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Rock 'n' Roll Call: Little Big Town - Tornado

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My new favorite band, Little Big Town, has a new one - that would be "Tornado" and it's on Capitol. This is a country rock group with four part harmonies, doing it since '98 - this is their fifth album. You may've heard that country music has gone pop - well, listen no further. I'm not wild about country music but I love this stuff - see what I mean? This is not the Old '97s or the Bottle Rockets - nothing like that - it's twangy, middle of the road folk music. Imagine Mumford & Sons meets the Dixie Chicks and Shovels & Rope.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Tristan Prettyman - Cedar Gold

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Cedar + Gold

Tristan Prettyman, offering even more truth in advertising - she's pretty, man - gorgeous even - and she has a new album, her third, "Cedar Gold" on Capitol. She's at times bubbly and bouncy, or solo, sad and acoustic. Too many of these, however, are indifferent tunes of the folkie persuasion, but "My Oh My" is sort of a bluesy rocker, heavy on the hooks and a definite keeper and Prettyman ain't lying when she reminds us that "...at some point we all have to 'Come Clean."' She's got the voice and the looks but back to Songwriting 101 for some better tunes for Ms. P.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Emeli Sande - Our Version of Events

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Our Version of Events

Emeli Sande's new one is an example of truth in advertising, "Our Version of Events" and it's on Capitol. I must admit that every car from the last 20 years looks the same to me and similarly, all these disco divas? Is there really any difference? OK, quick now - what's the difference between Madonna, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Taylor Dayne? They all have the same plug-in drummer and the same voice. Here's another one - she'll probably make zillions and buy her own mall...

Rock 'n' Roll Call: The Very Worst of Roy D. Mercer - Ultimate Fits

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The Very Worst of Roy D. Mercer

This one came today - timing is everything, so why not? This one is "The Very Worst of Roy D. Mercer" and it's called "Ultimate Fits" and it's on Capitol. Mercer is a radio personality in Tulsa and makes crank calls to unwary victims always ending with the threat of "ass whuppins" over some imaginary sleight. Although most of these are amusing but you probably won't want to here them more than once, but then again if you like Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy, who knows? The best one is when Mercer gets in this TV reporter's grill for not showing up to put his 43 pound squash that "looks like Rush Limbaugh before he lost the weight" on the TV, along with his wife who just "got her hair frosted." Don't know why but I'm a hardcore Sooner fan in football but this is really one of the dumbest states in the country, dragging the rest of us down (like the old Confederacy). Remember, it was the Okies that banned Sharia Law in their state, probably freaking out both Muslims who have probably already left by now.

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