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HOA Horror Stories

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( A classic book and movie.)

Ventura County Star reporter Anna Bakalis has a fascinating story about a Homeowners Association ( HOA ) in Simi Valley that is set on banning playing outside, bike riding, complaining to vocally about the board, and more. It would be funny if it wasn't really happening. You have to read the story.

Have you ever lived in a HOA ? I lived in one that was exceptionally well run. If you are looking to buy a condo in Simi Valley I highly recommend Coventry Court.

But what most of us remember is the problems with HOA's. It strikes me as odd that an area that prides itself on minimal government keeps building more and more mini-governments.

I understand that they can protect property values but is the trade off worth it? It reminds me of this quote from Ben Franklin:

"Those willing to give up a little liberty for a little security deserve neither security nor liberty."

I am going to share some funny stories about HOA's and then it is your turn. What has been your experience with HOA's? Do the many benefits outweigh the potential problems? Do we only remember when they go awry?

Here are some fond memories:

1. Our flag pole was too tall. We took it down.

2. No parking in your own driveway. But parking on the street totally fine, even though it was a bit dangerous as it was a corner people came around quickly.

3. Board members are not required to abide by the same rules as everyone else.

Do you have some crazy stories? Feel free to include or omit the name of the HOA.

Can you see how any of their actions in the story are justified or explainable?

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( Star Reporter Anna Bakalis)


If the intention was to protect property values this board might be very ineffective.

Imagine when people google the association and find this story at the top about mismanagement, petty rules, and news stories making fun of them.


First they came for the kids' bikes, now the trucks!

The HOA's policy serves the practical purpose of systematically discriminating against a particular group, ie, children, and is going to result in big damage awards against the owners. WHO is giving legal advice to these people?????

The story says the last company quit because the board wouldn't follow their advice.


Thanks for reading and commenting for the last few years. I appreciate your viewpoint.

...and at the risk of sounding like a mutual admiration society, THANKS for providing a great forum!

I moved out of a subdivision regulated by a HOA. Reason is same as most. Petty crap the their ineffectivness to improve the subdivision and only making it a living hell for the residents there. I went to re paint the front trim of my house which was a little faded by the sun when out of no where like police undercover, one of the board members pulls into my driveway and asks me if my painting was approved. Approved? I told him I'm not painting the house just the front trim. He said I needed to stop by the office and provide the color specs. BULLSHIT I told him. Needless to say I get fined $135.00. 3 years of shit like that I sold and moved to the hills on a private secluded non HOA property. My last day moving out I went to the office and cursed the shit out them HOA board members and middle fingered the guy to his face for being a fucking prick. So long Silver Creek Country Club! HOA. YOur a JOKE!

I decided to fight my HOA and filed a lawsuit. The dispute quickly turned ugly. A few weeks later, a Board member mailed around a 5 page letter mocking my handicap to all 1500 property owners. I was told later that it was just an attempt to make me drop the lawsuit. I didn't but the Association did nothing and allowed her stay on the Board. HOAs are one big stain on this country, and they seem to attract a lot of mean spirited petty people.

Coventry Court HOA is run by total control freaks, 'Mr and Mrs Kravitz'. The Mrs Kraviz character peers throuh her windows trying to catch people violating the HOA rules. She then calls the security company to have them ticketed or written-up.

'Mrs Kravitz' has her sights on a select few residents in the complex and makes it a point to watch every move they make. It's scary weird, like an obsession with her. Besides that, she is NEVER friendly to anyone. She' just plain BITTER. Her and her husband have succeeded in creating a Nazi-like environment where everyone is afraid of getting caught for something. Cars, garage, noise, dogs, parking, stuff on your OWN patio, bbq's...the list goes on and on. They ('Mrs Kravitz')complain about EVERYTHING!

The HOA meetings are nothing more than a guise for their religious group meetings. Complete with a BLESSING OF THE MEETING.

Don't EVEN try to park there. There's NO parking for guests, let alone enough for us residents. They WILL ticket and they WILL tow. Gold Coast Security and Gold Coast HOA (hmm connection??) run the entire place.

Coventry Court is a horrible place to live. The people are not friendly and make it hard to enjoy life's simple things, like walking your dog, a BBQ or day by the pool.

You have two parking spots in your garage. How many do you need?

Maybe if everyone kept their garage cleaned and parked in their garage there would be plenty of parking.

SO you live in CC then you know what I'm talking about then. Is the HOA going to FORCE residents to keep their garages "clean" now too??? To who's standards? It's like a NAZI community, it's unreal really.

FYI, My garage is spotless. My husband and I park both of our cars inside our garage, unlike most of the community. Not that you have any business telling me where to park or how to use MY garage.

