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Rock 'n' Roll Call: Pink - The Truth About Love

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The Truth About Love

The latest from Pink is "The Truth About Love" and it's on RCA Records. Her booming voice commands every song - most are relentlessly upbeat as she flutters between snarky, bitchy, bouncy and funny. That most famous example of lazy red since the black-billed, long necked bird and Homer Simpson's car, Pink is a Grammy winner, and a world famous rock star and judging by this one - her sixth - she's on top of her game. The cool bluesy riff from the potent, "How Come You're Not Here," is dedicated to the herds of male groupies who would be more than happy to drink swamp water and sleep in a hollow log just to hear her whisper, "Beat it sucker." On "Slut Like You," Pink admits that even rock goddesses don't always get lucky as she wakes up hung over and alone - we suspect that's an aberration because despite the GOP's narrow dastardly view of the world, women decide. Pink's great.

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