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Landfill Task Force meeting #2

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More than a month ago I posted an agreement between the city of Simi Valley and Waste Management regarding several issues including support for proposed expansions.

You can view the documents here.

Simi Valley city council woman Barbra Williamson has put together, in an unofficial capacity, an oversight committee. The committee has been meeting frequently to discuss ongoing issues and to reach out to the media to cover the story.

The Acorn printed a front page article about the meeting that happened this week. Read it before you comment.

The Star also had an article today by reporter Anna Bakalis. If you have anything the public needs to know I vouch for her interest and integrity. Send her an e-mail. Here is her article.

The Daily News website now has a story about the meeting too. This Task Force is generating media coverage.

The focus of the meeting was on an agreement between the city and WM to support future proposed expansions. After looking at the documents and reading the articles this seems pretty startling. But I am still not sure if this is a regular practice with cities, what weight the agreement carries, and what the city's position on it is currently.

The Acorn article did not quote former Mayor Bill Davis, any current council members besides Barbra Williamson, or the city manager. I am looking forward to learning their opinions on this agreement. Is it as bad as it looks, or is it hype?

Leave a comments about the meeting if you were there or about The Acorn article.


The Agreement between Waste Mgt. and the City is neither bad or hype. It is a legal contract between two parties. The Agreement sets forth obligations on the part of those parties. Waste Mgt. is required to pay the City a fee for repairs to City streets caused by garbage trucks. The City is required to actively support Waste Mgt.'s future dump expansion applications until the year 2034. If it sounds weird, it is. While the payment for street repairs makes sense, what doesn't make sense is why the City would obligate itself for more than thirty years to support dump expansions that are not known, not defined, unknown in scope, unknown in purpose and unknown with respect to environmental and economic impacts on the local community. Weird? At best. Most likely, the City believed that it was binding itself for thirty years to support any necessary dump expansion to meet the garbage needs of the community. Unfortunately, the document requires it to support Waste Mgt. in its expansion plans to provide a repository for the garbage from Los Angeles County and beyond to the tune of 100,000,000 tons of garbage; an astronomical amount of garbage. The contract is beyond need for further explanation. What is needed is for the City Council to notify Waste Mgt. of its termination of the Agreement; a process that requires six months notification. If done now, the City will have time to review the expansion and oppose it for the benefit of the community. Otherwise, the City will either support the expansion as required or face a multi-million dollar lawsuit brought by Waste Mgt. in the event Waste is denied its expansion application and opposed by the City Council.

What will all the non profit organizations in Simi Valley do without all that (bribe) money WM contributes to grease the wheels?

Have no concern. Waste Mgt. will continue to be a "good corporate sponsor" of the City Manager's charities even if the City Council does what is right and opposes the expansion. Waste Mgt. is still going to be around for at least 20 more years. It just needs to scale way back in its dreams and build its mega dump in the Mohave and not in the middle of our fair town.

Surf's up, see you at the beach this weekend.

Louis touches on one issue that may prevent the city from explaining its position. To speak against the expansion could be seen as a violation of the city's agreement with WMI. Because WMI can readily quantify the amounts of revenues and profits expected from the proposed expansion the city could find itself threatened with a multi-billion dollar suit. The practical effect of the agreement then isn't so much that it gains the city's support but that it shuts up the city and prevents it from speaking for the best interests of the community. However, the city can terminate the contract upon 180 days notice. Since WMI has two decades left on its existing landfill permit there's plenty of time for the city to terminate the agreement and re-engage WMI in a more open discussion.

A great explanation from Louis J. Pandolfi but what is really needed is for all citizens to get involved and use their one true power, their "voice".
Let us definitely have concerns and voice them. Waste Management's intention is to build a mound of waste that uses up 371 acres of our lovely town and is 15 stories high and then take their billions of dollars they made and move somewhere else leaving Simi Valley. Waste Management is throwing out a few bones to mask what is really going on. Waste Management is hiding behind their gates and contracts not wanting the public to really become aware of some of their business practices. This is what Waste Management has been doing all along, trying to mask their intentions which are to make their profits and move out of town leaving us to deal with the future. In a time where money is tight I'm sure that a new park or a few repaired streets looks awfully nice to some individuals who are attempting to make their budgets work out but do we really want to leave to our children and the future citizens of Simi Valley a great big pile of trash 15 stories high and 371 acres for a few dollars?
Please come and join the concerned citizens of the Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task force at the next meeting on August 22, 2007 at the Simi Valley Library at 7PM.

