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Three Who Carjacked a Vehicle With Three Children in the Backseat Sentenced to Prison

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Three Montgomery, Alabama residents pleaded guilty Wednesday to carjacking an Isuzu Rodeo with three children in the backset and one pleaded guilty to kidnapping the three children in 2011, federal officials stated.

Around May 21, 2011, the victims' parents met "Nate" on the Internet who introduced them to Melissa McGee who claimed to be a human resources representative from Memphis. She offered to help the couple find jobs and a residence near Ozark, Alabama, according to federal authorities.

The children's parents decided to travel to Ozark and stayed with their children at the Ozark Inn where the motel room was paid for by McGee, officials stated.

 During their stay, McGee met with the couple and gave them small amounts of cash and food, and promised to get one of the parents a job paying $17 an hour.

On June 5, 2011, the victims and three children drove to a rural area outside Brundidge, Alabama to meet with McGee and take possession of a mobile home McGee had promised them, officials stated.

When the victims arrived, McGee introduced them to Robert Rogers, 25, of Ozark and Joshua Gilley, 26, of Enterprise, Alabama who immediately assaulted the young couple and forcibly took them out of their Isuzu Rodeo.

Rogers and Gilley drove off with the couple's three children in the backseat. McGee drove a white SUV ahead of Rogers and Gilley and later, climbed into the Isuzu and all of them drove away, federal officials maintain.

McGee took custody of the 2-month-old baby, while the 2 and 1-year-old children were dumped in the driveway of a residence in Black, Alabama.

When the children who were dumped were found, the occupants of the residence took the children to a nearby hospital, federal officials started.

Within 48 hours, police officers tracked down the other child to a private residence in Dothan, Alabama. The woman who lived there said she agreed to watch the baby for McGee who claimed the stolen child was hers, according to authorities.

"These three defendants not only endangered these young children by kidnapping them from their mother, but they dumped the two older children in a driveway in rural Alabama, showing no concern for their welfare," U.S. Attorney, George L. Beck, Jr. stated.

Gilley was sentenced to nearly four years in prison after pleading guilty to carjacking; Rogers got nearly three years behind bars and McGee got more than 17 years behind bars for kidnapping.


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