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Donuts, Bagels, Videos, Photographs and Courtroom 13

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Last Sunday's story about Courtroom 13 cost the courtroom Bailiff Tom Fuchs' $40.

Smiling, Fuchs said this morning that he had to buy the donuts and bagels for the other Sheriff's deputies assigned to the courtroom because his photograph appeared in the newspaper story about Courtroom 13.

There is a long-standing rule among the deputies at the Hall of Justice: If they are photographed or video recorded by the news media and their pictures or images are shown on TV or printed in the newspaper, deputies have to buy the donuts.

Apparently, it can get expensive.

 Star Photographer Juan Carlo did a great job with the help of multimedia producer Anthony Plascencia in putting together the Courtroom 13 video that ran with the story.

Judge Donald Coleman went out of his way to allow us to photograph and video record in his courtroom. Thus, we were able to put together a pretty good story package to allow the public a glimpse into one of Ventura County Superior Courts' busiest courtrooms.



New Presiding and Assistant Presiding Judges Elected

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Ventura County Superior Court judges unanimously elected Brian J. Back as presiding judge and Donald D. Coleman as assistant presiding judge for 2013 and 2014, caourt officials stated.

The new term begins Jan. 1.

Judge Back was appointed to the Ventura Municipal Court by Gov. Pete Wilson in 1997 and elevated to the Superior Court in 1998.

He has been  a judge for 14 years and has served as the Superior Court assistant presiding judge since January 2011, according to court administrators.

Judge Back, who is currently assigned to the criminal division, has previously been assigned to juvenile delinquency, family law, guardianship, domestic violence, and adult mental health courts, according to court officials.

In 2003, he was named Judge of the Year by the Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association, court officials stated.

Before his appointment to the bench, Judge Back was an attorney with Arnold, Back, Matthews, Wojkowski  and Zirbel from 1990 to 1997.

Judge Back has a bachelor's degree from Claremont Men's College and is a graduate of the University of Santa Clara Law School. He also holds a master's degree in government from Claremont Graduate School.

Judge Coleman was elected to the Superior Court in March 1996.

Before being elected to the bench, Coleman was a member of the Ventura County District Attorney's Office for 18 years where he achieved the position of chief deputy district attorney, according to court administrators.

Judge Coleman earned a bachelor's degree at UCLA and his law degree from Southwestern Law School. 

He is a Vietnam veteran and served there with the U.S. Army.


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