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What year is it again? I finally listened to my first album download as I am a CD guy - the same one that just bought a new VCR (Anyone know where to get cheap VHS tapes?) I do my album reviews when I'm driving or gardening, not trapped sitting here. 

In any case, the second Tame Impala is "Lonerism" and it's on Modular Records. This is a Down Under stoner pop band fronted by Kevin Parker whose reach frequently exceeds his grasp. A few of these are tolerable jangly guitar rockers but "Apocalypse Dreams" is noodling nonsense that goes on way too long but goes nowhere fast. "Why Won't They Talk To Me?" is a typical TI tune - it's OK and you keep hoping for it to take off but it never does - just a fairly interesting thrashy, trashy garage band. 

But just in time, the long jam band-friendly tunes on the second half save this one - "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards," "Lying" and  especially "Elephant" live up to the hype. If I were still grading philosophy papers, the appropriate applicable cliche would be "competent if uninspired" or "on the right track"  or "they have their moments." Evidently some people are hearing something I'm not as this album got all sorts of awards including Australia's best album of 2012. 
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