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April 2008 Archives

The Acorn prints Hannah Beth Jackson's take on the budget

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The Acorn printed an editorial column on Friday by Hannah Beth Jackson. It looks like Democrats finally have someone that is really looking to organize a great campaign. I expect this will be the most intensive local campaign of the 2008 election cycle.

Taking advantage of free earned media is a sign of a serious campaign. I don't care how many Democratic clubs in Ventura County a candidate appears at if they aren't in the local papers most people won't know about their campaign. Letters to the editor in the last few weeks don't count either unless it is a part of a sustained campaign.

Anyways, read her editorial and then leave your thoughts.

Comments are working but it requires at this time that I log in and approve them.

Cook off w/ Tenenbaum!

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( Rep. Elton Gallegly on the surge of troops in Iraq).

The Thousand Oaks Chili Cook Off was today and Michael Tenenbaum was there in his booth.

He is doing a lot of small time events in his campaign against Rep. Elton Gallegly.

Most people agree that Tenenbaum stands a very small chance of winning this campaign. So what keeps him going?

I have met him and he is a down to earth, highly intelligent, rational man.

Why would he put himself through this campaign knowing the chances of a victory seem very remote at this time?

I think he is running to up his name ID for when Gallegly does retire.

What other politicians have you seen making the rounds?

Mary Pallant and the antiwar movement ( CA 24 Currently Gallegly)

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The antiwar movement in America isn't currently very well organized. But some of the groups or individuals that are organized have been announcing their support for Mary Pallant.

Click here
to read the latest individual that has announced their support for Mary Pallant.

Click on continue reading to get the details of her latest fundraiser, this time with Norman Solomon.


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The Star said they are working on fixing the problem with the comments but until then when you leave a comment I have to log in and approve it.

Thanks for your patience.


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Ballot Designations

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In the upcoming primary Tony Strickland will be listed as an "Alternative Energy Executive".

A staff member from Hannah Beth Jackson's campaign has responded with a post at a statewide blog.

I thought this could be a fun game. Start thinking of creative ballot designations for local politicians. You could go negative but I suggest you keep them classy. Let me start:

Simi Valley Mayor Paul Miller: Stunt Man for Chuck Norris
Think about it. Ever see them together? Feel free to send me a photoshop of Paul Miller in a Chuck Norris picture.

The comments system is still holding every comment until I approve it. If your comment doesn't appear by the end of the day please send me an e-mail. The Star said they are working on a solution.

Caucus report from Sandy Emberland

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One of the two Ventura County CA 24 Caucus selected delegates wrote a report about their experience and what it takes to become a delegate to the national convention. Click on continue reading to see her report.

Sandy, what must Barack Obama do to convince the remaining superdelegates that taking it to the convention is bad news for the party? Have you tried to contact Lois Capps to get her to endorse Barack Obama?

Thanks for writing your report.


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In the campaign to win the nomination for CA State Assembly District 37 ( Currently Republican Audra Strickland ) the contest is between Ferial Masry and David Hare. At first I thought Name ID from past elections ( Ferial Masry ran against Audra Strickland in 2004 and 2006) would be enough to carry Ferial Masry to victory but with the recent campaigning by David Hare I am not so sure.

I don't see a serious plan yet by David Hare to defeat Audra Strickland but I look forward to watching his campaign share more about his goals and values.

I think Ferial Masry has been great for American democracy. I do know that her chances of defeating Audra Strickland are very small but I support her because of stories like this and this that show our values to a worldwide audience. She has worked on projects for Karen Hughes and Condi Rice to share the ideals behind the American promise with the world.

I do think it funny that Ferial Masry is attacked by the far right because of her background but the best would be to know the reaction of a religious fundamentalist ( of any creed or denomination) to know a Saudi born Muslim woman not only has equal rights in America but that she is running for a powerful position against a woman!

If she wins the nomination again will Ferial Masry generate another set of media stories about our nation around the world or has the news getting attention worn off of this story? I haven't seen anything to show that her campaign this time would do much better than before against Audra Strickland.

