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More reports of blatant voter fraud!  This time in San Bernardino County where they have chased out the same company who is "slamming" Democratic voters in Ventura County. See press release below:

SAN BERNARDINO -- Democrats added 2,246 to their numbers this week, gaining 967 on Republicans and coming within 1,423 voters of turning San Bernardino County "blue," according to registration statistics released by Kari Verjil, county Registrar of Voters, and reported by Patrick Kahler of

Democrats gained 899 on the Republicans last week.

In the two weeks since Mark Jacoby and his Young Political Majors have fled the county after being accused of committing massive voter fraud felonies, Democrats have registered 1,866 more voters than the Republicans have.

At the present rate of registration Democrats will achieve their long-held goal of turning the county "blue" by registering more Democrats than Republicans in San Bernardino County within the next two weeks.

"This is our largest single gain in a week since the February Presidential primary," Kahler said.  "Thanks to increased legitimate voter drives and the ending of the slamming we are back on track to be blue in the next 2 weeks!"

"Our Democratic clubs and activists have gone into overdrive to give the citizens of the county the opportunity to participate in our democracy and vote," said Carol Robb, County Democratic Party Chair.  "This is what makes America great!"

The timing could not be better for county Democrats who will host a San "BLUE-nardino" County Celebration on Oct. 11 at the Brotherhood of Teamsters local #63, 379 West Valley Boulevard, in Rialto.

Actor and Activist Edward Asner, Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, California Democratic Party Chair Art Torres and Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Eric Bauman are confirmed to attend.


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Democracy Watch is a blog devoted to debunking extreme right wing Republican rhetoric, media, printed material, blogs, videos and all campaign TV ads that are untrue.
Any candidate whose rhetoric doesn’t match their past record or current campaign promises will be disputed by Democracy Watch. I will address all ballot issues for November along with candidates whose names are on the Ventura County ballot. The focus is broad to encourage respectful factual discussion covering the Presidential election, federal, state and local races to be decided by Ventura County voters this November 4, 2008.

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