Why not put an ordinance on the next ballot restricting to some reasonable degree the amount of outside Ventura County trash that gets buried in Simi Valley. Then we can all watch politicians try to avoid commenting on the ballot proposition.

it would win in a landslide and force elected officials to finally speak out or have their chances of getting elected to something ruined.

Think about it.

Our valley friends and neighbors may have won some small success after WMI announced its willingness to discuss the issues surrounding their expansion plans (THE ACORN) and also their intention to relieve the city of the virtual gag order placed upon it by its contract with WMI (THE STAR). These two positive movements should open up the matter of the expansion for a public discussion. Hopefully we'll see both things happen soon.

On my front page there is a link tot he latest articles on the subject by The Star and The Acorn.

I read both articles. In the Star it was stated that the expansion agreement between WMI and the City is being taken out of context. Waste Management indicated that they are drafting a letter to clarify the meaning of that language and to state that the City is under no obligation to blindly support any kind of landfill expansion.

I also have to say that I'm once again disappointed in the members of this task force. It has become apparent that this group contains members that are alarmists and determined to derail any expansion of the landfill, regardless of the facts. It is amazing how people like Gary and Louis freely throw out accusations of corruption, bribery, and conspiracies.

Just do the research and present the facts, what is so difficult about that? If there is concern about the agreement that was made between WMI and the City then take the time to get the facts and information from all parties before going to the press with your wild accusations. I don't have enough information yet to make up my mind on whether I will support or oppose the landfill expansion ,however I have no confidence that this task force is capable of presenting objective, factual information to the public. The panel seems to be loaded with individuals who are trying to frighten the public into supporting their pre-determined opposition to this project.

Shame on you.

Do you have any problem with the way Waste Management or the city has so far handled this expansion Bubba Kidd?

The documents have been up here for more than a month without them clarifying or sending a letter. Why did they wait so long and allow people to conjecture?

If you think they don't read this blog you are naive.

BK...Some of us are trying to open up the issue. You are trying to keep the lid on it. We have been requesting clarification about the contract from both the city and WMI so that the community can decide the matter. Obviously you've already decided to trust anything WMI says and deny anything we say, despite the fact that the clause in question does indeed commit the city to either support the expansion or keep quiet about it. So stop telling us you haven't made up your mind. By your own actions you already have!

Gary, I'm not the one being quoted in the paper trying to mislead and frighten the public. You volunteered for this task force, therefore you have an obligation to be truthful and objective. Thus far you have completely failed in both.

GS, Can you send me a copy of any letter to WM or the city where your task force asked for clarification? I will post it if you have it.

Bubba, why trust local residents when you can trust the Public Relations employee for Waste Management? I don't see any accusations to which you refer in the posting by Louis, above. It looks like a factual summary of the expansion. If you are referring to quotes in the newspaper, I believe he only referred to the many criminal convictions agaist Waste Management over the years that have been summarized by a District Attorney and the Ventura County Sheriff. Bubba, you like to tell others to stick to the facts. How about you now and then?

Let's get together at the beach one of these days. Surf's up.

I believe these and other documents will go up on a website ASAP. The site is already being built. However the contract and others issues have been raised long before the TF started having meetings and WMI was asked to make a presentation to the TF as early as their tour of the landfill. Until the recent articles appeared there have been no responses.

To be clear, if there was proof that there was a conspiracy between elected officials and WMI, or that there were bribes paid to influence the decision on expanding the landfill then I would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Louis, Gary, and even Jim Dantona to stop it. If there was real evidence of bumper-to-bumper garbage trucks and miles of toxic waste coming from outside the county then I would be on the front lines to prevent it from happening.

I care about this community as much as anyone here. So far I've heard a lot of speculation but haven't seen a lot of meaningful information to sway me one way or the other. Whether or not there is any truth to these types of fears has yet to be determined. But this proposed expansion has to be carefully and thoroughly vetted through a process designed to get to the facts. Not hype, not speculation, just facts. Sometimes it takes a while to get information, but it is more important to be deliberate and accurate than to rush to judgment. Let's give WMI an opportunity to respond and see what they have to say and take it from there.