I want to see what David Hare can do to be more compelling then Ferial Masry's biography. Can he make a convincing argument that he can beat Audra Strickland? Does he have a great plan to organize local Democrats? Was David Hare at the recent press conference to protest the governor's budget? Is David Hare running to up his name ID for when this is an open seat or does he really think he can beat an incumbent?

Looking at his website and his press release it is clear that David Hare is specific on important issues including eminent domain abuse and environmental protections. For a new candidate he is running a real professional campaign and getting a great start.

If you click on continue reading there is an extensive press release that shows some of his plans, priorities, and his backers.

In this campaign what is the criteria you will use to make up your mind, or have you already?

Big press conference for Jill Martinez tomorrow?

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The Jill Martinez campaign is promising a campaign altering endorsement to be announced at a press conference tomorrow.

Who would she need to endorse her to really make a big impact on the primary or general campaign?

Democrat Marta Jorgenson has dropped out of the race and has endorsed Jill Martinez.

marta & jill.jpg

I have some quick questions:

1. What is up with the debt Jill Martinez's campaign has built up?

2. How has this campaign been any different than her 2006 run?

UPDATE: Jill Martinez has announced she has been endorsed by The California Teachers Association ( CTA).

Tony Strickland announces law enforcement backing ( CA 19 currently Tom McClintock)

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Tony Strickland has announced a law enforcement advisory committee. Which name surprises you the most?

Which name do you think influences voters the most?

Hannah Beth Jackson announces consumer award ( State Senate CA 19, currently Tom McClintock)

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Since last week when I wrote that Tony Strickland's campaign was getting all of the attention Hannah Beth Jackson's campaign has been really busy in public and not just behind the scenes. There was the education rally, Thousand Oaks Earth Day, and a press release about a consumer protection award. You can click on continue reading to read about the Consumer award.

They also sent a representative to the Simi Valley Democratic club ( Thanks for the link Simi Valley and Moorpark Democrats). That is a busy week! Any word on a Myspace page or Facebook profile?

Thanks for the campaign updates.

UPDATE: This campaign is attracting attention from caltics a California wide political blog.

Ferial Masry fundraiser ( State Assembly CA 37, Currently Audra Strickland)

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Ferial Masry, candidate for the Democratic nomination to take on Assembly Member Audra Strickland, is having a fund raiser this Sunday. Click on continue reading for details. Thank you to the Ferial Masry campaign for putting a link up to my blog on your website.

Her opponent is David Hare. With the June election coming up I haven't seen many events from him in my inbox. if you see any feel free to forward them to me and I will post them. Have you seen a Myspace or Facebook account for him? David, have you campaign e-mail me your masthead from your website for me to use when I post about your campaign.

I did see David Hare at the last Simi Valley Democratic club meeting ( a representative from Hannah Beth Jackson's campaign was there too) and his wife did attend the CAPC meeting in Simi Valley recently too. By the way, Katie Teague, weren't you going to write up a summary of the event for me to post as an entry? See the comments for Katie's link to her write up.

Have your kids explain it...

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( I saw another blog that missed the real meaning in this video. If you miss it have a young person explain it to you.)

Do you plan to do anything to organize locally for the presidential campaign?

To help out Barack Obama you can join his local Myspace group. You can also contact Rep. Lois Capps and ask her to endorse Barack Obama.

Did any of you watch the debates or the compassion forum?

It was pretty good. I like when candidates answer questions about faith, freedom, compassion, and the source of their ethics.

I have watched almost every debate this season and so far the ABC debate was my least favorite. I don't remember any network asking John McCain as tough as questions as were thrown around. It wouldn't be bad if it actually focused on the issues but it seems ABC wanted to make it into a scandal themed debate.

What are your thoughts on the presidential campaign?

