Peter Foy and Judy Mikels patch things up

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The above picture was sent in by The Dantona Campaign from The Simi Valley Days Parade. I would post Peter Foy pictures if they would send them in.

Towards the back of Friday's Acorn there was an article about Foy VS Dantona. It mentions debates ( Peter Foy has no comment, Jim Dantona is all for it) immigration, endorsements. Peter Foy has the support of Judy Mikels and Jim Dantona is pumped about his support from public safety groups.

Somehow I am expected to believe it is about policy but something tells me that Judy Mikels supporting Peter Foy is more about the tough race Jim Dantona ran against her.

I wonder what Peter Foy thinks about the county's decision to make Tapo Canyon Park into a mixed use park including RV's?

Here is also a press release about the firefighters' endorsement.

Ventura County Firefighters have announced their strong support for Jim Dantona for Ventura County’s 4th District Supervisor’s seat. Following close behind, the California Professional Firefighters proclaimed their support as well. For Dantona, who had already secured the endorsement of the California State Firefighters Association before the June primary election, it marked the first time a candidate for County Supervisor had ever earned the endorsement of both local and State firefighters.

For Ventura County Firefighters Association President Chris Mahon, the reason for the outpouring of support is simple. “Jim Dantona is the front runner on public safety issues by a wide margin. Based on Dantona’s long history of support for public safety, and fire service issues in particular, Jim Dantona is the best candidate to protect the public safety needs of the citizens in the 4th District and all of Ventura County.?

Mahon called Dantona “Ventura County’s honorary 4th firefighter,? alluding to the association’s long struggle to secure resources to place four firefighters on each truck and added, “Dantona is not afraid to publicly tackle all the difficult issues facing the County in the years ahead. That is the kind of leadership Ventura County needs and deserves.?


I have been following this race since the primary and received a call from Dantona's camp
over the weekend. Very polite and informative. After reading the Acorn it's obvious Mr. Foy won't debate Jim Dantona. I think it's horrible that in a local race this important Mr. Foy is hiding from the public. I think the star should do an editorial letting the voters know he is afraid to debate. If he is so wothy of my vote then I think he should come out of hiding and debate Dantona. The voters have a right and Jim Dantona isn't afraid to tell voters were he stands. The other item is the Firefighters have endorsed Dantona and that secures my Vote for Dantona.

Does Mikel's support and Foy's agreement with her policies and goals means that Foy is no longer for slow-growth? Is he now supporting Mikel's plans for Moorpark and the garbage dump and more over development?

Actually, Foy's handlers DID have comments about a debate when contacted by the sponsors. They were told that Mr Foy doesn't need to debate or answer any questions because he's already secured a mandate in the Primary. Mr Foy's belief that 38% of the vote is a majority, added to his recent accounting problems should raise a flag about the man's ability to balance the County Budget. His Bush-like claims to some special "mandate" should also raise eyebrows.

Foy is hilarious. He couldn't come up with a better excuse than the idea that he's heir-apparent? Even if he considers himself anointed to the position, why does he consider it beneath him to have a discussion with the community about where he stands on issues? It brings up an interesting question: What exactly does Foy think the job of Supervisor does and does not entail?

The real question is: WHO THE HELL IS PETER FOY?
Face it - this community knows nothing about him and it appears he wants to keep it that way. And yet without any history in the community (which both Mikels & Dantona have) he garnered 38% for first place in the primary. Hardly a mandate but first place none the less!

It is a frightening to me that voters could support someone they know absolutely nothing about. Judy Mikels was scrutinized. Dantona had a spotlight on his own backgound. That's the way politics works. Why has nobody in the press asked the hard questions of Farmer Foy?

Will they???

They will only ask tough questions if you demand it. Call local papers and tell them the truth that you will not buy their paper if they refuse to investigate local politics.

The Star has made a choice as has other local papers not to clear peter Foy's name and not to go after him either. You should not accept that as if he is in the right with the charity stuff it is pretty messed up for them to make money running ads against him.

If he is in the wrong it is pretty sad they cover things like a new 99 cent store but not the most powerful single position in local politics.

Foy thinks the League of Women Voters is too biased to sponsor a forum, even when it would be moderated by THE STAR??? THAT's got to tell you something about where this ultra-right wing politico is coming from.