Even so, there are NO VISITOR parking or even parking on the streets. You get ONE parking tag. You are FORCED to ask you guests to park illegally, nice huh?

And who's idea was it to repaint the BLUE. It's so dated. Must be the group on the board who are stuck in the 80's. Updating the colors would have improved the value for everyone!!!

Interesting that you would DEFEND Coventry Court though. No one I know who lives here would defend THE PARKING situation, NO ONE!
You are either 'Mrs Kravitz' (like the nosy neighbor from Bewitched) herself, her whipped husband or someone from Gold Coast. Which is it?

In any case, you are obviously an intolerant shill on this site and should be reported.

When you moved in did someone trick you that there was more parking?

Yes, people should park in their garages. If your neighbors don't park in their garage they are taking up what little parking there is available. Do you think there should be a limit on how many cars per household are allowed or should everyone else have less parking available to them if a household has more than a few cars and doesn't use their garage?

No, I don't live by you, I am not now nor have I ever been a Nazi, nor do I live in a HOA.

Feel free to run for your board though if you feel the need.

Nice name "HOA" for someone who doesn't live in one. Why bother posting here? If not an HOA resident, you must, therefore, work for one. Let me guess Gold Coast? Could it be Kelli?

No one called you a nazi, my post clearly stated the nazi-like environment of Coventry Court. There is no sense of "community" there. Just hostility, excess of rules and constant "tattle-tailing" as they run to Gold Coast Security to fine, ticket or tow. There is no "within reason" with these people, there is only BLACK or WHITE. Further, there is no tolerance by any of the board members (pres/wife especially) for those who are different than they are. Or is it intolerance for those who don't hold their religious belief? Have you not noticed a bias? Be honest. I can give names here and really embarrass you, because we both know it to be true.

God forbid there's ever an emergency where the community needs to band together. They'd be screwed.

A shill indeed!


I lived in a HOA before and I don't plan to live in a HOA again. I don't work for a management company. Naming private names would likely get your comments deleted, so please refrain from doing so here.

But seriously, why not answer my questions. How many parking spots should each unit get? How many units and how many parking spots are there? Why does someone have a right to use an excessive amount of parking spots if they don't keep their garage cleaned?


People have a life, at least I do.

If I had a baby shower, I wouldn't have enough parking.

If I had Thanksgiving dinner, I wouldn't have enough parking.

If I had a funeral, I wouldn't have enough parking.

But I guess it's OK to park illegally at Jons??

Right is right and wrong is wrong. The problem with this community is that there are NO exceptions, period, end of story. If HOA presidents wife doesn't like you, you will get ticketed or towed, you will get fined. She's a bitter unhappy woman with nothing better to do than follow up on very little (and mean LITTLE) violation. She will do so until you convert to her ways or she forces you to move out.

I've lived here for years and I do not know one persons name. No one has EVER introduced themselves. NO ONE here says "hi". It's awful. Thank God my kids are older, I certainly wouldn't want to raise kids here. It's NOT a "community" in any sense of the word.

It's not difficult to hang out at the mailbox and find other people who don't like the HOA or the board. Recruit other people to run for the board. I like retired architects or project managers as board members.

Once the board is taken over fire the property management company. Steal their landscape guy too.

Also don't forget http://www.ripoffreport.com/.
It's your duty as an American citizen to warn the public that this property management company is jeopardizing these children’s health by not allowing them to exercise outside. They are also stealing their childhood and denying the families in the complex of a community atmosphere.

This property management company is using undo duress in an attempt to deny property owners the ability to enjoy their homes.

Thanks "nobody"!
I've often wanted to post something at the mailboxes, but fear retaliation from the board.

The common misconception by those on the board about those who are not, is that they "are not willing to serve". I find that statement nearly libelous, as many who would be GREAT simply do not have the time or are not, let's just say, "administratively inclined".

I find this board in particular needs SOMEONE (ANYONE) who can be a voice for the residents and not just a vehicle for the president and his wife to control. There is a clear abuse of power and quite possibly a scam/fraud and Conflict of Interest.

Coventry Court companies:
Gold Coast Management Assoc.
Gold Coast Security
Buena Towing (same owner)


Thanks for your suggestion, I have already started a string of reporting.


You didn't answer the questions. Let me try again.

Do you think there is a connection between your neighbors not parking cars in their garage and a lack of parking? Why blame the board for enforcing rules when they are trying to help fix problems? If they aren't trying to fix the problem of people taking too many resources ( parking ) then you should introduce yourselves to your neighbors and try to find someone that will.

Is it okay with you that your neighbors don't use their garages for parking? If it is okay with you then you lose your right to complain there isn't enough parking.


