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Rock 'n' Roll Call: ohGr - Undeveloped

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Next up is the latest by ohGr -- clearly a band with no capitalization and no spelling skills -- the album is the prophetic "Undeveloped" and it's on Metropolis Records. Let's get right to it -- this band really sucks -- they stink underwater. There's some electronic music now and again but too much of this is a strident guy berating someone who doubtless quite listening long ago. This ohGr could make a real (animated) ogre like Shrek smash and bash and crash and stomp and bust and burn after a few minutes of this stuff. It all crystallized perfectly when I consulted the first sentence of Wikipedia since this CD did not come with a band bio -- anyway, I saw the words Skinny Puppy, another horrible band. Then again, if people like this can get a record deal, there is clearly hope for your pathetic little band.

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