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Atlanta Woman Sentenced to Seven Years for Prostituting 16-year-old Female

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ATLANTA--Jessica Loren Posey was sentenced today to seven years in federal prison for transporting a 16-year-old juvenile girl to Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio for the purpose of prostitution, according to federal authorities.

In 2010, court evidence  indicated that Posey met the juvenile girl at a party. While the victim was only 16 years old, Posey caused her to engage in prostitution.

Posey, 25, of Atlanta, used a laptop computer to create advertisements of the child that she placed on websites. This included uploaded nude photographs of the juvenile on her cell phone and on a website.

Posey arranged for customers to engage in sex acts with the victim; and rented the hotel rooms where she caused the girl to engage in prostitution, federal officials stated.

She also drove the juvenile and other young women to various locations outside Georgia to commit commercial sex acts, including Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee; Ohio; and Kentucky. Posey received half the proceeds earned by the juvenile victim and the other young women.

Following Posey's arrest, the victim returned to live with her family.

"Spa" Owner Going to Prison for Running Prostitution Service

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 A woman who owned and managed three "spas" that were a front for prostitution was sentenced today in Omaha to three years and one month in prison, according to the FBI

Kimberly A. Bivens, age 46, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to use facilities in interstate commerce to promote a business enterprise involving prostitution from 2009 to 2011, federal officials state.

Bivens placed advertisements for each of the three spas on the Internet.

The majority of customers received sex acts from the workers, rather than legitimate spa services, in exchange for money. Some customers traveled to the spas from Iowa and from other states to obtain sex for money, state officials.

During the time when Bivens managed or owned these three spa locations, there were more than 20 workers performing sex acts, according to federal authorities.


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