I agree the landfill should have time to respond. I want to know as many of the facts now before they finish hosting fundraisers for all the pet projects for elected officials who then run on their success of raising money.

I want to know where potential candidates stand now when there is a chance to show leadership, not once elections are a few months away and everyone can see which way the wind is heading.

I find it fascinating that after a month of people trying to get to the bottom of what these documents mean not one of the three articles quote anyone from city hall except Barbra Williamson. They voted for it so I'd assume they knew what it was about. Did all three reporters not call for comment?

All I've asked for from day one is to get the expansion matter opened up for the community to have their say. I shouldn't be the one doing the fact-gathering and presenting the figures...that should have been done by WMI, the city and the county. Sure, I've made some judgements about the volume of traffic and the odd way the WMI-City deal was made but that's because no one in a position to know has been willing to speak up...until now. Maybe it's a coincidence but maybe its because tough questions are being asked and tough conclusions are being talked about that's gotten WMI to begin opening up the matter.

Don't forget...the very first fact that got tossed onto the trash pile is that everyone in-the-know denied an expansion was being planned.

I agree with F.A.C.T.S., let's hear from the other city council members. Are they not being asked by the reporter? Or are they just not available? Either way, the public needs to know.

Bubba aka Waste Management, Inc. doesn't want mention of Waste's criminal convictions over a twenty year period. They are perhaps not aware of the fact that California Courts have ruled that Waste's criminal history is indeed a matter of public record and a requirement of any consideration of landfill expansion or other landfill entitlements. Also, that Waste Management has a history of completing Environmental Impact Reports that intentionally omit key issues in violation of the California Environmental Quality Act. See California Court of Appeal (4th District) in Cadiz Inc. v. Waste Management, Inc. and Judge Knoek Owens' decision in Independent Waste Recovery Association in ruling that Waste's criminal history is required to be made a part of the public record and considered when permitting Waste to operate a dump or waste hauling operation.

These rulings had to be known by both County & City when they considered doing business with WM and though they shouldn't serve as reason to automatically ban doing business with the firm they should be reason enough for even the most expansion-minded to take a very close look at any contracts offered by that organization. All the more reason for the council to terminate its existing contract with WMI and openly negotiate a new one. Its the right thing to do.

It looks like Paul Miller just wiped the floor with Gary Selvaggio with a stinging rebuttal to Gary's little propaganda letter. I warned Barbra that loading her task force with a bunch of alarmists with an agenda was going to damage the credibility of her task force. These folks undermine the entire effort by making reckless, unproven allegations against our city officials. These wild conspiracy theories are embarassing and turn the entire process into a joke.

You can't say I didn't warn you.

I couldn't stop laughing when I read Miller's pathetic sniveling, whining little diatribe published in the Star. He screwed up, and now he's trying to justify his incompetence. A man of integrity and genuine concern for his community would own up to the mistake, and vow to take action to make it right. Instead he spends his time trying to discredit others, and he's not even good at it.

Mr. Miller, you arem't fit to hold public office. Do something honorable for a change and resign.

I also agree that Paul Miller's diatribe was over the top and didn't explain why he isn't answering to his constituency. I had read GS's earlier letter and thought it was pretty good. He has a right to expect answers. Mr. Miller attacked Barbra Williamson - not a good idea. She is the only council member who seems interested in taking care of the communinity. Now that Mr. Miller has gone on the attack, the silence of the rest of the council seems even more obvious.

