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Rock 'n' Roll Call: NOFX - Self-Entitled

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Self Entitled

The new NOFX is the best punk rock album in ages - that would be "Self-Entitled" and it's on Fat Wreck Chords. The first song, "72 Hookers" is pretty much, everything you need to know about the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and all those idiotic jihadis and their perpetually losing battle with the clock. Ever notice how Mullah Omar has his Taliban toadies focused on destroying schools? Ignorant teenagers who have never been with a woman - for them, dates grow on trees - make the best suicide bombers, especially when promised 72 virgins, on their way to turning back the clock to 675 or when the Prophet was still alive. Anyway, Fat Mike, turns it all around a bit and in the process, reveals to us all how close world peace could really be. I can't say more in a family newspaper and hope to be back next week. The rest is funny pop punk with wise guy lyrics as presented by a bunch of pros.

What to know about where to go this week

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If I had a faster car, a richer girlfriend or even one with a job, here's where I'll be lurking in the back this week: First of all, tonight -- Friday night - you have to drive to Hell-A but it's worth it to see guitar god Albert Lee - he shreds up here now and again with Hot Roux - next time is in February but tonight - don't confuse him with Alvin but Albert Lee will be at McCabe's in Santa Monica. While at the cavernous Canyon Club, it's those reggae legends, mon, the


Wailers, still w/o Bob Marley; and a few miles north to the 805 where we like it at the Tipsy Goat in T.O. it's jam band nirvana with Shaky Feelin'. And if your world view is slightly to the right of "wahoo," you might enjoy some country music from Big Tweed who will be at Garman's Pub in Santa Paula - still a nice small town until they pave everything. There's a good one at the O - that would be Billy O's in Ventura with everyone's favorite raucous farm animals, Jackass, sharing the bill with the newly reconstituted La Vonettes, bringing back the girl group sound from back when AM radio was cool and not a cesspool of right wing paranoia. Teresa Russell will demonstrate the art of the guitar solo probably more than once at the Savory Cafe in Ventura - Chuck D will lead his cronies in Public Enemy to the Ventura Theatre tonight - that'll be the place with the million cops outside. It'll be worth it just to hear Radio Rahim's favorite song and the Occupy Movement's theme song, "Fight the Power." Kyle Hunt & King Gypsy will play some classic rock for the new millennium at the Bombay Bar & Grill, also in Ventura, and Big Joe Lewis will play some blues and boogie woogie piano wiz, Carl Sonny Leyland will be at Yolie's in Ventura, also tonight, Friday night.

On Saturday, back in L.A., it's Dave Alvin playing McCabe's, also on Sunday as well - he's

Dave Alvin

the guy that wrote the zillion great Blasters songs and even filled in for brother Phil at the Blasters gig at the Ventura Theatre last month. One of my interview victims this week - Mouse Grey, will be at the Sans Souci and - gotta love this name - Tall Tales and Silver Linings will be at the Hub in Ojai and on the next block the Mighty Cash Cats will channel the Man in Black at the Wrec Room, also in Ojai.

On Sunday, it's local legends, the R&B Bombers at the Bombay for an afternoon bluesy dance party and Frank Barajas will be at Tutti's in Ventura doing some solo acoustic pop rock.

OK, skip a few and thank that great American and famous Capricorn, Martin Luther King for your day off on Monday and then there's Tuesday, my birthday, which I share with Jim Carrey, Mohammed Ali, Betty White and Ben Franklin, so much for astrology. Anyway, on Tuesday, there's a good one down in Hollyweird at the House of Try to Find a Place to Park - the House of Blues, it's pretty much the same show that was in Ventura - it's bluegrass on speed with Old Man Markley, and wise guy punk legends NOFX will be funny and Pulley is also on the bill, still fronted by Scott Radinsky who was a solid situational left hander for the Dodgers, and will play some loud and fast punk rock. And still on Tuesday - no story because they dogged

Handsome Furs

me, yet the Handsome Furs will still be at SOhO in S.B.

On Wednesday, We Govern We continues their Wednesday night residency at the Sans Souci, while through the alley and down the block on "C" Street, it's that All-Star Blues Jam at the Bombay - the Corsican Brothers will play some power pop at the Big Buddha Lounge in Oak View and Kyle Hunt will be at the Jester in Ojai.

And finally on a busy Thursday, it's Caught Red Handed playing some country up all those stairs at the Watermark in Ventura - the hard working Kyle Hunt will be at the Crave Lounge at the extreme west end of Ventura, which just makes me miss the Midnight Hour all the more. And finally on a Thursday, Jonathan McEuen will do something cool at the Big Buddha Lounge in Oak View.

Old Man Markley "Party Shack" by Fat Wreck Chords
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