In an earlier post you denied that the HOA has the right to govern where people park. You then are mad that there isn't enough parking.

Do you see the contradiction?

Are you trying to redirect the conversation to parking???? They "govern" the parking to a fault...and there is NO GUEST PARKING-period!
Nice "welcoming community" huh?? NOT!

How about addressing the scam they are perpetrating on the community??

Coventry Court companies:
Gold Coast Management Assoc.
Gold Coast Security
Buena Towing (same owner)
Coastal Towing (same owner) <---add this one


How about the controlling and intrusive nature of the wife of the president ('Mrs Kravitz')?

You say you don't live there or any part of an HOA nor are on the board, yet your moniker is "HOA"......please explain why then you are even on this blog. What is your interest?

MRS KRAVITZ??????????????????? AHAH!

I don't live in your or any HOA. I used to and I moved out years ago. I don't work for a towing company, a management firm, or anything of the sort. Therefore I cannot address your concerns.

But it is really funny you keep complaining there isn't enough parking without holding your neighbors that don't park in their garage accountable for using all of the parking!

How many cars should each unit be allowed to regularly park in the limited parking spots there are available?

Should your board have the power to force people to use their garage for parking?

My interest is that people actually do something instead of complaining. You might not have time, but if you support solutions that would help.

Good luck with your HOA. I find the story interesting is all. Your neighbors must not agree with you enough or they would elect a new board.

Parking again??

No one wants to get involved because of fear of retaliation. Nice way to live huh?

You are clearly lying, why else would you bother with this blog?!

If you are 'Mrs Kravitz', one piece of advise...BACK OFF!!!!!!!!

People have a right to ENJOY their homes just as much as you tout your right to "quiet enjoyment". That does NOT mean it has to be "QUIET" 24/7. Don't report my dog for barking, my cars for being parked WHERE EVER, my family for enjoying the pool.


I don't live in your association.

Why not just answer the questions over the issue we both know something on?

You want to complain there is no parking and cars get towed for parking illegally but you don't want any restrictions enforced including getting people to park in their own garages and limiting how many cars a unit is allowed to park regularly in the complex.

You aren't looking for solutions.

If you were in charge the parking situation would be worse. People could park illegally, you wouldn't ask people to use their garages, you wouldn't care if a unit had 3 or more cars using the limited parking, and you would allow people to park in strange places when they had people over.

Why not offer solutions? What is your solution to the parking problem?

Don’t get too stressed out. The one who is the least stressed out usually wins in these and most matters.

Be sure to say "in my opinion" or "my experience with" when making your complaints. Don't feed the lawyers.

I have been in your situation before. I know exactly how you feel. These home owner association people get cheap thrills by controlling people. They feel they are the landowners and we are the serfs. Trust me this is a very unhappy person.

The residents should know who their home owner association board members are. Their names and contact information should be made available to the residents so they can voice their concerns

Thanks Nobody-
You are right, residents should know more about these people. Who they are and how long they have been on the board and is there a term? (must be due).

The problem here is COMMUNICATION. There is nearly none. With the exception of COMPLAINTS! No fliers, no alternatives to Tuesday nights, no 'open forums'. The emails are not answered, the phone hours are unavailable, the websites are incomplete (they have a few they started but never finished).

You are right too, "Mrs Kravitz' IS a very unhappy person, bitter even. You can tell in a instant! She never smiles, never an she's making sure no one else is happy either. They have a toddler too, how sad for that little thing to live in such negativity ALL the time. Sad, really sad! The saddest thing is that it usually takes a VERY humbling experience in life to change that. I don't wish that, it's just how it goes.

I don't stress, because I am happy. She can not take that away no matter how hard she tries. She'll bark up the wrong tree one day, I am certain of that.

There are so many problems, but this HOA person wants to return the conversation to PARKING every time hahaha!


I keep returning to parking because you haven't addressed it. You offer nothing but complaints, not solutions.

Most HOA Board elections don't have many candidates running. In fact most of them are not contested at all.

Why not find a way of running, recruit a neighbor to run, move away from a HOA ( like I did) or offer actual solutions.

I don't know your board but it would seem like the person that complains the most for others to do a job for free, without offering solutions is the most bitter.

Coventry Court has 85 units.
Each unit has an attached garage for parking 2 vehicles.
The CC&R's say that garages are for "parking vehicles and incidental storage" (the latter being open to interpretation).

There are roughly 56 spaces to park any/all other vehicles in the "common area".
Every unit pays the same 'regular assessment' amount each month.

Those fees go towards, among other things, the upkeep of the association. So, one would think that every homeowner would have the same 1 in 56 chance to get an external parking spot.

