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Rock 'n' Roll Call: Propagandhi - Failed States

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Failed States

"Failed States" is the new one from the cleverly-monikered Propagandhi and it's on Epitaph Records. The soundtrack for the bumper sticker: "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention," these in-your-face politically driven punkers also lay to rest the notion that Canadians are mellow. Despite the message - scream-o always sucks - it's like your favorite fantasy rock star naked, feeding you pizza while they scalp you with a rusty knife. They rail against capitalism, the new feudalism, that awful oligarchy - those shrugging whatever dudes of the One Percent, not to mention ecocide, racism and animal exploitation. Or in other words, it's a solid message in an uncomfortable package - oh, and once again, extra clever name. Any person who kills a tiger or a rhino for profit or buys said animal parts should have his or her entire village or city carpet bombed into the past tense. It would be a hit on YouTube.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind

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All We Love We Leave Behind

"All We Love We Leave Behind" - ain't that the truth? It's also the latest from Converge and it's on Epitaph. This one sounds like someone is trying to give birth to a refrigerator as metal remains as loud, as annoying and as dumb as ever. Guttural howl in one impression but cat scaring crap is more like it.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Ghost Inside - Get What You Give

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Get What You Give

In one of my shortest reviews ever - it took about 20 long seconds to decide that "Get What You Give," the new one by the Ghost Inside on Epitaph, really sucks. Why is this guy screaming as if he's giving himself a lobotomy with a rusty screwdriver? The ghost inside needs to get out and then, shut the hell up. Not even close.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Skip The Foreplay - Nightlife

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The latest from Skip The Foreplay is called "Nightlife" and it's on Epitaph. Love the name - it reminds me of Animal Mother - the big jerk from "Full Metal Jacket," or maybe even Gunnery Sgt. Hartman when he's really mad. Hate the band - if I wanted to hear screaming like this, I'd give my ex a glass of rum and tell her that her kids are so mean even Chucky wouldn't play with them. You ever decided scream-o is music and not just screaming? Skip this band - not even close.

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