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Celebrating the LOVE on St. Valentine's Day

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The Legend of St. Valentine

In ancient Rome, around the time of 278 A.D., St. Valentine, a priest during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius II, was executed on February 14.  The Emperor decreed that young men could not marry and have families, as the he felt that it would detract from their duties and commitments as soldiers.  Legend has it that St. Valentine performed wedding ceremonies for young lovers in secret. Eventually, St. Valentine was caught, imprisoned and beheaded for these acts of love and kindness. The fact that St. Valentine was executed for love makes him a much loved, heroic and martyred romantic figure.

Just before his execution, he is said to have written a letter to his jailer's daughter, signing it "From Your Valentine."

Throughout the ages, Valentine's Day has been celebrated in many ways across the globe.  It's been recorded that Valentine's Day greetings date back to the Middle Ages, with written Valentine sentiments coming much later.

While some may look upon Valentine's Day as a becoming somewhat of a commercial holiday, it's important to remember the true meaning of how and why the day is remembered.

This Valentine's Day, how are you planning to show your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, children and other family members and friends your love?

A beautiful card? A romantic dinner? A gift of a dozen red roses or a box of candy?

Whatever you decide, here are some ideas that I hope will inspire you:

*For a very special Valentine - a great gift for a woman to receive is a locket (with slots for photos inside). That way she can wear her locket close to her heart -- always.   And for a man, a pocket watch, also with room for the photo.

*Poets such as John Donne, William Shakespeare, Dickinson, Gibran and Browning set hearts afire with their words. Purchase a book of love poems (or download them from the internet), and then read and share the poems with your loved one by a roaring fire.

*If you're good at taking photos, building a book of memorable pictures of the places you've visited together, and the places you'd like to visit, can be made and bound on online publishing sites such as lulu.com and blurb.com.

*Create a series of special cards (the size of index cards) on nice card stock. You can purchase these types of cards at stores like JoAnn's, Michael's, Staples and Office Depot to name a few. Decorate the cards by writing and painting on them, even attaching photos. Come up with a series of things that you will do for your loved one and document this on each individual card.   Some ideas could include:  A massage after a long day at work, preparing their favorite meal, packing a picnic lunch to share on an ocean bluff, a day get-away to a spot you'll both enjoy.  Have fun and get creative!

*Surprise your partner with an unexpected weekend get-away (or even a night away) to a romantic bed and breakfast. (Minus the computers and electronics!)

*Prepare your partner's favorite meal and share a romantic movie classic together.

Love is precious and our time on earth is limited.  Remember to tell the ones you love, how much they are loved.  Celebrate your love on Valentine's Day - and better yet, every day.

For simply delicious, easy-to-make recipes and creative inspirations for joyous living, visit my blog at SimplyDeliciousLiving.com.


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This Valentine's Day, Express Your Love Living in a TMT (Too Much Technology) FREE Zone

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Have you ever been out to dinner and had your friend, family member or partner answer their cell phone and talk for a few minutes, leaving you out of the conversation?  Maybe you've been involved in a heart-to-heart and just at the moment you were going to divulge the most important detail, you were told to "hold that thought" while your loved one answered their cell phone?  What about sharing an important conversation with a friend and they tell you that they just got a call waiting notification - can they call you right back?  Or maybe you're spending the weekend doing a family activity and have found that your hands seem to be mysteriously glued to your ipad or computer key board, much to the chagrin of your mate?

Without the risk of being too crass, sometimes technology bites.   If you've ever been in one of the above situations, you have experienced, first hand, the frustration of being upstaged by modern technology, and as my old boss jokingly used to tell his victims, "by a bigger name."

Connecting with the people in our lives - our friends, family and special someone - is vital to our health and wellbeing.  Being kind and generous with our undivided attention can go a long way.   Connecting on a face-to-face, technology-free, personal basis is paramount. Especially in this fast-paced, stressful era of job downsizing, mergers & acquisitions and where digital technology (aka computers, cell phones, ipads, droid tablets etc.) rule, it can be easy to alienate the ones you love by constantly living in the TMT. (Too Much Technology) Zone.

How can you demonstrate your love and be relatively TMT FREE? 

Here are some great simple ways:

*Turn off your cell phone BEFORE you get to the dining table.

*Enjoy a Sunday meal with the entire family - create time together to talk and interact MINUS the electronics.

*On a date or at a business meeting?  Power your phone OFF.  You can pick up your messages later.  You might also select your "alternate" greeting, letting folks know you are in a meeting and will call back later.

*Let your weekends or vacation truly be  "time off." Use your email "vacation message" or select your alternate voice mail message to tell clients, friends and associates you'll call on Monday or when you return from your vacation.  If you find that you have to be available to respond  (or die), try to limit it to a specific amount of time at a specific time of day that won't interfere with your dedicated activities.

Some great examples of how to use technology:

*Be free with tender thoughts and "I love you's" - you've heard the Stevie Wonder song, "I Just Called To Say I Love You" ?  Well, then go for it.  Just don't text or send images of anything you don't want appearing  on the front page of the Sunday papers (you never know with technology!) .

*Remember the words "Thank you" and always give thanks. 

*To share an important link, thought, plan or idea that you can discuss and communicate on a personal level at a later time when both parties are available.  Don't replace personal, one-on-one conversation or connection by the exclusive use of technology.

Talk to those in your life about how you prefer technology to be used and some of your do's and don'ts.  Set the standards immediately.

Connecting on a personal level and nurturing your important relationships by being TMT Free, or at least controlling your impulses to reach for the iphone or tablet, can have extremely pleasing results. Enjoying the warmth of loving, appreciative and ATTENTIVE  arms around you can warm up the day or night and fill the heart more than any chat on Facebook or Twitter.

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