday-Thursday and Saturdays at 9:00am, Sundays at 8:30pm and every other Wednesday at 8:30pm.

Water Take 1 Launches Global Online Short Film Contest

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Every person on this planet relies on water. In Ventura, our water is from local sources and it's our responsibility to protect it for future generations. To help spark that awareness, Ventura Water is partnering with Limoneira's Limco Del Mar, Patagonia and iThentic for the inaugural "Water: Take 1" Online Short Film Contest. We hope that this exciting initiative will highlight people's relationship with water and promote water awareness, efficiency and recycling programs.
"We chose to do an online film contest with a water focus because members of our community, as well as on a national and global level, must begin to recognize the importance of water and its infrastructure," explained Shana Epstein. "With the contest, we hope to engage intelligent and creative conversation between leadership, businesses and the community."
Filmmakers worldwide are invited to submit short films of less than five minutes in any genre - drama, documentary, comedy, animation, Sci-fi or experimental - that address the topic of water. Films can be submitted and uploaded at no cost to the contest website,
watertake1.com, through September 4, 2012.
A panel of environmental and entertainment professionals will choose a winner for the $1,500 Grand Prize and the top winner will be presented at an event hosted by the Brooks Institute later this fall. The film receiving the most votes at
watertake1.com will be presented the Audience Choice Award and its filmmaker will receive a Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR camera.
Competing in this contest is a great way for Ventura County's high school and college students, among others interested in water and the environment, to do something positive that helps others appreciate our access to clean water while promoting water efficiency and sustainability. Help spread the word to your friends, neighbors and coworkers and get involved by joining the contest and/or join the wave by voting for your favorite video at
The issue of water infrastructure is a global one. In the United States alone, there are large areas of infrastructure more than 100 years old that must be fixed or replaced. However, in many other countries, such as parts of Africa and India, the total lack of infrastructure there has a serious impact on the local health and economy and causes a negative ripple effect worldwide.
Water is also an important issue in Ventura, although many residents are unaware of the huge effort and the amount of energy it takes to clean and move our water so it can be used again and again for generations to come.
Ventura is among California's oldest coastal cities and has many areas where infrastructure is ending its useful lifespan and will need replacement over the next few decades. While projects and plans are underway to improve this invaluable infrastructure, it isn't without cost.
Years ago, much of the infrastructure was maintained using federal grants, most of which are no longer available due to budget cuts. As a result, water customers now bear the full financial responsibility of infrastructure maintenance, replacement and improvement.


Saving the World A Drink At A Time: The GREEN TASK FORCE Hosts GREEN DRINKS

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"Green Drinks" is a term known in the environmental world as a fun,

meet up for like-minded business professionals in relaxing, celebratory

settings where they can network, exchange ideas and forge valuable

working relationships.

Well known in international environmental circles, Green Drinks is a network

of unstructured meet-ups where environmental professionals and concerned

locals get together in a relaxing setting to network, exchange ideas,

and forge valuable relationships.  At last count, Green Drinks events

are hosted in over 600 cities worldwide.   


The mixture of attendees at Green Drinks events usually include professionals

in the areas of: general business, academia, government, non-profit, medicine,

home décor, construction and other fields.  


On Wednesday, August 1, The Ventura Chamber of Commerce's 

Green Task Force (GTF) organized this year's first Ventura-based Green

Drinks event at EcoLogic Life, downtown's designer showroom for

sustainable home decoration products. The event was a smashing success

with over 50 attendees. Tutti's on Main provided the delicious food.

Alquimia Tequila provided the green drinks, made from organic agave, no food

coloring included.

Green Task Force Co-Chairs.jpg

LtoR:  Diane de Mailly and Courtney Lindberg, Green Task Force Co-Chairs

"Green Drinks has been around for a long time," said Diane de Mailly,

President, DDM Metering Systems and GTF Co-Chair. "Recently, the

GTF was asked to step in and organize these events in Ventura.  We know

they'll be a big success moving forward because Ventura is such an

amazing community dedicated to the environment.  We plan to make

Green Drinks a quarterly event."

