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Armed Robbers Who Stole Rolex Watches Are Sent To Prison

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BALTIMORE--A 21-year-old man who stole 35 men's Rolex watches  valued at $275,475 with two other defendants  was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison today, according to federal prosecutors.

Reginald D. Dargan Jr. and two co-defendants Deontaye Harvey and Aaron Pratt drove  to a mall to commit the March 30, 2011.

Federal officials stated that Dargan was armed with a knife and Harvey and Pratt were each armed with a gun. They entered a jewelry store in the mall and brandishing their weapons demanded that store employees open the display cases, state authorities.

According to officials, one employee tried to run out into the mall to get help, but Dargan and Harvey went after him and brought him back into the store at gunpoint, while Pratt stayed in the store with the other employees. Dargan then had a store employee empty the men's watch display into a bag that Dargan was carrying and the three robbers left the mall, officials stated.

Pratt and Harvey, both age 22, of Baltimore, previously pleaded guilty to their roles in the scheme and were sentenced to more than 7 years and to more than 13 years in prison, respectively.

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