As I read all of the comments, letters and blog posts I am seeing more and more actual facts about Waste Management and the negative impact they are having on our City.
The facts are that Waste Management does have considerably more than their share of Criminal Convictions. The facts are that several key City employees have become employees of Waste Management. These two facts alone are enough to alarm anyone and yes it is frightening.
I read the recent article in the Acorn and even though it appears to try and undermine the efforts of the relatively newly formed Task Force, the Mayor, at least to me seems to have his head in the preverbal sand and his comments have the reverse affect.
I respect the individual's right to have their opinion but as more and more "facts" come out it seem only prudent based on those facts that someone needs to question the practices of Waste Management. It appears to me that they have their own agenda which does not look good for the City of Simi Valley and it's future Citizens. When Waste Management is making Millions and paying high salaries to former City Employees so that they have "inside" contacts and information so that they can further their own agendas it does frighten me. I believe that they should not have that kind of power and they are scary.
But Bubba, I hope you keep posting your comments, they are fun and as more and more actual facts come out and we the public get more and more informed, more and more of your head seems to be stuck in that sand because these kinds of facts are very hard to ignore and they truly are frightening.

I've always considered Mayor Miller and his wife Connie my friends. Paul is clearly upset, based on the tone of his letter. But why? If you read the letter to which he responds, the word conspiracy can't be found. It doesn't exist. Where it did exist was in a newspaper article in which a reported quoted it as having been said at a Task Force meeting. It was said. But it wasn't used in the context of suggesting that either Mayor Miller, or any other member of the City Council, was involved. Why then did the Mayor react in this manner?

Mayor Miller is angry because Councilmember formed the Task Force. It's plain and simple. She is one tough woman and he can't deal with it. He never could. It is time Mayor Miller. Change your ways. She isn't going away. The Mayor was so complacent to business as usual that he couldn't react correctly to the magnitude of the dump expansion. He hasn't faced tough political issues and he apparently is unable to. This issue isn't about the Task Force and the City. It is about the dump and the impacts its expansion will have on our community. Throwing stones at the Task Force, at Councilmember Williamson, or at particular members, isn't going to make the problem go away. The City needs to get involved now. It needs to tell the County that a new EIR is required and it needs to tell Waste Mgt. that it will not support the dump expansion of this magnitude without review. Break the contract you have with Waste Mgt. in force until the year 2034. Show leadership Mr. Mayor. Don't whine like a baby. Do what you were elected to do. Be the man that we have always respected. Don't make us ashamed of you.

Warn you, Bubba, are you kidding? You are morning humor while on the pot. You are a paid hack who offers nothing to the enlightenment of the daily karma. A "warning" from you brings a mere and brief smile toeach blogger as he gets his daily fix. Oh Bubba, how sad to see one in need of help not receive his just benefit of being a member of a society that offers so many programs.

I've offered to meet you at the beach and catch a few. You haven't taken me up on it. That offer still stands. It will do you good to get out now and then. Even Dantona joined me on the boards two weeks ago for a few hours of fun. If he can do it, surely a person of your mental and physical abilities can as well.

See you at the surf, my troubled friend.

Selvagio didn't mention the word conspiracy in his letter-to-the-editor. Not once. He did raise it at a Task Force meeting though, and he should be respected for it. Chief of Staff for our then County Supervisor went to work for Waste Mgt. while our Supervisor was in negotiations with Waste Mge. Our ex-Mayor went to work for Waste Mgt. During this same period Waste Mgt. said it had no plans for expansion. Our new Supervisor confirmed this. The we saw the environmental documents made a part of the expansion application and they are dated two years ago. This has the basis of a conspiracy and Selvagio was right in raising the level of concern.

Selvagio has three times sent me drafts of an apology letter to the Mayor. My advice has been to not do so. That advice has come from others as well. It is the Mayor who has not responded professionally. Not Selvagio.

Selvagio and others on the Task Force are trying to understand the application and its associated environmental documents. The impacts of this expansion are enormous. The City has remained silent for too long. Decisions regarding environmental requirements are being made now, not in a year or so.

I thank Selvagio for dedicating himself to the betterment of his community. He thinks Mayor Miller is beyond reproach in terms of moral character. He shares my view that each and every member of our current City Council is of the highest moral character. We agree that our City Manager maintains the highest ethical standard. But this does not change our views about the significance of the dump expansion before us.

The Selvagios of this Country defend it, question it and make it the greatest nation of the world. Stick with us Selvagio and thank you.

This much is clear, the task force has certainly gotten the attention of our Mayor. I can't say which direction this will go but I will say that watching this whole drama play out will be most entertaining. It is one thing to flame people on this blog, but quite another to go public in the newpapers. The task force drew first blood and Miller came out swinging. I guess we'll all be playing hardball from here on out.