"What the GTF strives to do," added Courtney Lindberg, Environment

Specialist with the City of Ventura's Environmental Sustainability

Division and GTF Co-Chair, "is to promote green business development. 

We bring local businesses together and educate them about sustainable

practices, covering such topics as waste recycling, energy, water

conservation, pollution prevention and staff education. We highlight successes and

learn from our mistakes so that we can grow as a community with

green business practices part of our every day consciousness."    


Green Task Force LtoR: Courtney Lindberg (Environmental Specialist,
City of Ventura's Environmental Sustainability Division and Green
Task Force Co-Chair), Janis Shinkawa (Veterinarian, Buena Animal
Hospital), Diane de Mailly (President DDM Metering Systems
and Green Task Force Co-Chair), Kirsten Davis (AdvoCare)
and James Davis (Associated Electric)


"If you had to paint Ventura one color, it would probably be blue,

the color of our ocean.  If you added another color, it would be

green," Rick Cole, City Manager, City of Ventura. "This is a

remarkable community and environmentally-oriented to its core.

We all pay attention to the motto 'Think globally, act locally.'

Whether it be on a global scale, or a local scale, waste costs money

and pollutes the planet. It's also something we don't want to pass

onto the next generation."

In addition to Green Drinks, the GTF organizes a series of quarterly

"Best Practices Workshops" where local businesses share their

green ideas and practices with others in the community. To date,

there have been workshops at Red Brick Pizza focusing on sustainable

practices and the YMCA focusing on lighting retrofits.

Room.jpgVIEWVIEW Event Photos on Facebook, CLICK HERE.


In May 2012, The Green Task Force teamed up with the office of

Assemblymember Das Williams's for the Second Annual Green Jobs

Summit held at City Hall.

"The Green Jobs Summit brought a number of businesses together to talk

about ideas and sustainable principles," said James Joyce,

Field Representative, Office of Assemblymember Das Williams.

"Through working together on the Summit, our office developed a

great relationship with The Green Task Force.  There's so much

synergy. It's great to be a part of it."


Stay tuned and read this newsletter for information on future

Ventura-based Green Drinks events.



VIEW Event Photos on Facebook, CLICK HERE!

Semi-Annual Table Top Business Expo "Olympics By The Ocean" at the Four Points Sheraton Podcast

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On June 7, 2012,  the Ventura Chamber of Commerce, presented the Semi-Annual Tabletop Business Expo "Olympics by the Ocean" at the Four Points Sheraton.  The City of Ventura's Environmental Sustainability Division and Ventura Water were some of the sponsors of the event.

LISTEN TO the Sustainable Ventura podcast (hosted by Maryann Ridini Spencer), from the event and hear interviews with local businesses sharing their green practices!


CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/LsfoMc

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The City of Ventura's Environmental Sustainability Division Engages Local Students

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Balboa Middle School WINNERS of the GREEN SCHOOL AWARD 2011, 

From Left to Right: Balboa Students: Aiyana Alvarado, Crystina Ahumada, 

Destiny Schwab, Karissa Baucom, Teri Gern (Balboa Principal), Christine Wied

(Environmental Specialist, Environmental Sustainability Division), 

Mayor Fulton, Steve Roth (Balboa Teacher) and Jose Duenas (Balboa Teacher).




This year's 2011 GREEN SCHOOL AWARD was presented to Balboa Middle School for their recycling and horticulture practices during a November 14 City Council Meeting in honor of America Recycles Day, (November 15).  Mayor Bill Fulton and Agromin Chief Executive Officer, Bill Camarillo, presented the honor to Balboa Principal Teri Gern, Teachers Steve Roth and Jose Duenas, and several of the Balboa students.  Balboa Middle School will also receive a $500 check, courtesy of Agromin.

Schools are judged for the Green School Awards by submitting applications that detail their sustainable practices, which are then reviewed by representatives of the City's Environmental Sustainability Division and Agromin. 

