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Rock 'n' Roll Call: Owl City - The Midsummer Station

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The Midsummer Station

Heard about them but never heard of them...until now. Maybe the Audubon Society's favorite band, Owl City - the album is "The Midsummer Station" and it's on Universal Republic. There must be a secret clone factory somewhere cranking out these bands - happening hooks as sung by a great melodic frontman on perfectly concocted rock gems. Even if you think you're being played, you're not - it's entertainment by an entertainer who know what he's doing. I love stuff like this. The Owl in question here is obviously Adam Young, out of Minnesota - a very weird state that has given us Bob Himself, Golden Gopher football which always sucks, Al Franken who is always funny and Michelle Bachmann who is always a whistlehead. Owl-Man Adam makes perfectly pure power pop - just him and a bunch of machines on songs about young lust - love, whatever. Imagine a frozen Howard Jones.

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