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Rock 'n' Roll Call: Eric Church - Chief

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ChiefNext up is the latest by Eric Church - the album is "Chief" and it's on EMI Nashville - this is the first EMI anything I've gotten in years and years. It's baseball cap wearing redneck country rock - this is Church's third album and his first to top the country charts, powered no doubt by the singles, "Homeboy" and "Drink in My Hand," and it's up for a Grammy as well. The rockers such as "Creepin' are not bad but there's too many slo mo cry in your beer twangy and weepie whoop-de-doos - there's the obligatory song about St. Jack - Jack Daniels and "Country Music Jesus" is just wrong - can't we all just give the poor savior a rest - wasn't it Gandhi who asked "Why can't you Christians be more like your Christ?" As to this Church - generic redneck rock. Wahoo minus.
Rockin' Roll Call
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