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Ms. Haverland's Victim Impact Statement

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During the sentencing of the man who killed her son, the mother of Nick Haverland gave an victim's impact statement that seemed to move many people in the packed courtroom.

Susan Haverland described her 20-year-old son Nicholas "Nick" Joel Haverland  as her touchstone, alter ego, inspiration, challenger and conscience.

She wanted the community to know what kind of man her son was and why his loss impacted so many lives.

Nick Haverland had many dreams and inspired to do great things, his mother said.

is curiosity and vivid imagination let him see nature and science in ways that were unique, she told the judge.

She proudly remarked that her son was accepted into the prestigious ethno-botany program at the University of Hawaii.

"He was going to find a cure for cancer in the rain forest," she told the judge.

Singh, 50, was sentenced to 15 years to life on Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

"He brought a light to our lives that we never knew could be possible. He fulfilled my deepest dreams - the ones that for years I dared not to dream. And now, I have no idea how I'm going to get over losing him, Mr. Singh, you took that from me."

Adding, "How do you say goodbye to the son that fulfilled my deepest desires and loved so wisely, so simply, and so purely? What do I do with Nick's hopes and dreams? His future? Our future as a family?..."

Outside the courtroom, I asked Ms. Haverland if I could post her victim impact statement on my blog and without hesitation and a smile, she said "yes, I would love that."

To read the entire victim impact statement click below:

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