In a perfect world there would be 85 external spots and every unit would have their own private spot in addition to the 2 spots in their garage. Unfortunately we're not allowed to park in front of our garages becuase Simi Valley says that the alleys are a fire zone. I'm sure if you could proove otherwise the board would gladly make an effort to have the CC&R's changes to reflect this. But you do realize that changing CC&R's require something like 80% of homeowners to agree. I don't know the exact percent, but I think it's some high percentage. But I've heard the board members say that any change is possible if the majority of homeowners required to make such a change would do so.

I found out the other day that the association under the previous president(s)/management company(s) had let our earthquake insurance expire.... for 7 freakin years !!! It was once again a current board member who got the association back covered again. Now the downside was that dues went up. But that's the price we had to pay for the previous incompetent board/management company.

The CC&R's (my copy at least) were written around 1987. There is an electronic copy provided via the association website, only by the fact that one of the board members took the time to type in 60+ pages so all homeowners could benefit. The cost of this service to the association? Free!

So, to the best of my knowledge the rules have been around before anybody actually moved in. The Rules & Regulations however do/have changed over the years.

Now regarding the rules. I'm not able to attend all the meetings due to my work schedule, but on every occasion where I have attended, there has NEVER been any "BLESSING OF THE MEETING." The board has always been open to changing ANY UNPOPULAR RULES (by a majority of the homeowners) to the extent that they can.

The previous president used to take up 2, 3, and on rare occasions 4 external parking spots because his garage was full of surfboards, a cubby hole computer man-cave work station for his photography business, and other stuff. It was only after he and his family were forced to share the limited resources did he clean his garage and start parking vehicles in there again.

The point I'm trying to make here is that in my opinion, the board that we have in place now is making a considerable effort to make the association better for not just 1 or 2 homeowners, but all 85!

I would like to see 85 names on the next ballot that goes out for electing board members.

I agree that like many other associations, ours isn't perfect, or ideal, but from my perspective it does TRY to keep peace among all the homeowners.

I lived in Pinewood Lake HOA in Bakersfield, CA. I became the board president after 1 meeting !!! Big mistake. There were a lot of power hungry people on the board who kept wanting to raise the HOA fees to keep the "Riff Raff" out, complain because they did not like other people's curtain or drapes in their own homes, like the color of their car, etc.. After 6 months I quit and moved out. No more HOA's for me.

I lived in Pinewood Lake HOA in Bakersfield, CA. I became the board president after 1 meeting !!! Big mistake. There were a lot of power hungry people on the board who kept wanting to raise the HOA fees to keep the "Riff Raff" out, complain because they did not like other people's curtain or drapes in their own homes, like the color of their car, etc.. After 6 months I quit and moved out. No more HOA's for me.

I wanted to add some grass to my postage-sized lot. I contacted the HOA with the request, saying I want my son to have more room to play. A "landscape" member said "No - your son will grow up and not need that".
Later, I married, bringing a total of 4 kids to the family. I handed the design manual to an architect to design an addition. His drawings were beautiful, and guidelines were followed to the letter. The board members were completely unfamiliar with their own guidelines. The HOA design committee said NO without looking at the drawings. I hired a good lawyer who I believe would have beat the HOA, but they began to purposely stretch the review meetings to every two months - meaning it would have taken a year to push through. In the end, I moved - which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was worth it.

I live in Stone Ranch in Montgomery Texas. The POA board is run by control freaks. They have all sorts of violations but the rules don't apply to them. They trespass and do whatever they feel like they own all the houses.
All the neighbors live in fear. The BOD have the ballots rigged and are in bed with the management company.
We fear of losing our homes.

I live in Surfside VI in Port Hueneme, CA, we have CPM Management out of Camarillo, CA, we too have to deal with constant abuse, and unprofessionialism from these damn embezzelors, all for the low, low price of only $415.00 per month. My $600,000 investment is being eaten to the ground by termites, my roof leaks (after paying a 5K assessment)and our tyrant HOA president,(who 2 years ago ran off a decent President) refuses to allow anyone to contact her, but seems to have all the board members including hers, "repairs" (cell phones, gas etc) covered by MY DUES, this is some really corrupt shit! I plan to get to the bottom it. Our beautiful dream of retiring at the beach has become a financial and living HELL!

Just some fyi. The Ventura County DA is prosecuting Buena Towing and Gold COast for illegal towing and collusion I believe. I am not surprised since I have been a victim of illegal towing myself. Most HOA s are a incompetant bunch of idiots.