In response to Louis J. Pandolfi,

Louis states, "Selvagio didn't mention the word conspiracy in his letter-to-the-editor. Not once."

True. However article in the Acorn had the following: "The city seems to be involved in a conspiracy here," said Gary Selvaggio, one member of the task force.

So Gary did publically claim that the city is involved in a conspiracy. I think saying such a thing is reckless and irresponsible, especially since you have no evidence to back it up.

I don't think Mr. Miller should have come out swinging. My initial reaction was he "doth protest too much". At this point, I think it should become an agenda item and discussed publically. Pawning it off on neighborhood commissions isn't going to work.

Gee, I have an idea. Why don't we wait and give our City Manager Mike Sedell an opportunity to respond to the task force's request for him to speak on this issue at the next task force meeting. Why don't we give WMI and our City leadership an opportunity to address some of the concerns being raised by the task force. I have no problem with the task force raising concerns, but all parties involved need to be given the opporunity to respond before allegations of corruption and conspiracies are made in the local newpapers. If you want to go public and say that there are some concerns that need to be discussed or you need some clarification on the agreement between the City and WMI that is fine. But what I am reading in the papers is another thing entirely, which supports my belief that members of the task force have a different agenda.

Selvaggio and Pandolfi have gone public with reckless charges, attacking, without evidence, the ethics and integrity of our city officials. Paul Miller was right to rebuke this task force and its agenda. Consider the following misleading or inflammatory comments made by these two members of this task force and published in local newspapers:

"The city seems to be involved in a conspiracy here," - Gary Selvaggio

"The expansion would also call for doubling the trash intake to 6,000 tons per day and increase the height of the disposal mound to nearly 15 stories" - Louis Pandolfi

"the company and its employees have been involved in more than 200 criminal convictions, including bribery of government officials... has been connected to organized crime activity...They can't be trusted" - Louis Pandolfi.

"Is the plan to create a Simi Valley megadump a done deal?" - Gary Selvaggio

The citizens advisory committee...now has copies of those plans, along with some of the insider deals that were made to advance them. One of the most damning documents was slipped quietly between the cracks over at City Hall." - Gary Selvaggio

"...the issue raised by the city's stealth contract with Waste Management is one that directly affects our community's trust in its elected officials and the staff appointed to manage our community." - Gary Selvaggio

Bubba Kidd, are any of these statements falsehoods?


I've spoken with GS many times about the expansion and
he was referring to the appearance of a deliberate
attempt to avoid discussion of the issue. He was not
referring to any scheme by the City Council to support the
expansion. If any conspiracy exists, it's a conspiracy of silence, not of coordinated and deliberate action on behalf of the City Council or otherwise to support the expansion.

Your intensions have been clear from the beginning - a healthy community and transparency in government. Nothing wrong with that.

Miller made a mistake by having a public hissy fit. And publically attacking one of his fellow city councilmen in the fashion that he did was awful. It made him look defensive, rather than caring about the concerns of his fellow citizens in Simi. He would have been better off not saying anything.

Bubb, I read my quotes you cited above. Which one of them mentioned or impuned "the ethics and integrity of our city officials"? Or were you just faking, as always, my friend Bubb. Do you really believe Waste's application doesn't raise the height and volume of garbage by the amounts I stated? Do you really believe Waste hasn't been comvicted of the number of crimes I have cited? Come on Bubb, just stick to the facts. Just two these few questions Bubb. How about removing your mask Bubb? Would that be more fun?

Luv ya Bubb. Later Kidd.

Even the Acorn has called this task force's motives into question. In a couple more months they'll have the credibility of MUFON.

Dantona hasn't been quoted much at these task force meetings. He must not really care about the landfill expansion.

Yes Witch, that makes a man at the Acorn, Miller, Bubba and you. Boy, the negatives sure are spreading like wildfire. Just about everyone in town wants to have the third largest dump in five Counties in their one backyard. Even sounds good to me. Then again, nope, it doesn't after all.

Surf's up Witch. Hope to see ya.

Katie, some of the quotes I listed come from the articles in the Acorn and VC Star which you can find with the above links. Other quotes come from the recent letters to the editor in the Star from written by Gary Selvaggio and Louis Pandolfi.