"Over the years, we've witnessed an increase in schools entering the competition," said Christine Wied, Environmental Specialist for the City.  "We look forward to continuing to make it a competition that schools are anxious to win because not only is it a positive step in the student's environmental education, it benefits our planet.

"Balboa was specifically chosen for their impeccable efforts in recycling paper, plastic bottles and cans," continued Wied.  "This types of hands on activity, which involves weighing and keeping a recyclables log, also gets students involved with critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that also makes them think about their impact on the environment."

The student's efforts also make the school about $700 a year, which gets recycled into special activities and projects.

Recycling activities began in 1997 at Balboa Middle School.  Since then the school has continued to grown their programs. Mr. Jose Duenas is the teacher that supervises the student body recycling efforts while Mr. Steve Roth teaches a 7th and 8th grade elected course on horticulture.   Last year, Roth and his students began a California native garden specifically to learn about xeriscaping, composting and growing flowers, vegetables and fruits. 

"We grow vegetables and fruits in boxes provided by Food Share, the non-profit organization that provides food and support to Ventura's hungry," said Roth. "We use some of the produce in school, but donate a majority of it to Food Share.   So not only are the children learning about how to care for and nurture the environment, they're learning how to grow produce and the importance of helping those in need."

This year special "Environmental Hero" recognition certificates were also presented to Ventura Charter School of Arts and Global Education for their environmental community action at the Earth Day Eco-Fest and Trash-a-thon fundraiser and to Buena High School for "Environmental Leadership" in recycling and other community environmental programs.  The "Eco-Hero" certificate was presented to Juananmaria Elementary for developing a culture of environmental awareness in their daily activities.

"It's vital that our youth learn how to care for our precious environment," recently said Mary Haffner, Board Member for the Ventura Unified School District. "Becoming 'environmentally engaged' at a young age engrains positive behaviors and attitudes in students that are so vital for the quality of their future -- and for their children's future."

Previous winners of The Green School Awards have been Portola Elementary School (2010), Lincoln Elementary (2009), Saticoy Elementary (2008) and Pierpont Elementary (2007).

In addition to presenting The Green School Award for environmental practices, the City of Ventura's Environmental Sustainability Divison teaches environmental education.  Throughout the year, City of Ventura-based schools and businesses can have a representative from the City come present a stand-alone presentation or talk.

"Curriculum used in the classroom presentations aligns with State curriculum guidelines for all grade levels," said Ray Olson, Manager, Environmental Sustainability Division.  "The City's program teaches concepts of recycling, composting, water conservation, and stormwater pollution prevention to more than 4,000 students per year.  In addition to working with the schools, we also offer FREE presentations and free business evaluations to local organizations and businesses to get and keep them on the sustainable track."

To find out more about the FREE environmental programs and how you can schedule a presentation, visit cityofventura.net/greenschool and/or call 805-652-4584.


-VC Style's Roving Eye and Sustainable Ventura by Maryann Ridini Spencer




A FUN "Green" Music Video from the Environmental Sustainability Division!

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"Our Dirty House" Music Video from the "Sustainable Ventura" TV Series

The cast and crew of the "Sustainable Ventura" TV Series had fun this month (October 2011), 
producing a music video using original music and lyrics by Richard Guzman.  The video offers
some great green tips about cleaning up at home and offers information about the City's
 FREE outreach programs for recycling, composting and more!  

"Sustainable Ventura," an Environmental Sustainability Production, is hosted by
Maryann Ridini Spencer and Ray Olson and seen on CAPS-TV, Channel 15 on
 Thursdays at 8:30pm and rebroadcasts weekly.  For more show schedule information, visit:
VC Style
Maryann Ridini-Spencer produces video stories about environmentally friendly and healthy living in Ventura County.

She co-hosts "Sustainable Ventura" with Ray Olson on CAPS-TV's VTV, Channel 15 as well as "Simply Delicious Living with Maryann" on Time Warner Cable ON DEMAND.