What is really sad is that in most places, the nices homes are in HOAs and almost all cases the boards a run by bullies. BUT it does not have to be that way all the time. I was president of an HOA board for 5 years and we went to great lengths to make sure that it was a "resident friendly" board. 1,200 homes and although I moved in 2003 owners from there still call and e-mail me asking questions. Where I live now OMG, you want to talk about a bully board! We have tried to vote them out several times but this group formed a semi PAC, even raising funds to pay for their candidates campaign FOR AN HOA ELECTION. Give me a break! One of our local news stations has just started a HOA Hall of Shame and we are on it 3 times.
Sun City, Henderson NV

I never thought that a board of HOA management executives would go so far to control their neighborhoods and communities. You're right, it's not funny.

I love the idea of an HOA Hall of Shame. But unfortunately, all it will do is give the Association a bad name and lower property values. I doubt it would shame anyone on an abusive board.

There's really not much you can do to fight an entrenched board of bullies, not unless you're willing to spend big bucks to fight them. And even then, unless the board has committed some blatantly outrageous abuse, you're not likely to win. Fighting a board is a steeply uphill battle.

Boards know full well that the deck is stacked in their favor against mere unit owners. If you're lucky, your Association will be run by a fairminded and competent board. If you're not so lucky -- watch out.

Donna, you clearly are a strong woman that will not back down to this damn cowardly nazi! You go girl!! I like the way you stand your ground and stand up to this (these) bullies.

Donna, I like the way you stand up fo yourself and others. You probably do not see yourself as a hero but I do. I hope this does sicken HOA , who is clearly on your HOA BOARD, otherwise , what interest would he/she have in this posting?
My HOA wants so badly to tow my car, then fine me. My car is always in my driveway with current tags and everything, and I think it would be grand theft auto to tow it for no or some petty reason. I don't know if I would have any recourse against the HOA calling to get it towed though. I really would like to just open up a can of whoop ass on these cowards but I doubt that any would take on this old man.

I know it's not a contest, but I think my HOA takes the cake as far as bad associations go - it's at least in the bottom 10. The board of directors is made up of angry old people with nothing better to do than create pointless new rules then stare out the window all day and wait to enforce them.
I try very hard to be a quiet and courteous neighbor, but when my guests and I get $50 parking tickets for parking outside my place (especially when the rest of the parking lot is empty), it gets old fast.
The list of pool rules is so long and detailed, it's funny (in a sad way). And hearing neighbors complain about everything from rabbits to using certain fabrics for curtains to which kinds of flags are allowed on decks makes me cry inside.
Reasonable explanations are not available upon request and the office is very difficult to get a hold of if you work during the day. Also, the monthly HOA meetings are held in a garage. Yes, even in the winter. I live in South Dakota.
I hope to escape soon from my first and last condo experience. And before you complain about me complaining and not doing anything about it, you should know I’ve tried – for years. I give up. My place is up for sale. FOR SALE: 2br, 1ba, perfect for someone who never leaves and never has guests.
When I spoke to the HOA about the parking issues, I was told owners need to request guest permits. Eventually, when I was able to get a hold of someone in the office, I requested one and was told I could not have one. The HOA told the office specifically not to give me one. Weeks later after leaving messages and getting the runaround from multiple board members, I was told I could have, quote, "one goddamn guest permit but then no more for the rest of the year." That's right, I'm allowed one guest per year - at my condo - that I own. Awesome.
If you've read this far, please give me some advice - I'm afraid a lawsuit is the only way I'll get anything resolved.

We have a lady as manager who claims she is also the owner of the community property management company, a corporation which claims the president with the same last name as president. She has nothing better to do than pick on a homeowner and is a Nazi Hitler making unsubstantiated accusations without investigating the issues prior to making such accusations which have always been proved wrong.

She underestimates the homeowners knowledge of the law or the CC&R;s, attempting to put fear into the homeowner for penalizing them. I am one of the homeowners having researched all homeowners associations, find that what she is doing is absolutely wrong since it is the law that if the CC&R's are in conflict of the state and federal codes governing such associations (the Davis-Stirling Act), they have the right to file a harassment lawsuit to put such Nazi Hitlers in their place.

I wish ou to post this so that every homeowner should be aware of the laws which can protect them against such scrupulous indviduals who misuse their position and powers.


I wonder how HOA secures value when most all their homes within that community will have similar value (compared apples to apples)???

If in an upturn... a positive to all.
BUT in that downturn market where buyers rule.... how is that homeowner in that community say keep their own value from dropping / not be affected by that neighborhood unkempt home (lawn not mowed, never weeded, sidings not maintained/washed, had a few tenants that never worked out and hence the insides of the home have long seen abused), losing value due to no upkeep whatsoever even if under threat of fines & violations letters.

I wonder what will happen to that neighborhood???

I also wonder too if the increase in gas will also increase many HOA fees across the nation since the gas effect is seen across the nation. It is only right that should food cost rise due to gas, maintenance fee from "operations" will also increase to sustain the level of maintenance.