I find it interesting that Louis questions which quotes I listed inpune the ethics and integrity of our city officials. How about these:

"The city seems to be involved in a conspiracy here," - Gary Selvaggio

"Is the plan to create a Simi Valley megadump a done deal?" - Gary Selvaggio

The citizens advisory committee...now has copies of those plans, along with some of the insider deals that were made to advance them. One of the most damning documents was slipped quietly between the cracks over at City Hall." - Gary Selvaggio

"...the issue raised by the city's stealth contract with Waste Management is one that directly affects our community's trust in its elected officials and the staff appointed to manage our community." - Gary Selvaggio

What we have here are allegations of a "conspiracy", "insider deals", documents "slipped quietly between the cracks over at City Hall", a "stealth contract", and questions about "our community's trust in its elected officials and the staff appointed to manage our community."

Gary clearly made a cheap attack against our city officials and staff, claiming that they are involved in some sort of backroom deals and conspiracy with WMI. Those charges are not only without basis but totally reckless and irresponsible. You better have some real evidence before you accuse our city leaders, which includes our Mayor and former police chief, of being corrupt, because that is exactly what Gary and this task force did with these outrageous allegations.

Wow, great comments by everyone and I'm really enjoying them and getting more and more facts. I guess it takes a brick wall to fall on some people before they start coming around. The mere mention of some of the already posted facts are enough to get me to choose correctly and to seriously question Waste Management, the
evidence is clearly here. Perhaps Bubba who clearly seems to have some knowledge of Waste Managements intentions can answer some of the questions that have already been asked.
I do not believe that the "Task Force's" intention was to insult or personally attack any individual but to pose serious questions to Waste Management and the City of Simi Valley that question the direction that Waste Management intends on taking our beautiful city.
If those who favor Waste Management want to take "off the gloves" so to speak and start personally attacking individuals so as to attempt to stop the public from asking questions that are legitimate, than I would have to think that the folks on the Task Force can take the heat.
Furthermore, in reading some of the reactions from the "folks" who seem to be against the public's right to question Waste Managements intentions, to me anyway, their comments seem to be having the opposite effect so as to help prove the case of the "Task Force" and help support the questions that need to be answered. It seems funny to me that no one has ever attempted to answer some of the hard questions that the public has raised regarding Criminal Convictions, the hiring of former city employees at high paying salaries, the purposed landfill expansion, why citizens like myself are paying to recycle green waste and yet Waste Management dumps that green waste over the regular trash (I have been to the landfill and seen it with my own eyes), why 120 other cities including foreign countries are dumping their waste into the Simi Valley Landfill, why Simi Valley pays more per ton as the host city than some of the other cities who dump their trash into Simi Valley and other serious questions like these. Serious questions deserve serious answers and not personal attacks and as part of the public and a citizen of Simi Valley I for one have heard enough to make my decision and choose to ask these serious questions before that old proverbial brick wall falls on me and the permanent damage is done.
I can only state that there is currently enough information out there to make me question Waste Management and their current and future intentions and if their goals are in the best interests of Simi Valley. As I see it, they are simply out to make their money and than move on to the next site. My family has to live here every day, and I would certainly prefer to have a view of an open valley with animals and trees than that of a view of a 15 story high mound of trash that smells and has gasses that have to be vented out of the ground.

Thanks for clarifying that Bubb. I see you don't have any quotes from me that fit your bill. My quotes are all factual, so don't lump me in with someone else, unless you are a fraud and I know you are not, my friend. If I had wanted to accuse the City Council, I would have. I did not, however. In fact, there are few individuals that I think higher of than Paul Miller. I've always considered him a friend and I would never condone anyone in my presence saying anything against him. I think the other Councilmembers are also of the highest character. That certainly includes Councilmember Williamson. None of this though changes my position on the landfill expansion based on the facts now available. As facts change, so may my opinion.

So Bubb, it is fun to hear you attempt to put words in my mouth, but facts will serve your cause much better. Otherwise, you come across as a nut, and I know you are not.

Surfs up, my friend, so until another day . . .