Mr Foy! How about staging a forum at Grace Brethren Church? I'm serious!! Certainly you can't accuse those good folk of being biased against you, right? Its members include a representative cross section of our Community and should put you at ease.

What about it, Mr Foy? Oh, forget asking the puppet, let's go right to the ventriloquist...Mr Dichiara?

Hmmm ... the story quotes Dantona supporter Barbara Kerkhoff, and the story also mentions a desire to host one debate in Somis, where Kerkhoff lives, along with about a dozen other voters.

This one doesn't pass the smell test. Seems the Foy camp is pretty smart. And winning.


THAT's winning!!?? Screwing the Voters by not telling them where you stand and then refuse to answer questions?? That's not winning, that's COWARDLY, CRAVEN and CORRUPT. MR Foy and his handlers may just as well count the ballots in their basement on Electuion Nite and then be trusted to tell us who won.

Mr Foy's been running in the company of Delay, Ney, Norquist, Abramoff, Cheney and all the other creeps that refuse to answer to the Voters and he smells of the same arrogance. Fine. If Mr Foy wont come to the Voters..then we'll go to his base and explain where he stands.

It's politics. Foy's got nothing to gain and Dantona's got nothing to lose. If Dantona's internal polls showed him ahead he wouldn't debate either. For all the high minded rhetoric coming form the Dantona crowd it has nothing to do with informing the voters. It has everything to do with trying to raise the credibility of their candidate. They try to tell you that Dantona's going to win, if that were true why would they care if there was a debate or not? Do we really think they want to give their voters the opportunity to see if they like Foy better? No, they're trailing and are scrambling to try and gain some ground.

That lame excuse works fine when we know both candidates and usualyl the incumbent will reuse to debate for those reasons (as craven as those reasons remain). In this election we know nothing about Mr Foy except he's a member of an ultra-right extremist group, that they advocate reconstructing America by doing away with the Constitution, that Mr Foy has no clue as to how to administer his own financial affairs let alone run a government office, that he's offered legislative jobs in return for those that get him the most votes, that he is working hand-in-hand with developers DESPITE his pledge not to, that he IS for increased growth despite the claims in his mailers and that he has proven himself a coward by refusing to discuss issues. That's not evidence of a man who feels he's a winner. That's evidence of a man with nothing to offer the Voters.

We'll come to Mr Foy!

Dantona would debate if he was in front, tied, or behind... None of which is apparent... The reason is because Dantona has such a wealth of knowledge of how government operates and what his job will be as County Supervisor that Mr. Foy couldn't keep up if he tried. Secondly, Dantona is serious about doing a job and knows that avoiding a forum like Foy has, gives the implication that you have something to hide (personal issues, no knowledge, etc.)

In the end, Foy yielded the higher ground to Dantona. If you are Elton Gallegly you can say, "look at my multitude of years and actions in office as to what I believe." Even Judy Mikels could have claimed that. But an unknown cannot claim that and that is going to hurt him - badly.

Mine is not a formal poll, but active community members who I have engaged have no idea what Foy is about. They are going to question heavily why he wouldn't attend a forum... It's a calculated risk; A) That he is in front and B) That he won't collapse his support by not attending a forum... Too big a risk if it was my campaign or does he really not have anything to say?

This is simply the game that just about every politician plays. "Voter" is correct that Foy has no advantage in debating so long as he is ahead in the polls. Every politician that is behind demands a debate, and every politician that is ahead avoids one. That's how the game is played, whether national, statewide, local election, and regardless of political party. That doesn't make it right, but then again politics rarely has anything to do with doing the right thing. It's about winning.

And it is a pretty safe bet that if the situation were reversed Dantona would be doing the same thing. His supporters can deny it all they want but it is pretty obvious they have some pretty huge double-standards. If things were the other way around we would be getting all the arguments why debates aren't necessary, blah, blah, blah. So let's not kid ourselves that all of this is in pursuit of some high-minded goal of informing the voters.

Personally I would love to see a debate, but I'm realistic enough to know that that isn't going to happen unless it is a tight race, which it is not. Politics being what it is I have to settle for the usual assortment of misleading ads and mailers that try to convince me that one candidate is a sinner and the other a saint.

