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TimeOut: Spencer the Gardener unveils new CD on Nov. 17 in Ventura

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He's been gardening at night since flowers were in black-and-white -- well, for at least the last thirty-something years. That would be Santa Barbara's Spencer the Gardener, who's taking his band on the road Saturday night to Amigo's in Ventura for a CD release party for "Breaking My Own Heart." It's one of those ever-affordable free shows, and CDs can be exchanged for one Alexander Hamilton.

Back in the '90s, STG was one of the few bands that was a hit in both Ventura and Santa Barbara -- in the Poinsettia City at Charlie's and later, Nicholby's, and all over Santa Barbara at a bunch of places that aren't there anymore like Alex's Cantina, Toe's Tavern and the Beach Shack. Once upon a time, STG's sound was "spy movie music at the beach," but it's still totally original and quirky, and chances are very good the ladies will still like dancing to it.

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TimeOut: Seth Pettersen unspools his new cassette-only release Saturday in Ventura

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Seth Pettersen will host a turn-back-the-clock event Saturday night at Zoey's with a release party for his latest, "Natural Machine." It's a cassette. That's a tape, which had its heyday somewhere between vinyl and CDs. And it's a $2 show.

Pettersen is no stranger to the local scene. For the longest time, when he wasn't surfing, Pettersen was in Franklin For Short. His mug also showed up in Tall Tales and Massenger, and now he is his own man, either a solo guy or fronting his band, The Undertow. He's got about 10 albums and the latest is a pop rock classic -- with a singer who can sing and plenty of hooks.

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TimeOut: Todd Hannigan CD release party set at Zoey's

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Really busy globe-trotting music guy Todd Hannigan, the finhead owner of Brotheryn Studios in Ojai, will take a break from making everybody else sound like rock stars when he does his own thing at a CD release party for his latest, "Further Than the Bow," Friday night at Zoey's in Ventura. Hannigan, just back from England, where his mom is opening a little folk club, rarely plays locally, but by the time he gets around to it, anticipation is sufficient to make his gigs not-to-be-missed events.

Hannigan is always ably assisted by an all-star band, and this time is no exception. He'll have both Siebenbergs (when one is plenty), multi-instrumentalist Jesse and his dad, Supertramp drummer Bob; along with Dave Palmer, Fernando Apodaca, Sam Bolle, uke wiz Ron Hargrave and more. Read more »

Rock 'n' Roll Call: The Very Worst of Roy D. Mercer - Ultimate Fits

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The Very Worst of Roy D. Mercer

This one came today - timing is everything, so why not? This one is "The Very Worst of Roy D. Mercer" and it's called "Ultimate Fits" and it's on Capitol. Mercer is a radio personality in Tulsa and makes crank calls to unwary victims always ending with the threat of "ass whuppins" over some imaginary sleight. Although most of these are amusing but you probably won't want to here them more than once, but then again if you like Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy, who knows? The best one is when Mercer gets in this TV reporter's grill for not showing up to put his 43 pound squash that "looks like Rush Limbaugh before he lost the weight" on the TV, along with his wife who just "got her hair frosted." Don't know why but I'm a hardcore Sooner fan in football but this is really one of the dumbest states in the country, dragging the rest of us down (like the old Confederacy). Remember, it was the Okies that banned Sharia Law in their state, probably freaking out both Muslims who have probably already left by now.

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