Homeowner paying HOA fee = a worry down the road that they may have... why? It is something else besides the normal "buying & selling" of a house that needs to deal w/ lawyers... if & should one get a violation, a fine, a late fee due etc... that HOA that one paid will more than likely too ended needing the expense & expertise of that lawyer.

HOA fee = Very expensive all in all if one brood long & thoughtfully on it.

The board members decided they wanted all mailboxes to conform to their personal style requirements but they ran in to a snag in that the covenants dealt with this in Section 23. Mailboxes. No mailboxes and appurtenant posts and/or structures shall beerected without the prior approval of the ARC. Generally, the foregoing must be of the same type and color as that originally installed by the Declarant and Builders. When the board tried to get the covenants changed per the requirements for a covenant change, this Declaration may be amended upon the affirmative vote or written consent, or any combination thereof, of Owners of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Lots, they failed miserably but that did not stop our band of thieves. We were informed of the following: All new installations or replacements must be made in accordance with new Guideline 15 referred to in the Board of Directors resolution dated January 19, 2012 which is the new mailbox that the Board of Directors wanted in the first place. They have reverted to tactics of negotiating a one time buy of the “New Board Approved” mailbox stating that mailboxes purchased after that time will be subject to $50.00 upcharge. By notice of this correspondence this relaxation of enforcement will end on March 31, 2012. At that time homeowners electing to keep their wooden mailboxes must ensure that they are compliant with Article VI, Section 23 of the protective covenants, must be structurally sound, and must be maintained in accordance with all covenants, rules and guidelines. In short: Homeowners are not required to purchase new mailboxes and may continue to use their existing mailboxes providing they comply with all covenants and meet the ARC guidelines and effective March 31, 2012 enforcement of covenants will resume for all mailboxes. (word is…those who do not comply will meet the wrath of the Board Appointed Mailbox Inspectors).

Wow I thought my asscoiation was bad, I live in a country club golf course with river axcess to go boating. My dream come true,having lived in two other association's with not one problem combined 15 years I built my dream home on the river assome. The day I moved in I got my first of many letters from the association. I can't even tell you what a nightmare it's been 7 years and counting. This month we go to trial so far I'm a 150,000 in fees they have spent 350,000 in attorneys fees, over 10 sq ft of cement. MY attorney and I hope if we win this might just change Calif law, what I can say is don't ever let some person that has a little power run you over, but I hope you have deep pockets to fight the good fight.

As the Secretary of my Homeowner Association in Fort Collins, it’s sometimes a challenge trying to maintain work, family and my HOA duties . However, when I discovered Association Online all of that changed. No need to worry about piles of paperwork, their software is quite easy to use and all our HOA documents are stored and managed online. This allows our Board of Directors to operate in a more effective way. You should check them out at www.associationonline.com or call (970-226-1324). I highly recommend them for all Homeowner Association needs.

I just moved to Villa Seville (bolker apartments) in late September. I really didn't want to move here but it was the area I was looking for and would take me considering the circumstances I was in at the time. A day after moving in I had no nothing in my house just six kids no dishes nothing.. I kinda blew my top yelling at the father of my children who does not live with me but is often around. I guess the emptiness amplified my yelling and the cops walked into my house 15 minutes after I was calm. And then the H.O.A. nightmare begins.

I get false police reports made in me weekly for possible "domestics" the hoa harasses only my children.. all the kids r riding scooters and bikes. Yet they threaten only my children with the police. They blame me for any and everything that is happening. I literally had the cops asking me about a supposed episode in the alley one night. I had no idea what they meant.. and then they told me that my address and name was reported to be involved! I can argue and argue it's pointless.

I get these notices every week.. for cigarette filter litter.. I don't smoke! And I ha a child throw up on her blanket. While waiting to get the rest of the laundry gathered I left it outside. I have no patio or yard. I live upstairs. I got notices I hung my laundry out all the time.. I got a notice I permit my kids to play outside naked because once my two years olds ran out in thier diapers,while I was picking up water in the hallway. I was obviously upset I yelled at the other adults in the home because this was unacceptable. The hoa lady watched everything. Called the cops for me getting upset. Then reported to the hoa I LET MY GIRLS PLAY OUTSIDE UNATTENDED IN THE NUDE.

Now its gone beyond this all.. I have a live feedcamera pointed at my home.. no other building in the entire complex has a camera facing thier home.. this is the only one.. im nowgetting calls from my manager everyday of the new sometimes made up violations. I'm doing my best to abide the "rules" which I still have never been told or shown.. the camera on my home is too much. What can I do?

File a complaint with The Department of Employment and Fair Housing.

