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Simi Valley Democrats @ The Farmer's Market

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( If anyone has a video of O'hara speaking , send me a link please. Until then, here is MSNBC on Fox News calling a hand gesture that many do a "terrorist fist jab". Watch it in case your neighborhood kids are doing it in front of you!)

The Simi Valley Democrats will be tabling at the Farmer's Market. If you are interested in helping click on continue reading for details.

They also have a new guest speaker at their July meeting about running local campaigns. Finally, the new political consultant in town has been revealed.

Here is their announcement:

SVM DEM CLUB JULY PROGRAM July 16 7PM Community Room SV Public Library

we are going to give everyone an opportunity to learn more about the subject of what it takes to run for office. We have several local seats up for grabs this year so we figure timing is everything.

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Marc O'Hara who will give us a brief introduction to Simi Valley and Ventura County voter demographics as well as a primer on volunteering, staffing, and campaigning for office. The primer will include targeting, message development, and producing high-impact direct mail.

Mr. O'Hara, a fifth generation Californian, is the founder of Precision Politics, a firm that has conducted more than 100 successful campaigns and public affairs initiatives in 23 states across America.

Mr. O'Hara's frequent political commentary has aired on CNN's InsidePolitics, the BBC, NPR and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He is a 10-time Pollie Award winner - the Oscar of politics - for creative excellence in political advertising.

July 11 & 18 2:30 - 8:00PM

Farmer's Market Tabling at the Simi Mall
The SVMDC will be tabling every Friday, registering voters, passing out campaign swag, and building our Club.
We need volunteers so go to our website, click on John Strubbe's name in the left-hand column and let him know you want to help


E.D. Hill hinting that a fist bump is somewhat unamerican for being unorthodox in politics... really E.D.?
It's quite surprising how Fox News can really try to make a mountain out of a mole hill negatively by an outrageous comparison.

Brian....it's not Vallet.........It's Valley. LOL

I thought they parked the cars for the customers.


I do not get offended if people spell check me or let me know when something doesn't read correctly. Feel free to email or post the edits. I appreciate it!

Thanks Barbra for reading and leaving comments.

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  • Brian: I thought they parked the cars for the customers. Fixed. read more
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  • Ike: E.D. Hill hinting that a fist bump is somewhat unamerican read more