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...one brutally heavy instrument with three heads.

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"Metz" by Metz is out now on Sub Pop. I like what it says on the wrong-sized band bio: "Metz play like one brutally heavy instrument with three heads," and that pretty much, is that. It's real loud garage band rock that would knock the walls of the garage down. You won't care much about the lyrics should you try to decipher them - it's all about the beat. This is a Canadian band that makes convincing speeding ticket music on a very visceral level. Your kids will think you're cool but the cat may get all pouty.

TimeOut: Seth Pettersen unspools his new cassette-only release Saturday in Ventura

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Seth Pettersen will host a turn-back-the-clock event Saturday night at Zoey's with a release party for his latest, "Natural Machine." It's a cassette. That's a tape, which had its heyday somewhere between vinyl and CDs. And it's a $2 show.

Pettersen is no stranger to the local scene. For the longest time, when he wasn't surfing, Pettersen was in Franklin For Short. His mug also showed up in Tall Tales and Massenger, and now he is his own man, either a solo guy or fronting his band, The Undertow. He's got about 10 albums and the latest is a pop rock classic -- with a singer who can sing and plenty of hooks.

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