Education press conference

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There was a press conference today to oppose the governor's proposed budget. Many local leaders ere expected to be in attendance including:

Assemblymember Pedro Nava, State Senate candidate Hannah-Beth Jackson, Congressional candidate Jill Martinez, Ventura County Superintendent of Schools Chuck Weis, Ventura Superintendent Trudy Arriaga, Ventura Board of Education President John Walker, Ventura Board of Education Vice President Mary Haffner, Ventura County Board of Education Trustee ML Peterson, VUEA President Stephen Blum, California Teachers Association Secretary Dan Vaughn and student leaders.

You can find out more about it at Marie Lakin's blog by clicking here.

Anyways, did you go? What have you heard? I will post links as stories are published about it.

UPDATE #1: No mention
of non-incumbents Jill Martinez ( Democrat running for the nomination to run against Elton Gallegly) and Hannah Beth Jackson ( Democrat running against Tony Strickland for State Senate) but does anyone have video to post?

A fellow blogger, Marie Lakin, has written an updated entry about what happened at the rally. Click here to view it.

Wine and Cheese for schools

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Oak Park is going to be voting on a parcel tax in June and to support passage of the assessment a local group is throwing a fund raiser.

Click on continue reading for details.

For everyone not in Oak Park have you ever read about all the regulations the US government has on the definition of Swiss Cheese? Figured I would bring it up being that we are talking about a Wine and Cheese party.

Tony Strickland ( State Senate CA 19) @ Baja Fresh

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I ran into former assembly member and current state senate candidate Tony Strickland at Baja Fresh today and we ate lunch together.

Whatever differences we might have he has good taste in food. Sorry I had to get going so fast but I will make sure to call you soon to catch up. It is nice to know you really are from Simi Valley.

I expect to see politicians at political events but when I see them around town it shows there are really from here.

What politicians do you regularly see around your town?

Hannah Beth Jackson @ Stonewall Democrats meeting

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Hannah Beth Jackson will be appearing at the Ventura County Stonewall Democrats meeting on Thursday April 24th. Click on continue reading for a newsletter from The Stonewall Democrats.

For a history of where the group got its name from click here.

If you know the records of the two candidates on gay rights issues or their statements on the subject please leave a comment.


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Which of Ventura County's incumbents is most endangered during this upcoming election cycle in June and why?

Kathy Long? ( Challenger Socorro Lopez Hanson)
John Flynn? ( Challengers Denis O'Leary and John Zaragoza)

Do you see any of their challengers running a real campaign against them? I am most impressed with Denis O'Leary's use of technology but I haven't heard anything from him in a long time. It doesn't seem like any of the challengers is gaining the traction that it takes to beat an incumbent. Do you agree?

Have you seen campaign activity in your town? Who has earned your vote?

Elton Gallegly creates a myspace account...

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Rep. Elton Gallegly has created a myspace page to reach out to voters.

So far he has four friends including Tom.

Check it out by clicking here.

Mike Osborn's editorial

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In a recent editorial Mike Osborn explained how Audra Strickland's sidewalk bill is a great example of the difference between conservatives and liberals.

I don't think she had support from local elected officials on the issue as it pushes more expenses onto cities during tough budget times. Do you see local mayors of either party supporting that idea?

And what is it with state level Democrats trying to ban spanking? Is it really that much of a problem in California? It reinforces the image of the Democratic party as the nanny party. A nanny legally prohibited from spanking you... In the comments GS, a regular reader, makes the argument that the proposed law is much more serious than just spanking as most of us think of it. Do you agree?

Tony Strickland's free media coverage

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Did you read Tony Strickland's editorial in The Acorn about our budget problems? There aren't many surprises from conservative Republican as he lists the standard Republican talking points about cutting services for illegal immigration ( no mention of tougher sanctions on employers), overspending being the source of the problem, and a Reagan connection at the end.

If you are interested in debating his budget priorities leave a comment but the part I am interested in is his campaign strategy. Tony Strickland has already shown he is going to work hard to get elected. His campaign is organizing precinct walks, sending out press releases, organizing online including using FaceBook, and using free media to up his name ID while pushing his views.