Speaking of misleading propaganda, I think that it is a little over the top for Gary to say that Foy is "corrupt" for not wanting to debate. Cowardly maybe, but corrupt? I think that is overstating it a bit and comes off as partisan rhetoric.

Why would Foy decline to public forum with Dantona?

1.) His campaign says it fears that he could risk losing votes. Therefore, by this position, they and he (by his inaction) admit Dantona would probably beat him.

2.) He fears the League of Women Voters as a forum, but does not say he would definitely agree to a specific forum that he believes would be fair. His inaction is again a confirmation of his lack of confidence in holding his own before voters in such circumstances.

3.) He and his handlers says that getting 38% of the vote in the primary means there is no need to answer voter questions or allow voters to judge the candidates side-by-side in an unrehearsed, unscripted event like a town hall meeting or a q&a session before a panel of independent third parties. Once again, it is a position that demonstrates the belief that such comparison with Dantona would not help Foy.

Bubba, you are right: the proper word for a person that fails to take action out of fear this is "coward".

Perhaps, Foy will eventually agree to a meeting or two and at least to try to restore some degree of his manhood in the eyes of those whom he proposes to serve. Personally, I do not think he can do it. It does not seem to be in his nature.

I have a video of Jim Dantona pledging to debate Foy anytime, anyplace.

If Peter Foy doesn't debate Jim Dantona we all know it is because Foy doesn't want to do it.

If Peter Foy ever claims Dantona won't do it I will release the video.


Ronald Reagan debated Walter Mondale. By your logic, what reason did he have to that? A man who knows he can stand his ground in a debate will agree. A man who is afraid will hide.

I'll say it again, IT IS A CORRUPTION OF THE ELECTION PROCESS WHEN A CANDIDATE INTERFERES WITH THE VOTERS' RIGHT TO BE INFORMED. By deliberately keeping the voters in the dark Mr Foy is guilty of corrupting the election process as surely as when he misinforms the voters about his positions.

I didn't vote for Judy Mikels, but I'll say this about her... she was out there in the district. She walked around, she talked, and she was always willing to sit down and discuss issues, even if she didn't see eye-to-eye. I didn't vote for her because I knew I didn't agree with her staces on many issues... but I respected the attitude that she brought to her job.

I shudder to think what a Supervisor Foy would be like, and I think this is a good indication that we citizens wouldn't have any semblance of discourse or interaction with the guy unless something was in it for him.

gs, if you and your pals are so sure Dantona's going to win, why do care if Foy debates or not?

You're screaming for it, trying to taunt anybody who remotely seems to lean toward Foy, and yelling yourself blue demeaning Foy. The only reason that I can see for you and yours to do this is because you know your candidate to be trailing badly and you're hoping your schoolboy antics will somehow get Dantona sharing a stage with Foy.

Presidents debate because they have to. Here the majority of the voters already know who they're voting for and could care less if there's a forum or not. Take a look at the comments on today's article, four people knocking the League of Women Voters, not one complaint about no forum.

Hold on tight Gary, your guy's going down, and there's not a thing you can do about it.

Peter Foy won't debate because he has total extremist for supporters who really think democracy is something for the poor.

Really, why should any candidate debate? Did you know Michelle Foster and Glen Becerra both showed up to a candidates forum? Under your democracy hating logic they both are afraid they are going to lose.

Peter Foy won't debate because he is way out of the mainstream and everyone knows it. You know it too and you know you don't want others to find out about your secret club.

Peter Foy, why won't you stand up for your beliefs in public? Doubting yourself?

Foy's already reached the maximum number of votes he's ever going to get. Every headline about every sordid bit of business that Foy's involved in, from his offering jobs for votes to his misrepresented charity to his refusal to debate and his misrepresentations about being a slo-growth candidate, peels more and more votes off that total till, like Mikels, there's not enough left to get him elected. He's already broken his first promise to be a slow growth advocate and adopted Mikels' goals of expanding the dump, overloading the hills with new development and adding thousands more trucks on the 118 & 23 Frwys....the same issues that killed her.

