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September 2007 Archives

Campaign finance laws

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The Star had two stories on campaign finances laws this week.

The first story was about a Business pack that supported Judy Mikels gettting fined. They were represented in court by Jeff Gorell (R), former candidate for state assembly.

The second story was about The Ventura County Republican Central Committee. They were brought up on accusations that they used a loophole to raise money, but they were cleared in the end. Now, they want the commission to pay their attorney's fees.

Since they were cleared should the taxpayers pay for their attorney's fees?

WalMart plans

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Earlier today I found these WalMart in Ventura plans in my inbox with the following introduction:

As you will see, Wal-Mart is proposing a 3 story 151,000 Square Foot project, including a 714 space parking structure.

This doesn't conform with the Victoria corridor plan which is designed to NOT ALLOW Big-Box development in the already over-congested corridor. Our elected leaders are dragging their feet when it comes to enacting any legislation that would prohibit such a use. They have allowed the interim ordinance to expire with nothing in it's place. As a result, Wal-Mart has an opening being provided to them by the City Council which CLAIMS they oppose such a project.

Here is the problem… Wal-Mart is attempting to fix the game by pitting Oxnard against Ventura and force either now, or in the future a Super center. They are doing this by quietly having private discussions with City leaders including the City Manager and several City Council members. During the same period of time the City Council has refused to pass into law anything that would prevent such a monstrosity project from going in. It isn't that hard to connect the dots.

Ventura is getting sold down the river.

And here is the photo:


Democratic heavyweights lining up behind Dantona

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I received a copy of an invitation to an upscale campaign kickoff fundraiser for Jim Dantona next month, where the minimum donation is $250. It looks like plenty of high profile leaders are signing up to support him.

The leaders include powerful Democratic power brokers including Past, present, and maybe future Senate Pro Tems supporting him. Add to that a little Kennedy magic and it looks like this race could turn serious real quick.

The idea that Tony Strickland would win in a walk is in danger although he still has a money advantage and he has also locked up his party's support. The state Democratic Party might be really looking to invest in Ventura County.

Click on continue reading to see the host committee and other details.

His campaign website is up. Click here to see it.

UPDATE: Several of you have crossed the boundaries into the sort of dirty political attacks that turn people off from politics. You might achieve temporary power but it is at the expense of the health of you republic and system of government. In addition, when you post comments about people's personal lives you open yourself up to legal consequences. Do you guys tell your kids, co-workers, and friends about the venomous material you leave for others to read? You should be ashamed of yourself and likely already are.

Some comments, especially from anonymous posters, were down right creepy. Keep it up, and you will be revealed.

If you want a blog where you can engage in that type of trash feel free to start your own. Blogspot.com allows you to open up your own blog in minutes. But don't bring your filth here.

I do feel bad that the side effect chills speech and shuts down a conversation that may or may not have been helpful about the endorsement process, the role of primaries, fund raising practices, the inner workings of central committees, and other important topics.

If that is what you were talking about I apologize and my comments are not aimed at you.

I am not going to read through 200 comments to filter out the worst of them.



Landfill Update

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The Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force started in an unofficial capacity by Barbra Williamson has released the results of their recent poll. I do not know the methodology but I am sure task force members will fill us in.

You can click on the download link to see it.
Download file

How did the meeting go tonight? Any news to fill us in on? What papers sent reporters?

I spoke to Brian Mack earlier and he was expecting to attend and blog about the meeting. You can read his WatchDog Blog by clicking here.

The landfill also resubmitted its application. Click on continue reading to see their press release.

Anti-Walmart group meeting.

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An anti-Walmart group is meeting in Ventura. Click on continue reading for time and place.
Send some photos of how it goes to post here. A youtube video could be great also.

YPD create a new website

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The Young Progressive Democrats of Ventura County have a new website up and running.

What are the current projects you guys are working on?

Is there any such group for young Republicans to join?

Unions using youtube

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ML Peterson sent in this youtube video for local college teachers' union AFT.

ML, any word on how they expect the average voter to see it? Will there be a news release or will it be on cable?

If your interest group has a video send it in.

Plug your blog...

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Hey, This whole blogging thing isn't about me.

If you write your own blog leave links to it. I don't mind. I support bloggers, even those I don't agree with.

What other local blogs do you guys read?

I sometimes check in on the following blogs:
Brian Mack's WatchDog Blog
Kevin D. Korenthal's Socalpundit
Steve Frank's Capoliticalnews
The Ojai Post
Conejo Valley Democrat
Daniel Goldberg's California State of Mind
Flap's Giuliani themed site " Flap's Blog"

If there are some you like that I a missing please add them.

