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5 Great Summer Retreats For Body, Mind & Soul

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Vacations are great for the body-mind-spirit because they

allow you to regroup, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself

and your loved ones. 


Breaks in your every day routine also allow you to create

more balance in your personal and professional life.   


Here are 5 Great Getaway Ideas


1.  Make a date with your significant other.  Try a

new Zagat-rated restaurant that provides an atmosphere

conducive to romance and relaxation. 


2. Plan a weekend getaway.  Check Groupon for great deals.

If you live in Southern California, the Coachella Valley

has some fantastic packages at 5 Star Hotels.  On your

computer or iphone, check out: visitpalmsprings.com. 

Google anywhere you'd like to go and search for deals

in that particular area.


3.  Connect with your significant other, girl or men friends.

Rent a movie and make it a pizza & salad night at home.

Try my Flatbread Pizza and Simple Green Salad.  For more

recipes, visit my blog at SimplyDeliciousLiving.com.

4.  Connect with yourself. Plan a day of pampering at a

local day spa.  Many spas, when you purchase a package

or even just a treatment like a massage, allow you to use

the Jacuzzi, the sauna, and the gym. In addition, many

spas offer manicures, pedicures, facials and hair treatments

and even serve lunch or have lounge chairs where you can

sit outside an enjoy the beautiful outdoors in a serene setting.


5.  Pack a picnic and take a scenic drive along the coast or

to the mountains.  Visit my blog at SimplyDeliciousLiving.com

for recipe ideas.


Whatever you do, let people know that you're taking some

time.  Try to live minus the electronics (computers,

ipads, iphones, etc.) as much as you can.  If possible,

stay away from turning on the TV.  Try and connect

with nature and with yourself and those around you. 


Taking regular breaks keep your spirit aligned and

reduces stress.  Studies have shown that when you

take a break, you're able to deal with life's issues in

a more productive fashion.


Vacations and short trips have also been known to

strengthen bonds with friends and family.  If you're a

creative person, getting away from it all may just well

stimulate the imaginative process.


If you allow yourself some time off from work, you'll

find that when you return, you'll be more productive.




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Simply Delicious Vacations

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It's important for everyone to take a break from life as they know it and revel in the delicious luxury of vacation and of not doing anything  - or doing as they please. 


The complications of life, work and juggling many tasks often lead to stress and stress can definitely take a toll on one's body, physical appearance and health!


While it's important to take little breaks (like weekends) and enjoying regular hobbies and activities, there's nothing more potent than jetting off to a tropical vacation spot or taking an historical tour of a European location.


Vacations are a great way to connect to yourself and to those you love.  Travel that gets commemorated in a picture album is also a way to relive the pleasure of a vacation long after the vacation ends.



I'm still delighting in a recent trip my husband and I took to Hawaii.  I find that whenever I look at the many photos we took, I get a happy, energized feeling.   I almost feel as if we are there!


Some great tips to keep your vacation stress free:


•Get a Vacation Account

Keep a savings account stash of cash just for vacations. Figure out what your budget will allow, then put away a certain amount of money each week on an ongoing basis. You'll be surprise how it adds up. 


•Plan ahead

Research your destination.  Talk to friends who might have traveled to the spot.  Get recommendations for accommodations, food and sightseeing. Research information on the net.  Better yet, perhaps an acquaintance might know some of the locals you can contact before you leave home.  Some of my best experiences have transpired when I've contacted friends of friends.  I've gotten some great, personalized tours of places that could have never been duplicated otherwise.


•Speak at least a few words

Knowing to say hello, goodbye, thank you, yes and no along with "Where's the toilet?" and some other important phrases can serve you well.  While you may not be in for taking a Rosetta stone course, you can always find an English translation dictionary on Amazon.com or in your local bookstore.


•Understand the customs and local you're visiting

Americans have a bad enough rap as it is overseas.  So, why not get caught up on the local customs?  Research the country and towns you'll be visiting.  When you get to your destination, you'll feel like a local and get a great education while you're at it!


•Get some of the local currency before you leave home.  Travel with secure Traveler's checks.

While you may want to pay for everything on your trip with credit cards (a good idea to keep accurate records), you may also want to have a few dollars in your pocket of the local currency.  Traveler's checks are also a great way to go because they're refundable, if lost or stolen and usually within 24 hours.


•Pack well

Find out the weather of the locale you'll be visiting at the time of your visit.  Bring various layers of dress just in case.  It's always a good idea to pack wash and wear and clothing that looks great no matter how wrinkled it gets.  Bring multi-purpose clothes. For women, a dress you can wear during the day with sandals and at night with a pretty scarf or different jewelry to jazz it up. For men, a jacket that can be worn casually and with/or without a tie. (So at night, you can  get into that exclusive restaurant!).


•Let work know you are on vacation (try not to answer emails)

A vacation is when you vacate your usual life.  So put away the computer and texting.  Let the office know you'll be unreachable. Make sure you have someone qualified to cover for you just in case there's a problem at work.  Don't feel guilty.  You deserve your vacation.  It's also a good idea to post your pictures on Facebook when you get home. (It's NOT a good idea to let everyone know you're out of town!). 


•Take lots of pictures

I know some folks that moan and groan that they have to get their picture taken.  However, these same folks love seeing the photos post-vacation - especially as the years go by.  So tell your family, spouse, friend or anyone else on the trip with you to, "Chill!" You're making memories here!  Many new cameras also have video capabilities.  If a picture says a thousand words then a video can, well you get the idea.


•Bring home a memorable item that will represent your trip

I always love to pick up a local artist's painting, watercolor or stencil when I travel.  That way, when I look at them hanging on the wall at home, the memories flood back.

You might also pick up a beautiful piece of furniture that you can ship back or some other item that has meaning just for you.


Vacations are all part of Simply Delicious Living, so enjoy your trip, even if it's a weekend jaunt, you deserve every moment.  To find out more about simply delicious living, visit my blog at simplydeliciousliving.com



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