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Federal Judge Describes Former Customs Agent's Conduct As An "Abomination"

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A former Customs and Border Protection Officer Thomas P. Silva, of Chula Vista, was sentenced last week to eight months behind bars for concealing a wanted fugitive by allowing him to enter the United States from Mexico without inspection, despite verifying the fugitive's status Customs and Border computer systems, according to federal officials.

In handing down the sentence, Judge Anthony J. Battaglia told Silva, 33, that his conduct was "an abomination" and that he had "brought shame" to the United States by carrying out these criminal activities while working as a Customs officer at San Ysidro Port of Entry, federal authorities stated.

Silva also admitted to engaging in a separate scheme to defraud Farmers Insurance of over $7,000 by falsely reporting that his Nissan Titan pickup truck had been stolen from a local San Diego community, federal officials allege.

Silva  said he took the truck to Mexico prior to reporting it stolen in furtherance of his fraudulent scheme. Thereafter, Silva filed the false claim with Farmers Insurance, which the insurance company then paid based on his misrepresentations, federal officials stated.

Federal Inspector Arrested for Taking Bribes and Cash from Aliens

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SAN DIEGO - Hector Rodriguez, a customs and border protection officer, was arrested today along with Gerardo Rodriguez and Vanessa Moya for allegedly conspiring to bring in aliens for cash and bribes, according to federal prosecutors.

The defendants conspired to smuggle aliens from Mexico by driving them through the inspection lane manned by Hector Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was arrested while on duty at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, federal authorities state.

The defendants received thousands of dollars in smuggling fees from the illegal aliens, and that Gerardo Rodriguez, 42, provided Hector Rodriguez, 45, with the use of luxury cars, apartment rent payments and other bribes, according to federal officials.

Hector Rodriguez would tell Gerardo Rodriguez and Moya, 29, of his work schedule at the port of entry, including date, time and lane number to which he was assigned as a primary inspector.

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