I finally agree with Voter. Dantona supporters should not be screaming for Foy to debate. If Foy had debated, Dantona would have clearly beaten him. According to Mr. Foy he will not participate.

The question for Foy was really, would he have lost more votes debating versus the avalanche that are going to run from him because he won't go to a forum? The clear answer was to debate and take your chance.

He decided to publicly state that he would not attend a debate/forum. Foy hung himself. As a supporter when I talk to my neighbors of this community I will remind them of the good things Dantona stands for and that Foy would not participate in a public forum. It will be an easy sell.

Thank you Mr. Foy!

Mr. Foy has shown his true colors. He actually is attacking the League of Women Voters. Even he can't believe that BS. Mr. Foy is afraid to debate Jim Dantona because he knows he will be made to look like the fool he is. He has no knowledge of government and less knowledge about Simi and Moorpark. Bubba if your so sure Foy is going to crush Dantona than what has Foy to lose.
You cry that Dantona won't talk about the issues and when he is willing to discuss his views in public you still complain. It has nothing to do with his issues, you just can't stand Dantona. At least be honest enough to admit it.

How about if we have a debate and allow Foy's Handler to sit next to him and give all the answers......Still a Coward Foy. At least Bubba was right in saying Foy is a Coward.

I happen to be a member of the League of Women Voters and don't appreciate Foys comments. I'm a lifelong Republican, but Foy has just lost my vote. Maybe he would feel better if the KKK sponsored the debate.

Is discussing Foy's fear of the Jim Dantona and the voters of this district worth dwelling on any longer? Probably not.

He is demonstrating that he believes he is very beatable even without any honest revelation of himself to the ordinary folks of the district. He has blundered by his timidity and he will pay for it. However, his handlers may be right that the odds are that it would have been even worse if he publicly revealed himself in an open forum. (They know their man better than anyone else.)

Either way, he loses support. It is just a matter of degree.

Well all I've read about Foy is that he was lying about a Foundation he operates illegally, He won't debate his opponent, and to quote him the only thing important to him in this race is to win at any cost. SORRY FOY I'M VOTING FOR DANTONA.

THE STAR's editorial today officially offered to sponsor a forum, citing Mr Foy's concern about the the League of Women Voter's and their radical activist, death-to-conservatives philosophy. So, now Mr Foy can rest easy that he'll have a nonpartial forum to attend and answer questions.

You Dantona boys are sure whipping yourself into a frenzy. Foy's campaign staff must be having a good laugh watching you guys get all worked up out of frustration at losing in the polls to a total political novice who won't say anything about anything. I have to say that there is an incredible irony in the fact that Peter Foy refuses to debate but will still crush Jim Dantona in the November election anyway. But that's Jim Dantona's fault for destroying his own credibility with voters through his malicious smear campaign that he waged against Judy Mikels. I'm afraid there is no way for Dantona to save himself now. It is just sad that Jim Dantona reputation is so bad that he will actually lose to a guy like Peter Foy. That's like getting beat up by Steve Urkel.

Now I know the Dantona posse will be all over me for this and once again accusing me of being a Foy operative. The the truth is that I don't really care for Peter Foy or Jim Dantona, though for entirely different reasons. After watching both of these bumbling fools slog their way through this campaign I have to say that in retrospect the best qualified candidate for 4th District Supervisor was Judy Mikels. She may not have been perfect but Ventura County voters will miss her once they get a taste of either of these clowns in office. But my money is still on Foy winning in a landslide, debate or no debate. But regardless of who wins the real losers will be the residents of Ventura County.

Foy sucks, but Jim Dantona's cult followers and propaganda machine doesn't cover up the fact that he sucks too. It's like being offered the choice between latex and lambskin. Doesn't really matter what choice you make cause you're gonna end up getting screwed either way.

For someone so sure about everything you sound pretty bitter about something, BK. Almost sounds like you're wishing much too hard for your predictions to come true.

Bubba Kidd,

Best commentary by FAR on this topic.

GS obviously was not sober while he tapped the keyboards the last few days. Mass typos are indicative, but his insane bias cements the deal.

Ever notice how GS has NEVER been involved with the community - nonprofit organization boards, service groups, ANY thing?

Mr. Invisible.