VCRCC shake ups

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I have heard from a variety of sources that there have been resignations over at The Ventura County Republican Central Committee. Of course this happens from time to time for a variety of reasons but does anyone have more information about any new direction the party is planning?

Last time there was a major shake up it lead to a new direction in fund raising and getting involved more heavily in non-partisan races to create a bench for future elections.

Here is a list of committee members from their website.

Also, the Republicans have opened a new HQ in Westlake in plenty of time for the '08 elections recently and I didn't post it. Here is their contact information:

Ventura County Republican Party
2219 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite 103
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Phone: (805) 557-1240
FAX: (805) 557-1241
Email: info@vcrcc.org

Letters from afar part 2- A thank you...

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At the start of September I received an e-mail from Bob Folger of Taylor, PA. Bob had been a part of the debate about a Waste Management expansion debate in his hometown and wanted to communicate his experiences.

You can read about it by clicking here.

Well, since then Bob has reported people have been contacting him from around the country. He wanted to say thank you to me and to my readers for helping to get his story out.

You can click on continue reading to see his latest letter.

I want to be clear I have not investigated his claims and I do not have the resources to do so. You should always verify information like this for yourself by learning from a variety of sources.

Bob, thanks for writing and thanks for your kind words.

Presidential candidate to appear locally.

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Which candidate is coming through Ventura County this weekend?

Before you click on continue reading take a guess.

Landfill Task Force Letter

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The Simi Valley Landfill expansion task force created by Barbra Williamson has crafted a new proposal that seems to have broad based support.

Click on continue reading to read the letter to the mayor and comments about it by task force members.

Iraq and Eisenhower

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I don't need to agree with a political point of view to admit it is really clever. If you saw last week's moveon.org ad that was critical of General Petraeus for his perceived lack of independence from the White House and methodology ( According to this washingtonpost.com article if someone is shot in the front of the head it is sectarian if it is in the back it doesn't count...) you will appreciate this ad from conservative blog redstate.com .

If you want to see the conservative version of dailykos.com go visit them at redstate.com.

On a side note in conversations and media reports in the last week it looks like John McCain is bouncing back. Many conservatives are now saying although he isn't their favorite they would be comfortable with him in the White House. What do you guys think? Is McCain poised to use his hard earned credibility on security issues to get back on top?

A Conejo Democrat makes a new blog

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A Conejo Democrat, Mark Gage, has started a new blog. Click here to check it out. You can see upcoming events including an event with Henry Waxman, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chair. Maybe someone could ask him for me about the the status of legislation regarding ear mark reforms.

Good Luck with the new blog. Every time you folks or a supporter comments on something here make sure to leave a link back to it.

Ventura City Elections + Mr. Williams

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Frequent blogger/city council candidate/school board candidate Carroll Williams has a bunch to say. This entry is for him to say it.

CAPC and The Ventura County Star to host Ventura City council debates

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Here is a press release from CAPC ( California Association of Political Centrists) about their upcoming debates for the 2007 Ventura City elections.

You can submit questions for the debate directly to them or you can post them here.

Also, check out CAPC's new website.
Thanks for the link CAPC!

Press Release – For Immediate Release
September 05, 2007

Ventura County, CA - The California Association of Political Centrists (CAPC) is very pleased to announce a Ventura City Council Candidates Forum on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 at 7:00 pm at the Ventura College’s Guthrie Hall. The forum will be co-sponsored by CAPC, the Ventura County Star daily newspaper and Ventura College. Joe Howry, Editor, of the Ventura County Star newspaper will serve as moderator. The Ventura Chamber of Commerce PAC has accepted the invitation to serve as a participating organization for the event.

All Ventura City Council candidates are invited to participate and the forum is open to the public. Leslie Cornejo, Chairman of CAPC, believes that “the forum will provide a public service to educate and familiarize the voters with the Ventura City Council race in a fair and open exchange. It is of utmost importance that the public pro-actively participate in the election in order to elect the candidates that will best serve the interests of their city.? The forum moderator, Joe Howry will be working with the co-sponsors and participating organizations to develop a series of questions for candidates to answer. Suggestions for questions are welcome and can be sent to info@PoliticalCentrists.com.

There will be time allowed after the forum for the public to meet individually with the candidates.

The California Association of Political Centrists (CAPC) is a non-partisan political association that supports candidates and governmental reforms that promote the common good and provide the best solutions to the myriad of difficult issues facing Californians. CAPC supports transparency and civility in government and the elective process.

For more information contact: Katie Teague


Rudy Guiliani takes a brave stand

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Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani has taken a brave stand arguing that illegal immigration is not a crime.

