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Midnight Spin brings back big rock

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No soulful ballads on the debut from Midnight Spin, and that would be "Don't Let Me Sleep" and it's on - wow - self-released Midnight Spin. Big guitar riffs, big voice, big beats - big deal. They used to call this arena rock - I'm getting Journey flashbacks. It's all perfectly produced, competent if uninspired, yet these guy will doubtlessly cause their girlfriends to salivate. The rest of us? Not so sure, and Journey was always a bum trip for me.

Cerebral country rock from Apache Relay

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Apache Relay's latest is "American Nomad" and it's on Nomadic Recordings and it's from 2011 - hey, my horse threw a shoe - just got this one, and if we haven't listened then it's just like new. They guys play baroque art rock, maybe like a Decemberists Lite but more like another Avett Brothers-flavored band of cerebral country rock. They have their own vibe most of it having to do with way cool frontman Michael Ford Jr., who has an open mind - a reb from Tennessee, who has recorded a song by that Boss Yankee, ``State Trooper. These guys are definitely worth a listen.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Waco Brothers & Paul Burch - "Great Chicago Fire"

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Great Chicago Fire

The latest from the Waco Brothers & Paul Burch is "Great Chicago Fire" and it's on Bloodshot. This is a kick-ass country rock band that almost forces you to drink beer and regret or get over what might've been. Dean Schlabowske has the economical guitar solo figured out - sometimes, he seems to be channeling Dickie Betts - and Jon Langford has the swaggering yet effortless frontman thing covered. This is album Number Ten for these Chicago rockers and ten more seem to be no problem. Nothing close to a clunker and "Someone That You Know" is yet another solid cry in your beer enabler. No doubt, this band shreds live. Oh, and who's Paul Burch? Guitar and vocals and his name up in lights.

Waco Brothers & Paul Birch - "Cannonball" by BSHQ

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Eve 6 - Speak in Code

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Speak in Code

The new one by Eve 6 is "Speak in Code" and it's on Fearless Records. It's their first new music in eight years, so evidently they're well rested - or broke - or both but in any case, they still have that in-your-face pop punk rock thing going on with giant bass player Max Collins' swell vocals on this if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it return to form. You'll probably like "Lost & Found," and the-what-could-go-wrong scenario song, "B.F.G.F," which is shorthand for best friend's girlfriend. Anyone else remember a great double bill from more than a decade ago at Nicholby's in Ventura? Anyway, it was Eve 6 and about the best chick singer/songwriter you've never heard of, Kathleen Wilhoite.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Imagine Dragons - Continued Silence

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Continued Silence

The new one from Imagine Dragons in an EP entitled "Continued Silence" and it's on Interscope. Not a hobbit's nightmare but rather, the next big thing to come out of Las Vegas. It's straight ahead rock, maybe even arena rock - do they still have that? Anyway, there's solid vocals by Dan Reynolds - the band has it down and all the right people are throwing around the right adjectives and the band is playing all the right gigs, and the check is evidently in the mail. "It's Time" is the hit single, not to mention a funny moment from one of the funniest TV shows ever, "Action." They're OK but no reason to get excited - not as entertaining as Panic at the Disco but light years better than Wayne Newton.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Roy Zimmerman - You're Getting Sleepy

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You're Getting Sleepy

The new Roy Zimmerman album is called "You're Getting Sleepy" and it's got a funny cover and it's on Metaphor Records. Zimmerman is a one-man band of the lefty persuasion, sort of like the Brothers Four or the Chad Mitchell Trio in the singular 50 years later. If you're a Democrat and/or a progressive, you'll find the Z-Man screamingly funny - if you're a righty, you'll go to church an hour early to measure this dude up for a lightning bolt. A non-partisan study found that people who listened to no news broadcasts at all were better informed than those who watched or listened to Fox News. All the left wing talking points become singing points on this deftly concocted attack on the so-called "low information" voters that the Republicans are counting on. Zimmerman is going to be at the Unitarian Universalist Church in East Ventura on the 21st - go laugh it up with like minded 99 percenters. Now you're ready for your next step: Read "American Taliban" by Markos Moulitsas and while you're at it, if Obama is such a Kenyan Mau Mau Marxist Pinko Socialist, why can't the GOP find anyone better than Governor Jesus McBangBang or Newt or Trump or the Mitt-Man who makes plastic seem authentic, or the rest of those wackos?

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