Others might try to do this in the last few weeks of a campaign when the papers will be full of press releases and letters to the editor from their supporters. But Tony is sending out his arguments to tens of thousands of people FOR FREE!

I am starting a new weekly award. It will be an award to the local politician that has "won" that week. It is based off of innovative campaign strategy, endorsements, fund raising successes, and media coverage.

Will Tony win this week? I will announce my pick Friday.

How many weeks will Tony Strickland win before Hannah Beth Jackson starts bringing her campaign to the public?

Tony Strickland has been successful in politics for a mixture of reasons but one of them is because he works hard.

For Past coverage of his campaign click here.

VCRCC's sues the county

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( Fred Thompson on lawsuit reform.)

This is a really tangled story but our campaign finance laws are a mess. The Ventura County Republican Central Committee (VCRCC) was investigated for violating the law by sending mailers on behalf of candidate for County Supervisor Peter Foy. The county argued that they violated the local limit on contributions but they argued that a state law superseded a local law and allowed them to communicate directly with Republicans because Republicans are members of their group.

They were vindicated in court but in the process racked up $11,000 in lawyers' fees. They are now suing the county to reimburse them for their bills.

Do you think it is fair to ask the government for lawyers' fees when you are prosecuted? I think it is fair if you can prove a malicious prosecution that you should be able to seek legal remedy.

But that being said wasn't there a Republican lawyer that would have represented them for free?

I thought the VCRCC would be fined but I was proven wrong.

So, what do you think should happen?

Hannah Beth Jackson's website

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If you have small campaign news send it in. For example, Hannah Beth Jackson has her campaign website up at jackson4senate.com and you can sign up for her mailing list. I suggest you also sign up under a creative name. Maybe under the names of the Ventura County Republican Central Committee members?

I haven't been getting updates directly from Tony Strickland or Hannah Beth Jackson's campaign. If you see something that should be posted forward it to me. You would be surprised at the internal campaign communications and other e-mails sent to me. Thanks to all of my sources.

State Assembly District 37 Democratic Primary

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( Ferial Masry on youtube)


What are your initial reactions to the two different candidates?

1. David Hare

2. Ferial Masry
( Thanks for the link on your page!)

To both of the campaigns:

Start sending in your events, press releases, new endorsements, and other campaign news.


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Reason magazine is a libertarian leaning magazine devoted to free markets and free minds. They had a recent article about t-shirts and the 1st Amendment.

Read it here.

The 1st Amendment was clearly intended to primarily protect one form of speech: Political Speech.

If a person is wearing a shirt that advances a political cause and does not create a clear and present danger I don't see the need nor the ability of the government to restrict it in schools, airports, presidential town hall forums paid for by taxpayers, or other public settings.

I think it is clear that obscenity and commercial speech don't warrant the same protections. Wearing a pro-life shirt is clearly protected speech unless it substantially disrupts the learning process or security. But most of the times the person wearing the shirt isn't the one causing the problem, rather it is someone trying to silence their message. Our government exists to protect our rights from those that would stop us from speaking.

A counter argument is that wearing a shirt isn't literally speech. Maybe you would label me a judicial activist but I think wearing a political shirt is clearly a part of what the founders meant when they wrote the 1st Amendment. Otherwise, blogs aren't speech either. Unless you read aloud. Which is just weird.

I think America needs more serious discussion about our future and I am pleased, not troubled when young people want to join the debate. Even if their clothing styles are odd.

What were your thoughts on the article? Do you support symbolic speech rights?

Marta Jorgensen event on global warming ( CA 24 currently Gallegly)

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Al Gore and George W. Bush

In honor of Earth Day Marta Jorgensen ( candidate for the Democratic nomination for CA 24) is hosting an event about global warming.

Click on continue reading for details.


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Can anyone explain what the liberal and conservative point of view on Assembly Member Audra Strickland's sidewalk bill would be?