Sits on his ass all day blogging. What a leader, someone we should listen to. Yeah, right.

Anyone wanna bet that Gary Selvaggio will write again on this blog before 3 pm today?

I'm in for $100.

Dude needs a job.

Thanks for the manifesto Bubba and the eloquent writing, especially about getting screwed.

If you believe Mikels was truly best for this community, you either don't live in the community or care for it. I do agree that Foy will be worse for the County than Mikels, but if Mikels, or her lackeys, had run a better campaign Ms. Mikels could have been at a public forum to tell voters that for the November election.

How was it even possible that Mikels, who started the campaign $100,000 ahead of Dantona and Foy ended up losing to both candidates? That was one terribly run campaign. You can blame it on the Arizona thing or whatever you want, but it really was her campaign's outreach that sunk her and didn't even get her in to the general election. Who was running that mess?

Her 12 years of ignoring and insulting her constituents would have caught up with her anyway in the general election, but how embarassing to lose in the primary.

Either way Dantona is the only viable candidate and will have to continue getting his message out, but his message will prevail, mostly because he's the only one with a message.

Someone just lost $100. But this post is really to clear up some issues about non-profits and what happens when they don't do their book keeping. Firstly, Mr Foy's foundation is presently active again, since Sept 15, thanks to their quick action in filing their $50 reactivation fee. Good work! That takes care of the foundation's corporate status.

Now for the foundation's non-profit status. That's a bit tougher to re-instate once it's lost but the Franchise Tax Board has explained that once the foundation files for reinstatement, brings its tax returns up to date and pays all fines and assessments it may consider granting the Peter C Foy Foundation non-profit status once again. However, that status can't be granted retroactively so it's likely that any donations collected from 2001 thru 2005 are still non-deductible.

Now some of you who know non-profits have heard that one doesn't necessarily need to file EVERY year if total receipts are less than $25,000. This is often true but one must apply for that exemption only AFTER filing the first 3 years' worth of tax returns. I'm sure this is a common mistake that many non-profits make. Nevertheless, the result is the same: you lose your non-profit status.

Now, anyone who wants to can contact the Franchise Tax Board themselves and get this same information. I'm sure Mr Foy's handlers are working on it right now and anyone else wishing to inform themselves is advised to do the same. Don't take my word. And, of course, it would be foolish to take the word of any candidate until you've verified the information yourself. I'd hate to see anyone post on the blog or publish anything in the papers that is incorrect or misleading.

This whole non-profit thing sounds like more of a bureaucratic paperwork thing that some type of criminal activity as has been alleged by some around here. It's my impression that Mr. Foy and/or his charity organization was either was negligent or ignorant in getting the proper paperwork filed and kept up-to-date. But it seems that he is now cleaning up the problem so that should be the end of it. All these allegations of criminal activity are just a stupid waste of time and the only people getting worked up over it are Dantona's minions. Nobody else takes any of this very seriously.

I have worked in Ventura County many years on many different issues. Every time the League was involved they took a liberal slant to their potions, as a republican I have my own slant and realize that everyone approaches issues from their own biases. The League states that it is non-partisan but I have yet to see it take a conservative slant on any issue. Working with this group can be madding, the do not seem to come prepared to deal with the issue at hand, yet they have a stated position, it take several meetings to get them up to speed.

If anyone was around during the reapportionment hearings 2001 the Kerkoffs were rude and demeaning to the board when they did not get what they wanted so who in their right mind would want to have any interaction with them unless they support you. By Barbara Kirkoff?s comments she is supporting Dantona, so it was probably wise for Foy to decline the invitation by the League.

On another topic I heard that Dantona had a public forum about the Landfill. Does anybody know if this is true and if he did what happened? The Landfill and LA trash is probably the only issue that I am really concerned about in this race.

Madison, want to bet $100 that it doesn't matter who the group is Peter Foy won't debate? This whole "League of Women Voters is liberal" is a cover story for the fact that ot doesn't matter who the group is Peter Foy doesn't want to debate Jim Dantona.

Dear Mr. Invisible-

What you meant to say was:

"Ever notice how PETER FOY has NEVER been involved with the community - nonprofit organization boards, service groups, ANY thing?"