@Diana. Are you an owner? If so, you were given a copy of the HOA regs prior to close of escrow. Ditto if you're a renter and on your lease you acknowledge receipt of the rules.

If you had just arrived and were in a argument loud enough that the cops were called, you probably scared the hell out of the rest of the neighbors. Nobody wants yellers next door, upstairs or downstairs. You want to live in a relatively low crime area near the beach. There are trade offs. If you and your ex engage in routine arguments, maybe you need to look at single family dwellings.

I'd get upset if I was paying high HOA dues only to have somebody's laundry as my view. The rules in most associations prohibit bikes, scooters, and skateboards on the footpaths. It's a safety issue. Having six kids zipping around the complex will not win you friends. Bolker Park is nearby. You could take the kids there to burn off some energy. It's a nice park. Try it.

Otherwise, my advice is to lay low, knock off the loud talk, use the park and the laundromat, and let your neighbors see that you're not the resident from hell. Good luck!

@Nobody. This lady has seven people crammed in a two bedroom unit. Her family is burning up the infrastructure. Laundry, baths, dishes, toilets are heavy water users, and her use is being subsidized by one and two person units.

More important to me than some kids in diapers, or naked toddlers is in her word "unattended". How did that kid get out the door? Was the baby in an area of danger, ie, public sidewalk/street, community drives/garages? I can't recall any of my kids at two effecting an escape from a locked domicile. Unlocked/door ajar, yes. Locked deadbolt? Nope. The yelling? OMgoodness. Obviously this is not an isolated event and this lady needs to bring down the volume. Many HOA's impose an immediate fine if the cops are called, and if she has numerous call outs the fines may increase. BTW, what else is in the 180/360 camera view? Laundry room? Garages? Are there neighbors alleging property damage/vandalism in the area? Answer all the questions honestly before making yourself look silly, is my advice to Diana.

Diana, file a complaint with the Department of Employment and Fair Housing. They have a excellent success record in prosecuting rogue HOA's like the one you are discribing. You most likely receive a huge settlement and the HOA won't bother you again.

Pray tell, where is the discrimination? Please be specific.
In order for complaints to be upheld, there has to be proof. Where is hers?

Pray tell, where is the discrimination? Please be specific.
In order for complaints to be upheld, there has to be proof. Where is hers?

@Diana, Here is a article you should read.

The state and a group of tenants are suing the owners of the Huntington Arms Apartments for allegedly discriminating against children with families.

According to the lawsuit, the former apartment manager scolded children who played outside and told tenants the owners planned to evict larger families.

Catalina Martinez, who lived at the 32-unit Detroit Avenue building for two years, said the manager once berated her 8-year-old daughter for drawing on the pavement with washable chalk.

"The manager yelled at her and asked her why she did it. She told her when adults do something like that, they take them to jail," she said in Spanish.

"My daughter got scared. She didn't want to go out to play anymore. I didn't want to let her go play," added Martinez, who moved more than a year ago.

In a lawsuit filed in Contra Costa Superior Court, the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing alleges the property owners' treatment of families with children violated state and federal fair housing laws. The state filed the lawsuit after a mandatory mediation last month with the defendants was unsuccessful.

Tenants Together, a statewide renters' rights organization, has filed a joint lawsuit against the landlords on behalf of four families. Both lawsuits seek monetary damages and an end to all discriminatory rules and practices.

Building owner Peter Carlson, a college professor who lives in Virginia, did not return a call seeking comment. Efforts to reach co-defendants Joan Bull and Teresa Ratcliff were unsuccessful.

The lawsuit alleges that over several months, Ratcliff -- the former apartment building manager -- scolded children when they played in the courtyard, told tenants kids couldn't play in front of apartments because adults were sleeping and raised the specter of evicting larger families.

In March 2012, according to the suit, Ratcliff sent tenants a written notice that children weren't allowed to ride bikes, skate or play ball in the courtyard and were barred from the laundry room without parental supervision. The missive also encouraged parents to "talk to your children about climbing stairs in a normal manner."

The children were young and playing at appropriate times of day, not teenagers carousing late at night, according to Leah Simon-Weisberg, legal director for Tenants Together.

"You can't treat children differently; you can't have rules that are different for children and for adults," she said. "If you're saying children can't play outside, then you're discriminating against families because you have special rules."

This is the second lawsuit Tenants Together has filed against owners of a Concord apartment building in the past three months. The first one claimed the landlords had failed to rid their building of bedbugs.

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing pursues legal action against property owners when an investigation uncovers "sufficient evidence of housing discrimination," department spokeswoman Annmarie Billotti wrote in an email. The most common violations are against families with children and persons with disabilities, she wrote.

