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Rock 'n' Roll Call: A.C. Newman - Shut Down The Streets

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Shut Down the Streets

The latest from A.C. Newman is "Shut Down The Streets" and it's on Matador Records. Newman is the New Pornographers leader - a band with five albums - this is his third solo album. Newman plays whimsical pop songs, too many of which are over produced and under thought through and out of focus - sort of like putting on granny's glasses by mistake as the initial "oh, wow" quickly becomes "huh?" The keepers are "There's Money in New Wave" and "Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns," both hook-filled and memorable, but on the others, Newman's reach does not exceed his grasp.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Dylan LeBlanc - Cast The Same Old Shadow

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Cast The Same Old Shadow

Dylan LeBlanc has a new one out on Matador - his second and that would be "Cast The Same Old Shadow." It's slo mo and languid sad songs by a young twentysomething who has no business being this depressed. He is a southerner, so maybe the general election didn't work out as planned or else he just watched Ken Burns' "The Civil War," or most likely, Miss Take did the usual on a tender heart. "Chesapeake Lane" is probably the best one here as this one just misses being something special. Then again, LeBlanc is only 22, sort of a redneck Neil Young will fewer guitars and life will get worse.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: David Byrne and St. Vincent - Love This Giant

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Love This Giant

David Byrne - he's the skinny, elastic former Talking Heads dude - along with St. Vincent, actually Annie Clark of Polyphonic Spree - both are ably assisted by a cool horn section, resulting in an album, "Love This Giant" and it's on 4AD, I think one of Matador's many aliases these days. The two mugs on the album cover clearly look Halloween ready, nearly scary enough to make a freight train take a dirt road, the result is funky, quirky, weird and pretty entertaining - did I say weird - yet somehow alluring. I saw a good one back in '82, the Talking Heads and Black Uhuru at the SB County Bowl - David Byrne will be at the Arlington on Thursday, 11 October, might be fun. All of this reminds me of one of my greatest journalistic foul-ups - I called David Byrne John Byrne, who at the time was the artist on the Fantastic Four or back when I had a serious collection of 73 boxes of Silver Age Marvels. Now I'm sad.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Cat Power - Sun

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Now I like cats more than I like most people and here comes Cat Power - aka Chan Marshall and she has a new one - her ninth - and that would be "Sun" and it's on mighty, mighty Matador. Well known as tortured artiste, Marshall totters on the verge of the indifferent on some of these but on others, she's the cat's meow, such as on the title track and "3,6,9," as she samples the Cupid song and adds some steam heat to the already sticky scenario. This one gets a bit draggy in the middle - as in back to Songwriting 101 - but the "Manhattan" song has this cool jazz groove and on "Nothing But Time," she's joined by that gravelly voiced survivor, Iggy Pop. Basically, Marshall's a tough chick trying to figure things out and letting us hang out for a bit. She's probably a trip live - not sure I'd go, however. Pet your cat in any case.

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