His only involvement is his homophobic attachment to the national Boys Scouts (a very worthy group by the way - just an unhealthy obsessive attachment) and his virtually non-existent, opportunistic suspended non-profit.

Dear Bubba -

Judy Mikels dug her own sorry grave. Dantona just helped announce her passing.

Those of us who had reason to deal with her face to face - and who are not her paid lackeys, consultants, or developers - have a very different perspective of her 12-year reign.

Even as she heads out of town (for good this time) she seeks her last bits of revenge on folks like those across from Tapo Canyon Park sticking it to us with RV camping.

Sorry - she has no sympathy from me.

Now Foy has embraced her? Foolish. Whatever credibility he had with many of Judy's victims (like me) went down the drain with that.

Hey Gary,

Seen today's Star? They pretty much let all the air out of you guy's slime balloon.

Foy's charity was never in trouble, the non-profit status was never in doubt, heck, the paper's even got representatives from all the gov't agencies saying there was never any real problem. Seems like you folks tried to drive a clerical problem into a major felony. Looks to me like you managed to shoot Dantona in the foot again.

And Barbra, next time save your money, or just give it to me, it'll have the same effect on the race.

If the STAR report is factual, yes! If its NOT, and its simply a reporter passing on her version of Mr Foy's version of the State's version, without actually confirming her final version with the appropriate State officials...then we have a major problem with the coverage of this issue and with the election process itself. If the Franchise Tax Board confirms the salient points of the STAR's report, I will be the first to apologize. If it contradicts that report then the STAR should apologize for misleading the Voters, in large type, on page 1.

Let's give it a couple of days, shall we?

Im new to blogging but have followed local politics for years and always like to do research on any politician before I endorse them. Would anyone that knows Peter C. Foy like to comment on why he does not reveal his affiliation and/or membership in the by invitation only secretive and heavily theocratic CNP (Council for National Policy). Perhaps it is because CNP instruct their members not to reveal membership, meeting content etc. Does he agree with the other current and former members such as Jack Abramoff, Gary Bauer, Tom DeLay ,James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Beverly & Tim LaHaye, Trent Lott, Oliver North, Ralph Reed, Pat Robertson, James Robinson, Phyllis Schlafly etc. etc. of the CNP? If not why not? What did Peter do to warrant an invitation in such a powerful group? Why doesnt he brag about such an accomplishment to the public?

Another secretive organization that Mr. Foy was or still is connected to is the Christian Coalition who instructs their leaders and members in the techniques of stealth candidates as well as covert campaigns. Sounds a bit like the last minute campaign by Peter Foy. Of course, the Christian Coalition instructs any candidate member never to reveal their affiliation with the organization and to keep a low profile by declining invitations to participate in candidate forums and debates. Hmmmsounds familiar.

Enough asking questions but one more questions about blogs. Why isnt there a requirement that all participants reveal their actual identities? I will, I am John Kerkhoff from Somis.

Let me just first say, to everyone who thinks it would be a good thing for Foy to debate Dantona, you are right.

I have seen Foy speak in public and it would be utter humilitation for Dantona. There is no possible way Dantona would be able to stand up to a man like Peter Foy.

If you also paid any attention to both sides of the race, you would know that Peter Foy is out everyday talking to people.

You attack a man that runs a successful business, saying that he cannot handle his financial affairs. Yet Dantona has been bankrupt twice. Im sorry but if I were to vote for someone, I would choose the man that has proven he can handle finances with great success.

Its sad that even in small political races there is so much reputation slandering. If Dantona had anything else to say besides nasty things about the other side, we would listen.

Everyone knows what you are trying to do Dantona, and guess what... no one cares. We all see right through the lies. Anyone who has ever met Foy knows that truth.

Are you mad because you know how far behind you are? What is it? You obviously know where you stand, but smart strategy tying to drag others into your lies. Well I know the people of Simi Valley and Moorpark and Somis are smart enough to see through it. Someone has to know you and your history just a little bit to see that all you are is a crook with a horrible past.

But hey good luck. Really you need it.

Voter 2,
It is obvious you are a coward since you won't list your name. Why not tell Jim Dantona in person could it be that you like all cowards hides behind a tree. You guys are really something ALL TALK NO GUTS. I think you should see a Doctor ASAP and ask him what happened to your BACKBONE.