Look, enought is enough.....
I blew it, and if I were in Mayor Miller's shoes, I would be just as mad, if not madder.
There is only one purpose for the Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force, and that
purpose is to review the facts on the proposed expansion and make recommendations
back to the City Council and the Ventura County Board of Supervisors no more and no less.
This is not a witch hunt, and we certainly did not mean to impune the integrity of
Mayor Miller, Mayor ProTem Sojka, Councilmember Becerra, Councilmember Foster,
City Manager Mike Sedell or City Attorney David Hirsch by implying that they were or are
part of a conspiracy.
As Chair of the Task Force I take full responsibility of any and all actions of the Task Force
and its members.
I hope we can put this last week behind us, learn from our mistakes, and work together
for the betterment of our community.

For the record, I agree with Louis that he has not said anything disparaging about the Mayor or City Coucil members. To be fair I should make a distinction between his comments and those made by Gary. While Louis strikes me as somewhat biased against the landfill project I will say that his statements have been factual. A more accurate statement would be that he seems to mix facts with his opinions, but I guess that's OK. He is clearly passionate about this issue and I can respect that.

Thanks Barbra for once again being a straight shooter. I'm glad to see that you are willing to set the record straight and mend fences. I still believe that your task force can serve a valuable purpose as long as cooler heads prevail and everyone sticks to the facts. It is my hope that we can all learn from this and move forward in a more productive manner that will give our community confidence in the recommendations of your task force.

As far as I'm concerned this issue concerning the recent articles and letters to the editor is closed.

Thanks Bubba.
I think we all want the same thing..to go forward, get the facts, and be civil to one another in the process.

Thanks Bubba Kidd
I think we all want the same thing..to go forward, get the facts, and be civil to one another in the process.

Your comments are appreciated Bub. Thank you for the assessment. I do agree with you in more ways than not. Shocking but true, my guess is I will probably end up supporting the expansion, but not without adequate conditions like we find imposed on so many landfills across the Country; conditions that control what goes in, from where it comes, at what tipping fees, to what jurisdictions and at what cost to the host City. We are all in this game together. We all either win, or we lose. No one will be impacted too much worse than the next fellow or gal. Waste Management, on the other hand, only serves to profit. The question remains how great will the profit be, and to what expense of the community. As a Task Force, our job is just beginning. As members of our community, we all have many decades already invested. A financial and emotional investment that we are unwilling to compromise. Thank you again Bub for the final remarks. I hope to meet you one day.

Barbra Williamson is a class act. She deserved to be treated better by Mayor Miller. It's time to come together. Waste Mgt's expansion application is too big an issue to get lost in name calling. Join Moondoggie and attend the next City Council meeting on the 13th. This town will become one, once again. This City Council will become five leaders working together, once again. Let's surf on down and join forces. Together, we can meet the biggest wave head on.

Surf's up my friends. See you there. You too Bubba.

Barbra, you don't need to apologize. Your intention was to start dialogue on an issue critical to your constituents in Simi Valley, and indeed, in this county.

Miller is the one who has chosen to make this a "political" issue, with his nasty, disrespectful attempt to frame legitimate questions and concerns from the community about the expansion, as nothing more than political maneuvering.

Shame on you, Mr. Miller. As an elected representative of the community, you should be open to all inquiries. You should be willing to discuss this and other issues with an open mind.

Laura, where have you been? Well said, my friend. Barbra apologized because, like you my dear, she is a class act, not because she did anything wrong. Someone said, "walk softly, but carry a big stick". Barbra got the intended community interest, now it is time for some honey. Mayor Miller could learn a thing or two about political maturity and statesmanship.

See you at the pier my surfside friend.


On July 29, 2007 you posted the following, “..So far I've heard a lot of speculation but haven't seen a lot of meaningful information to sway me one way or the other. Whether or not there is any truth to these types of fears has yet to be determined. But this proposed expansion has to be carefully and thoroughly vetted through a process designed to get to the facts. Not hype, not speculation, just facts..�

Well Bubba, as someone who claims to care as much about Simi Valley as anyone, tell me how would you answer the following questions triggered by five essential facts surrounding Waste Management’s Mega-Dump Expansion Plan?? And, oh by the way, Bubba, keep your answers factual please, no hype, nor speculation.