Conditions at the apartment building have improved since a new manager started in January, according to Simon-Weisberg. But tenants are still afraid and don't let their children play outside much because the owners never acknowledged the previous manager's behavior, she added.

Had Diana claimed all the children in the complex were being harassed, that would be significant. However, she admits to being significantly loud in at least two instances, once with her ex, once when her friends allowed her two year old baby to escape from her second floor condo. Both screaming episodes were followed by police intervention. She admits her children violated rules by bike riding and skating in unauthorized areas. Her complaint is other children aren't reported. She, however, would not be privy to whether or not others were reported. The BOD does not have to disclose that information.

The point is, by her own words she has demonstrated her claim is not likely to be upheld as a discriminatory practice. Your example is misleading and doesn't speak to the merits.

I will make every effort to contact Diana Larios and help her with her complaint. I am also contacting the tenant group that helped Mrs. Martinez and reach out to them for assistance.

@April, I'm unaware of any law that states as long as you don't harass all the children in the housing complex it's o.k.. And I agree with your statement "She, however, would not be privy to whether or not others were reported". You made another interesting statement: "She admits her children violated rules by bike riding and skating in unauthorized areas". Catalina Martinez made the same claim. You also made mention of an argument Diana Larios had on two occasions with her spouse. In both occasions the police left without citing anyone. Your claim that governing body; a HOA who has a monetary incentive, found her guilty. I have a feeling they'll have to defend their position in court. They'll have to prove their position not Mrs. Larios.

Here is a comparisons among the two cases.
Diana Larios's comments:
"they threaten only my children with the police".

Catalina Martinez's Comment:
"She told her(the child) when adults do something like that, they take them to jail".

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing pursues legal action against property owners when an investigation uncovers sufficient evidence. I am going to assist Mrs. Larios in regards to making that investigation take place. That is all.

I never said it was "okay" to harrass anyone, but thanks for demonstrating a willingness to misconstrue facts to make a point. Kind of says it all.

Where's the discrimination? You failed to provide a specific in your rambling response. The citation you list does in fact demonstrate hostility towards an entire class. There is no such demonstration in the case of this park. The writer claims only her children are singled out, but she provides no proof. Perhaps I missed the part where her neighbors say their children have never been reported for aberrant behavior. The Bolker resident does sustain the fact her children are in violation of the rules. In fact, she admits to numerous violations, including those where the police have responded. Police rarely cite disturbing the peace calls, and Port Hueneme PD is no exception. Most area HOA's impose heavy fines for breach of peace. If she is a renter, her landlord will quickly tire of paying the fines. If she's the owner, she'll grow tired of writing those checks.

Please do keep us apprised of the progress of the complaint. Please include a log number.

Have a great day.


You stated:
"Had Diana claimed all the children in the complex were being harassed, that would be significant".

I, and most of humanity think harassment of one child is significant. I didn't accuse you of saying it's o.k.. You just don't think it is significant.

April stated:
"she admits to being significantly loud in at least two instances, once with her ex, once when her friends allowed her two year old baby to escape from her second floor condo".

Now April, please "cut and paste" where Mrs. Larios stated "her two-year-old baby had escaped from a second story condo".

April, how many people do you think were significantly loud during yesterday's super bowl game? Are you suggesting HOA's take it upon themselves to determine whose family was loud to the point the HOA should get money?

I suggest you contact Greg Totten and apply for a job in the district attorney's office. You're an ideal culture fit. Let me guess.... McGeorge...?

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

Discrimination was not demonstrated. Ms. Larios states her children were singled out for rules violation, but provides no proof.

"... I kinda blew my top yelling at the father of my children who does not live with me but is often around. I guess the emptiness amplified my yelling and the cops walked into my house 15 minutes after I was calm..."

"...I get false police reports made in me weekly for possible 'domestics'..."

"...I have no patio or yard. I live upstairs....I got a notice I permit my kids to play outside naked because once my two years olds ran out in thier (sic) diapers,while I was picking up water in the hallway. I was obviously upset I yelled at the other adults in the home because this was unacceptable.... Called the cops for me getting upset..."

Don't need a job, but thanks for the suggestion. I volunteer as a victim advocate.
Got that log number yet?


I respectivlely ask to strike "baby to escape from her second floor condo" from the record.

If a person comes to you and said "I've been raped" do you ask him or her to prove it? No. You have an investigation and then the district attorneys office let's the rape kit sit in the evidence room for 20 years. If you are looking for victims that's a great place to start.

We don't have a completed investigation in the Larios case.
The HOA is more than welcome to call witnesses to the stand if a trial is required.

Just post the log number.

I'll check back next month.

Ms. Lairos should be a cinch to locate. It's a small complex, she has a propensity to "yell" and her six kids like to zip around on bikes and scooters.

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