Does this bill have any local support from elected officials?

Barack Obama for Ventura County

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( if you haven't watched Barack Obama's speech on race you really should)

This weekend is the caucuses to choose the delegates for The Democratic National Convention. If you want to know the rules and the sites you can click on continue reading to see them.

I get a few e-mails from people asking for support in the caucuses so I figured I would post them here.

Running to be delegates as a team for Barack Obama are ( details from their e-mail):

Jay Kapitz: I have attended rallies for Senator Obama in California and Nevada. In Nevada I had the honor of shaking his hand and in that moment I knew in my heart and mind that I had seen, heard and met the next President of the United States. He is the most capable and electable Democratic presidential candidate I have known in my lifetime. I would be honored and fully committed to be a delegate and cast a vote on behalf of the 24th CD for Senator Barack Obama.

Sandy Emberland: More than a year ago when I attended an Obama Rally in Los Angeles, I listened to Barack Obama speak and knew I was listening to the next great leader of our country. I am convinced that he has the leadership qualities, vision and judgment to lead our country to greatness. As a pledged delegate I will not waiver from my commitment to Senator Obama and will work to sway any uncommitted Super Delegates to support him as well.

Running to be a delegate for Hillary Clinton is ( forwarded by VC Stonewall Democrats):

Please come support Karin Quimby, a passionate supporter of Hillary Clinton, to be a delegate for the 24th Congressional District at the National Democratic Convention in Colorado! Karin Quimby is a member of the National Women's Political Caucus-Ventura County, the Ventura County Stonewall Democrats, Vice-President of the Ojai Democratic Club, and District Representative for Congresswoman Lois Capps. She has hosted fundraisers and organized press conferences for the Clinton campaign and is dedicated to getting a woman elected President this year! You don't need to stay for the entire 2 hours of the caucus. You can cast your vote and then leave. And, while you're at it, bring a friend who is a registered Democrat in the 24th Congressional District which includes most of Ventura County, except Oxnard.

If you are running for delegate e-mail me and I will post your information.

Will you be attending one of the caucuses? What questions would you ask of a candidate to be a delegate before you voted for them? I would ask what they would do in case it goes all the way to the convention. Do Hillary's supporters really plan to bring it to the convention floor? Would Barack delegates push to have Hillary as VP as a compromise?

If you are running for local office these would be great events to campaign at!

In other local Barack Obama news a friend of mine, Brian Mack, has put together a blog to support Barack Obama. Check it out here. Brian Mack does consulting for campaigns including supplies like buttons and website design. The quality of his work is amazing. If you want a Barack Obama sign send him an e-mail.

Mary Pallant bringing in more speakers

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( Ambassador Joe Wilson at a previous Mary Pallant speaking event)

I have been impressed with Mary Pallant's ability to bring in speakers to Ventura County. Between Mary Pallant, CAPC, and The Reagan Library there are many great events to attend. Go check them out and show support to local organizers.

Thanks Mary Pallant!

Click on continue reading to see the details to the event.

Real Estate Market

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Major sign it is going down. The $1 investor looking to buy a home?

But there is a sign it is going up. I didn't know the neighborhood was that nice.

Grassroots campaign

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State Senate district 19 is currently held by term limited State Senator Tom McClintock. The race to replace him will be between Hannah Beth Jackson and Tony Strickland as they are the only people from their parties running in the primary.

Some think the campaign could be one of the most expensive legislative contests in California during this cycle.

Tony Strickland has plenty of critics throwing out many charges at him. But you won't see me going after him for taking this campaign for granted.

He is the clear favorite for several reasons. This is still a Republican district in both numbers and elected officials. He has access to money statewide because of past campaigns including his support for Mitt Romney and Bill Simon. He even has decent name ID because of past campaigns.

And to top all of this off he is getting a head start on grassroots organizing. He has a Facebook account and his campaign is already organizing precinct walks.

If you are interested in the precinct walk click on continue reading.