Maybe Foy can speak without slobbering on himself. Maybe Dantona can do the same.

So, why not have them stand up and give unrehearsed responses before a neutral panel and voters to demonstrate:

1.) How much each of them understands about the way the County government works and its true relationship to its residents as well as the State and Federal governments?

2.) What actions each would take or advocate within for County government to solve the problems and address the issues that voters care about in the long term and for the common good?

3.) Which skills and resources that each of them bring to the business of County government and what effect they would have in bringing about positive results for the district and the County as a whole?

It seems to be to be a reasonable request of two men rumored to be up to the task. Whatever the eventual outcome, the voters of the district would be the real winners.

So, why not do it?

Voter, (not even going to respond to Voter2 that was just insane rambling)

Nobody is saying that Peter Foy is a moron. I'm sure he has to be an intelligent person to have gotten where he has gotten in life.

But there is a gigantic difference about knowing something about insurance and government. It's important to have someone who knows how dollars move through government and what levels of government interact with which other parts of government. That is where Peter Foy is void of knowledge. That is why he doesn't want to walk in to a public forum with Dantona. That is why his handlers have said don't participate. After the Star's offer for a forum though, Foy has no other option than to participate. So we will get our forum - unless he wants the wrath of the voters.

If we elect Peter Foy its going to take him 4 years just to understand who to talk to about getting freeways built, who to talk to about dollars for our firefighters and sheriffs and where to go to get dollars to reimburse our County. During that 4 years our portion of the County will fall way behind the rest.

If Dantona is elected the 1st day after he takes office, he is up and running and already working on representing and protecting the East County at all levels of government without ever having spent a day as an elected official before.

The value of the forum is that voters will see - as long as the forum is not some prepared speech fiasco - how much each candidate understands the issues of the East County and Ventura County as a whole.

Let's be honest if Foy thought for a second he would wipe the walls with Dantona in a forum he would have jumped at the chance. Foy and his people know that they would be rolling the dice big time, because Dantona is intelligent too, but Dantona knows the material.

Mr. Foy will participate in the forum - Mr. Dichara's, his campaign manager, comments sealed that fate. If Foy doesn't participate he won't even get the 38% he got the first time.

Sorry on my last post it was directed to Voter2, Voter was the insane rambling.

Peter Foy thinks that the Ventura County Medical Center is a drain on the County Budget. Ventura County is one of seven counties with a health care system/hospital. VCMC operates BETTER than most private hospitals and actually makes money for the County by providing excellent care and maximizing resources. Does Mr. Foy think that forcing indigent people to go to private hospitals will be good for our economy? Better ask Simi Valley Adventist, Los Robles, Community Memorial and all the others, first. Does he know that the County Health Care System has a partnership with UCLA that is incredible? More doctors, better doctors, top notch and current medical care? This is bad? Scares me that Foy wants to take away our hospital and clinic system so that he can give more money to the Sheriff's Department. Simi PD are you listening? What would you get out of this?

I read the article in the star on the whole Peter Foy charity. Once again it shows that the Dantona campaign is quick to attack, sling mud and twist the truth. The full-page attack ad is looking more and more like another cheap, unfounded smear job that has become typical for the Dantona campaign. And now that their allegations are on shaky ground Team Dantona member Gary Selvaggio responds to the Star investigation by saying we should wait a few days until we know all the facts. Funny, Gary didn't need any facts earlier when he accused Peter Foy of being a CRIMINAL, long before any objective review of the facts was done. What ever happened to the concept of innocent until proven guilty? Repeatedly making false charges on flimsy evidence is totally irresponsible and the reason why Dantona and his followers have lost their credibility with most voters.

Get it straight, BK! At no time did I accuse Mr Foy of being a criminal. I said that operating an illegal charity, if proven, is a criminal act. Talk about a credibility problem!!

Whoever thinks that Foy doesnt know who to talk to about the freeways and the firefigters and the policemen, you still have obviously done absolutely no research.

Start going to any political meetings and find out what's important to Foy.

