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Rock 'n' Roll Call: NERO - Welcome Reality

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Welcome Reality

It still looks like NERD but it's NERO in block letters - the album is "Welcome Reality" and it's on Interscope. This is a big time electronic act out of Scary Olde England - two dudes, Daniel Stephens and Joseph Ray - occasional vocals from Alana Watson and a bazillion machines. Just as I can scarcely tell one car from another that is built after 1990 - it's the same with this stuff. My feet like it, so it's good enough for the rest of me. NERO - not the annoying emperor who was bumped off by his own slaves rather than be captured - but these guys remind me of hundreds of scantily clad young ladies gyrating in one of those giant tents at Coachella - always a good thing. In an unrelated and weird story - Interscope puts a glop of glue on all their CDs they send out, maybe to keep them from floating around in the oversized envelopes they use. Well, that glue really sucks - it won't come off and it's a hassle to stack CDs when you're done listening because of it. Solution: Forget the glue and/or use smaller mailers.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: No Doubt - Push And Shove

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Push and Shove

They're back for the first time in a while, that would be No Doubt - their sixth and latest is "Push And Shove" and it's on Interscope Records. Wow - 25 years for this band who used to play with the Ska Daddyz and all those Nardcore bands - they're so rich now, they could afford to buy Oxnard and change the name to Locals Only. Since I am not and never have been a 12-year-old girl and thus, never a big fan of this band that used to be a ska band but rather, it's heavily produced bimbonic pop from behind the Orange Curtain capturing perfectly the motivation of those mall mice from sea to whining sea. The title tune is confused and overdone - and in the middle - the core of the album - are half a dozen songs with one word titles with "Gravity" emerging the bouncy best. The obvious focus is the autobiographical, "Looking Hot," during which Gwen Stefani encourages the double-o from her drooling public, asking repeatedly, "Do you think I'm looking hot?" I always sort of thought she looked like a fish. Well, she asked...

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Imagine Dragons - Night Visions

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Night Visions

Imagine Dragons second album is "Night Visions" and it's on mighty, mighty Interscope Records. It bombastic, by the numbers arena rock as concocted by a bunch of pros of the big beat persuasion as predictable as it is perfect. Imagine Asia for the new millennium. Dan Reynolds is a most capable frontman and "Demons" is probably gonna be the hit. These Las Vegas Dragons could provide the soundtrack for "Game of Thrones."

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Keane - Strangeland

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Talk about truth in advertising - the new Keane is pretty much just that (keen) and an integral part of an imaginary '60s law firm Groovy, Bitchen, Neat-o and Keane. Or not. Their new one, their fourth is called "Strangeland" and it's on Interscope. Now way back at the beginning - back to the "Hey, let's start a band phase," it's important to have one person that can sing. Put a check in that category - Tom Chaplin has that perfect indie pop rock voice, showcased on songs that are invariably cleverly concocted and fully as dangerous as whistling in the backyard. "Sovereign Light Cafe" has the most hooks on this piano driven band - as in no guitars and no guitar solos.

Keane - Strangeland (Deluxe) by Interscope Records
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