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John Flynn VS Steve Bennett

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John Flynn sent out an editorial to me and other local media. I don't live in John Flynn's or Steve Bennett's district so I don't know all the details but I figured I'd post it.

I ran into John Flynn last summer and he said that he reads my blog. I appreciate it Mr. Flynn.

> Dear Ed,
> It was so great to hear from you. I have always
> valued our friendship. You are such a good
> person.
> As you know, I think that I wrote you about it
> but I am no longer connected with the Matilija
> project. Steve Bennett became highly jealous of
> mine and the Coalition successes. And so after
> he was elected to the Supervisors he teamed up
> to run me off the project. It is his district
> but I think of it as a broad impact.
> Now he is trying to take money from Watershed
> Protection District Zone Two, the area drained
> by the Santa Clara River, and use it for the
> Matilija project, which is in Zone One.
> I am having a press conference this Monday at
> 11 AM I hope that you can attend if you are in
> the area. I will explain at the conference that
> taking the money was inappropriate and perhaps
> illegal. Believe it or not it was going to used
> to finance the El Rio sewer project. These are
> poor people who cannot afford the project out
> of their pocket. They just don’t have the
> money.
> Legally, I think the money must be returned to
> Zone Two. I want to expose the issue thus the
> news conference.
> I will also write a letter to the top
> commander of the Army Corps to advise him on
> what Bennett is doing. The Corps does not like
> controversy.
> The Matilija project is in trouble, mainly due
> to Bennett’s inadequate personality to
> teamwork. He makes all the decisions without
> consulting with the coalition.
> The people in the coalition are afraid to talk.
> Also, they avoid me like I’m radio active..
> If you need more information, please call me. I
> remain a supporter of the project but it is
> weakened because of Bennett inappropriate
> behavior. But I have to remember the project is
> more important than Bennett.
> I hate to bear this news to you but I thought
> perhaps you should know.
> Your friend,
> John


Republicans love when Democrats go after each other.

I'm not a big John Flynn fan, but compared to Steve Bennett I'll take Flynn. Steve Bennett has the biggest ego I have ever seen. I am a Republican who voted for Bennett but I assure you I would vote for anyone but Bennett now.
Flynn's right about Bennett's inability to listen or work with anyone. It's time to move him out.

John Flynn has no idea what he's talking about or doing. I don't like Steve Bennett, but on one hand he rips Bennett and on the other heaps praise on Foy. John, do you even know what state your in ?

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