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Rock 'n' Roll Call: Xavier Rudd - Spirit Bird

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Spirit Bird

The latest from Xavier Rudd is "Spirit Bird" and it's on Side One Dummy. It's Number Seven from the Australian one man band and multi-instrumentalist, who clearly knows what he's doing. He uses a lot of indigenous instruments and creates these aboriginal jams that would be so right for an aboriginal rave. A stout proponent for justice for the Australian natives and other humanitarian causes, Rudd often sounds like a whole band - an original rocker doing amazing things. "Bow Down" and "Butterfly" are just a couple of good ones on an album with no bad cuts.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Between the Ditches

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Between The Ditches

The new Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band's latest is "Between the Ditches" and it's on Side One Dummy, out of of Hell-A. The Reverend's band is only three people but they play big - and they play often - over 250 dates a year of bluesy swamp rock with Peyton's raspy weird beard in a baseball cap vocals that are as raggedy as they are righteous. There's a little Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper in here, also some John Lee Hooker and Black Joe Lewis; you know, the good stuff. At the end of "Easy Rider," these guys would be the hicks in the pick-up, but instead. they'd flash a peace sign. And how can you not like "Devils Look Like Angels" and "Shake 'Em Off Like Fleas"?

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Anti-Flag - The General Strike

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The General Strike

The latest from one of the most political bands around, Anti-Flag is "The General Strike" and it's on Side One Dummy. Far to the left of anyone you may see on MSNBC or Current. Here's the lyrics for "Controlled Opposition," the album opener: "No justice in a legal system run by criminals. If you don't like the court ruling then you shouldn't be poor. Now, go die." The whole album is just over 27 minutes but it's Warp 10 screamy punk rock, which reads better than it sounds. Too bad they didn't sing like Chris Isaak - good thing they never will and will never change. If you feel something is vaguely wrong with the American Dream - you have a lot of reading and thinking to do.

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