Fact No. 1: In July of 2006, the County’s Environmental and Energy Resources Division in the Public Works Agency, which administers the Simi Valley Landfill Operating Agreement, on behalf of the County reported that, “Ventura County currently possesses approximately 20-22 years of existing landfill capacity, 5-7 more years than the California Integrated Waste Management Board requires prior to necessitating actions to demonstrate further disposal capacity�. Given this factual statement by EERD, the County agency responsible for the Simi Valley Landfill Operating Agreement, WHY THE RUSH TO APPROVE THE EXPANSION OF THE SIMI VALLEY LANDFILL NOW?

Fact No. 2: On April 11, 2007 Waste Management submitted an application to the County of Ventura Planning Division calling for increasing the height of their existing disposal mound to +/-1,270 feet, increasing the size of the disposal footprint area to 371 acres, DOUBLING the existing daily permitted maximum of 3,000 tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to 6,000 tons per day, and MORE THAN TRIPLING the existing remaining disposal capacity of 29.6 Million to nearly 100 Million tons. By way of comparison, as of January 1, 2007, the total amount of remaining permitted disposal capacity present in ALL of the landfills located in Los Angeles County was 89 Million tons. A disposal capacity figure 10 MILLION TONS LESS than the increased disposal capacity that Waste Management proposes for the Simi Valley Landfill. GIVEN THESE FACTS, WHO BENEFITS MORE IF THE SIMI VALLEY LANDFILL IS EXPANDED? COMMUNITIES IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY OR VENTURA COUNTY?

Fact No. 3: Today, about a third of the 2,700 tons per day of garbage passing through the gate at the Simi Valley Landfill comes from more than 100 communities OUTSIDE of Ventura County. And, that number is GROWING. Yet there is no existing restriction on waste tonnage imports at the Simi Valley Landfill to preserve local disposal capacity needs as there is at the Toland Road Landfill, the only other landfill in Ventura County. IS IT FAIR FOR THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS TO RESTRICT OUT-OF-COUNTY WASTE FROM BEING DISPOSED AT THE TOLAND LANDFILL, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, IMPOSE NO SUCH WASTE IMPORT RESTRICTIONS AT THE SIMI VALLEY LANDFILL?

Fact No. 4: During the twelve month reporting period ending June 30, 2006 Waste Management reported to the County that more than 150,000 vehicles crossed the scales at the Simi Valley Landfill. In April of 2007, Waste Management filed a permit application for the proposed landfill expansion that projected up to a 57% increase in daily vehicle round-trips if their proposed landfill expansion plans are approved. ARE YOU READY TO LIVE WITH THE IMPACTS ON THE CONGESTED 23 AND 118 FREEWAYS, AS WELL AS LOCAL STREETS AND HIGHWAYS IN SIMI VALLEY, IF AN ADDITIONAL 96,000 VEHICLES ROUND-TRIPS PER YEAR RESULT FROM WASTE’S PROPOSED EXPANSION PLANS?

Fact No. 5: As of January 1, 2007, the posted tipping fee at the Simi Valley Landfill was $45.00 per ton. Garbage generated from Moorpark, Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley, the communities closest to the Simi Valley landfill pay full freight. Yet in August of 2006, Waste Management provided a DISCOUNTED RATE of $22.75 per ton for garbage brought to the landfill by the City of Oxnard. IS IT FAIR FOR WASTE TO GIVE TIPPING FEE DISCOUNTS TO COMMUNITIES LOCATED FAR FROM THE SIMI VALLEY LANDFILL YET REQUIRE COMMUNITIES CLOSEST TO THE DUMP TO PAY FULL-FREIGHT?

Bubba, you’ve been quick to criticize Task Force members and others who express their legitimate concerns with Waste Management’s plans to create a Mega-Dump serving the entire Southern California Region in Simi Valley. Now, let’s see if and how you choose to answer five critical questions, all of which have been triggered by information contained in public documents surrounding Waste Management’s proposed mega-dump expansion project.

Before you succumb to your visceral urge to criticize those who dare question Waste Management, your favorite mega-corporation, perhaps you should remember Cassius’ admonition to Brutus in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “..The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars, but in ourselves..� Bubba, the stars and I are patiently waiting for your answers to five questions of great import to the quality of life in Simi Valley.

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