Seriously if you know nothing except the crap you hear from Dantona's campaign, please stop blogging cuz its getting really annoying sifting through the lies.

Its called research people! Not hear-say!

Talk about hearsay, simply look at the comments Mr. Foy has had and it shows a clear lack of understanding of the issues. I have participated for nearly a year in the issues between all the candidates and very early on decided about the candidates, after meeting each and talking to each.

It's fine if you buy in to the thought that Foy understands the issues. It shows you haven't done your research, but then again few do before they vote.

If Foy had a clear understanding of all the issues involved with the County and he was the wonderful orator you claim he is, there'd be no reason not to debate. Clearly one of those is missing and the issues would be the most likely bet.

As I said earlier, you don't get far in the insurance industry not being able to speak publicly. He probably is a very good public speaker, but again he lacks the understanding of the issues, which in the end will hurt us the residents of Simi, Moorpark and Somis areas.

If you're supporting Foy that is your perogative, but I'd suggest you look a little closer at the candidate before you commit.

Amazingly, Gary now denies that he accused Foy of being a criminal. But a quick check of some of his more recents posts reveals the following quotes:

"Fact is, running an illicit charity scheme is a criminal offense, NOT a campaign issue. The campaign issue is Mr Foy's character and ability to manage the taxpayers' money."

"The Peter C Foy Foundation, which is STILL soliciting illicit donations today, claims to have raised over $20,000 for victims of Katrina. Mr Foy, where is that money?"

"On the other hand, a man that seems able to make plenty of money yet can't seem to pay off debts or file his foundation's taxes, then uses the success of a charity that was (until a few days ago, it seems) operating ILLEGALLY as the basis for his claim to be the best man to handle the County's finances."

So based on the flimsiest of evidence, which now seems to be nothing than a minor paperwork issue Gary accused Peter Foy of "running an illicit charity scheme", "criminal offense", "soliciting illicit donations", and running "a charity that was operating ILLEGALLY". But the Star has researched this issue as Team Dantona demanded and found that there was nothing improper or illegal about the operation of the charity.

I'm still waiting for Gary Selvaggio to retract his earlier statements and apologize for his false accusations against Peter Foy. And under the circumstances I also think that Dantona's supporters should run another full-page ad retracting their false charges. But I won't hold my breath.

You don't comprehend the written word very well, do you BK? Even in your own samplings I never once called Mr Foy a criminal. As for an apology, I'm waiting to hear from Schilling's office and a CPA that specializes in these laws. If the STAR really did do solid research and it jives with the above responses then I will apologize...but not for doing something I did not. Instead I'll apologize to Mr Foy for being wrong about believing this to be a bigger issue than it was. Can I be any fairer than that?






You guys are pathetic. Your initial charges came from "facts" that were published in a full-page political attack ad. Then you subsequently demanded that the Star investigate the charges. The Star does just that, but turns up only a minor paperwork issue and refutes most of the principle allegations made in the attack ad. Now you guys attack the Star and continue to make the same accusations even though it isn't supported by the evidence and has been refuted by the Star.

When you guys made these accusations I stated that I would believe it only if an independent organization, such as the Star, looked into the facts to see if there was substance the allegations. It amazes me that you guys continue to make false charges on flimsy or non-existant evidence and then ignore independent research that proves you guys are wrong. This only demonstrates that Dantona and his followers don't truly believe in the strength of their candidate or that they can win on the issues. Using fabricated charges to score cheap political points is a sign of desperation. In November you guys will get what you deserve.

Dear Bubba (AKA "Johnny One Note"):

How about getting a new song? We have been hearing this same melody since the days when you were prediciting a landslide for Mikels in the primary.

The only people around here that keep chanting the same melody are the Dantona cult members like yourself who keep desperately repeating the same lies like a broken record, as if that somehow makes it true. You guys are the ones who needs a new song. Your candidate is a sinking ship and flinging more mud isn't going to help.

The last line of the entry asked what Foy thinks about Tapo Canyon Park.

Notice that not one Foy backer knows? Too bad Foy hates democracy so much he won't debate where we could ask him the question.

If this is a concern to you then why don't you send him an email and ask him?

He reads this blog. His staff does also. Why do I need an off the record answer when he just could easily post here?

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