Here is the interview from Glenn Beck from CNN.

What do you think? Is Mayor Giuliani wrong? Will this support cost him votes in the Republican party?

Larry Craig + the constitution

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I haven't posted anything about Larry Craig because I didn't have much to add that hasn't already been said. I think he is being pushed to resign so that the Republican governor of Idaho can appoint a new Republican so that the new guy can run as an incumbent in an effort to hold the seat in the next election.

I came to this conclusion after watching the reaction to the senator from Louisiana who has been caught up the DC madame case when it was discovered that his phone number was in her client list.

If he resigns the Democratic governor would be able to appoint a new Democratic senator. If the governor was a Republican, or if his seat was endangered I am pretty sure the Republican Party would be pushing him to resign too.

Both of them basically admitted to a crime involving sex. Both of them are senators. One of them is given a pass and the other is pushed to resign by pretty much the whole Republican Party.

But that's politics.

Anyways, I have heard a new unique argument. Larry Craig as a member of the senate should never of been put in this situation in the first place. Check out this article and let me know what you think.

Brian Mack launches his blog.

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There is a new blog in East Ventura County called the Watch Dog Blog run by Brian Mack. Here is his new intro video.


And here is his latest VLOG ( or video blog)

What should Brian Mack devote his energies to uncovering more about? Waste Management? The Rocketdyne/SSFL clean up? Local school Board and City Council elections? Make some suggestions for him. If there is something you think I don't cover enough post it to give Brian Mack ideas.

Brian, Good Luck with the new blog.

If anyone else starts a new blog and wants a plug let me know. Regardless if I agree with the idealogical bent, the more people writing and discussing our county the better.

I started this blog because of the lack of in depth political coverage in local papers and I am glad to watch our online community grow. I learn so much from the people that post here and I appreciate my readers and posters.

By the way, we are coming up on 15,000 comments soon. The lucky winner will have their comment on the front page. Maybe I will buy you a slurpee too.

Barack Obama coming to Santa Barbara

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The Young Progressive Democrats are gathering people up to see Barack Obama this Saturday in Santa Barbra.

Who's in? Maybe all the anti-Hillary Republicans could help out by supporting Barack Obama?

For details click on continue reading.

Letters from afar...

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I received an e-mail from a reader that found me through google. He sent me a letter to post to the community of Simi Valley.

I can't verify the facts in his letter but feel free to read it and then ask him questions. His opinions and experiences are his own. I am not in any way vouching for them and I would implore readers to investigate for themselves all charges and arguments both for and against the landfill, Waste Management International, and the different groups involved.

The part of the letter I find most interesting is the threats he faced for supporting the expansion of his local landfill.

For some balance here is a website about the landfill the letter discusses with information about various awards they have won.

Here is his unedited letter:


I recently came across your blog about WM.

To give you a quick background. I moved to
Taylor, PA roughly four years
ago near a landfill called Alliance Landfill. I
was probably only in my
home for two days or so when I noticed a few
structural problems with the
home. I asked a neighbor if they were having the
same problems they stated
"Yes" and that the problems were related to the
landfill less than 3/4 of a
mile up the road. Later that night a knock came
to the door and it was a
group of neighbors asking me to sign papers to
join a litigation that they
had started against Alliance Landfill. These
neighbors stated they had the
same problems with their homes, birds from the
landfill were attacking them,
smells from the landfill no longer enabled them
to use their yards, ect.
Not being a person who jumps right on the
bandwagon, I decide to first have
an engineer look at my home, then call the
landfill and take a tour. An
engineer looked at my home stated my problems
were due to it being built on
a old mine, Taylor is an old coal mining town;
the problems were not related
to the landfill.

To read the rest click on continue reading.

Open Thread

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Hey, I know some Republicans out there don't want Jim Dantona to earn the biggest blog entry ever on my website so I offer you a gift. Here is an open thread. Post away. Talk about whatever Republicans chat about. Taxes? FDR? Lawn Care? Golf? The trouble with government run dog parks? Whatever it is post away.

RePorkcard for Gallegly

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The conservative Republican website Flash report has rated members of the California delegation on their record of standing up to pork barrel spending.

Elton Gallegly scores a 26% which is pretty startling coming from a Republican group. Of course, according to their ratings most Democrats are around 1-2 % and only a few Republicans have a better rating.

Click here to read the report and see the ratings system they were using.

Brian Dennert here

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Follow me on Twitter Twitter.com/dennert The Facebook page for this blog is facebook.com/briandennerthere You do not need to register to comment but keep it classy. Report abusive language to me at my email address.

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