Meanwhile, thanks to Tony Strickland's campaign for sending in updates. If any other campaign has information to share please send it in.

UPDATE: I don't care if you think Tony Strickland is the worst politician in Ventura County. Keep your comments to his politics and not personal about his looks. Thanks.

CVUSD's Mike Dunn ruling finally complete.

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Conejo School politics for some reason have much more acrimony then the surrounding school districts. In the latest news Mike Dunn has been reprimanded for not following collective bargaining rules.

Is the board united on how to close schools? I have a feeling Mike Dunn will say only he stood up against the union and the rest of the board and if it was up to him the schools wouldn't be closing.

I have assumed the school closings are a done deal. Is that true?

Why is Mike Dunn such a lightning rod for conflict? I know his detractors blame him, but I wonder if his supporters believe he has anything to do with it.

In other news, the first page of this blog only posts so many entries at a time. When an entry falls off the first page the comments usually stop. But this entry on education funding has a high minded back and forth between two people I respect, Scott Blough and Marie Lakin. Too bad more online debates aren't as civil. Thanks Scott and Marie.

Click on this link to read their debate.

County Supervisor District 3 Kathy Long V Socorro Lopez Hanson

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( No comment )

Kathy Long by no means plans to rest on her prior achievements in this election. Her campaign is already organized and sending out releases.

I like the idea of a good race but I don't see how Socorro Lopez Hanson plans to make this competitive so far.

Will that be altered by endorsements, fundraising, or other events?

Click on continue reading for some recent press releases.

Mary Pallant gathering grassroots support

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( Mary Pallant and Joe Wilson)

I don't endorse local candidates often but I am leaning towards it in the Democratic Primary for CA 24 ( Currently Rep. Gallegly). Of course, the endorsement of a blogger doesn't mean much, but it helps when candidates attempt to reach out to the netroots.

As far as an endorsement in the Republican primary I think I will get a panel of conservative readers to weigh in once the campaign has really started. If someone can get Bubba Kidd and Mongo to agree that would be interesting.

Being that the Democrats running have similar positions I see the key difference being which candidate has done the most to organize the grassroots.

Too many candidates declare they are running and expect activists to support them even though they haven't invested in building up the local party organizations.

Mary Pallant has done much to try to organize at the grassroots level. To see the latest from here click on continue reading.



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CAPC hosted a great event tonight with a bunch of candidates. Katie Teague said she would write up a recap to post here in the next few days.

Thanks to all the candidates that came out and thanks for all the great conversations that lasted all the way to the parking lot.

Thanks to my readers that I didn't know I had that shared that they read my blog.

I have so many news tips from a variety of sources that I could fill the front page.

I will write about the races for state assembly and the race to be a judge in the near future. If you have something to contribute about these stories e-mail to me.

CAPC said they are going to be organizing forums for candidates including CA 19 in the future.

Great job folks. Simi Valley appreciates it.

Up and running

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Tony Strickland's website for his State Senate ( CA 19, currently Tom McClintock R someplace not here ) run is up.

Make sure to sign up for his campaign updates.

Maybe see how silly of a name he will accept. Try Jack Abramoff, Barack Obama, John McCain, Karl Marx, Hannah Beth Jackson and Jim Dantona.

If he sends a release to your funny name post it here.

UPDATE: Apparently someone is upset that I am asking people to sign up to receive updates from Tony Strickland.

If you are upset because you support Tony Strickland I suggest you think about it before you start complaining. I am getting people to receive his updates and learn more about his campaign. How sinister can that be?

Feel comforted by the fact that this district is his for the losing. I think it is clear he is the front runner and has many reasons to expect to keep that title.

Brian Dennert here

This blog is dedicated to Ventura County politics. Send in ideas for posts to briandennert@gmail.com
Follow me on Twitter Twitter.com/dennert The Facebook page for this blog is facebook.com/briandennerthere You do not need to register to comment but keep it classy. Report abusive language to me at my email address.

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