Assembly Member Audra Strickland Preparing To Run For Secretary Of State Against Debra Bowen

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Assembly Member Audra Strickland has filed to start raising money to run for Secretary of State. She is termed out and I have heard rumors that she is thinking of running for another office, but the screen shot above shows she is strongly considering statewide office. Current incumbent Debra Bowen is up for re-election in 2010.

Click here for the filing page showing Audra Strickland's filing.

Debra Bowen is very popular with grassroots Democrats and she will be able to call upon them if she runs for Secretary of State or another office. Can we admit that term limits hasn't stopped career politicians? You should join Debra Bowen on Facebook, even if only to watch how the technology is being used by innovative politicians.

Click here for Debra Bowen's website.

Click here for a Wikipedia page on Audra Strickland. If you include additional information on Audra Strickland, her legislative record, and her past campaigns, send me an email so that I can post that it has been updated.

By the way: Did you see that Audra Strickland is preparing to run for Secretary of State on any blog or in any newspaper before my blog? Thanks for reading.


This certainly provided me with the biggest laugh of the year. The woman who could pass no legislation in all of the last session is going to take on the very popular and highly competent Debra Bowen?

Oh, what a gift you have been given, Debra. Audra Strickland's staff can't even write a credible OpEd piece (yesterday's business about "windows" and the cliched "waste, fraud and abuse.")

I think I'll go apply to be Queen of England. My odds are better.

Congratulations Brian.

Looks like you've scooped everybody on this story. It'll be interesting to see what is really going on here or if this is just some fundraising gimmick.

Keep in mind that Stricklands and all their operatives make lots of money off of running campaigns. Whether they win or lose, they make money.
Stricklands, the masters of Independent Expenditure ("IE") campaigns, also want control of the state office that tracks them.

Not only that, but money raised in this campaign could and will be siphoned off to help other Republican candidates running for office in the County. It's been done before and there's no reason to think it won't be done again!

Perhaps it is a diversionary tactic from the fact that Audra's Chief of Staff has charges filed against him and her husband has been named in an arrest warrant for Bill Postmus.

Well Joel will certainly need the cash to pay the victims of his actions in the Westlake brawl. Restitution and upcoming civil suit and all that.


ROTFLMAO!! The Stricklands can't survive without that goverment paycheck!!

Stricklands play the numbers game. They live off the taxpayer when they win one and live off the donors when they lose one. Like rats and cockroaches, Stricklands have been hard to exterminate politically, but not impossible.

Yeah, you guys did such a swell job of it in the last election. Frankly, I'm not holding my breath.

Yea Ventura Voter, a real big failure, wasn't it. 800 votes and the Phony spent 1 1/2 million dollars more.

Fact remains you lost, my friend. Jackson spent a boatload of money that wasn't her's either, so what's your point?

It's pretty funny that Marie is critical of Audra Strickland for passing no legislation in the last session yet this "lame duck" legislator is somehow the Star's poster child for legislative failure. In this state, the inability to pass any legislation at all would be a drastic upgrade.

I'd also tread easy on credibility and op-ed pieces. The Star's opinion which singled out Assemblywoman Strickland was childish at best. You seem to have no problem completely ignoring the fact that the Star endorsed Audra Strickland a few short months ago and is now throwing her under the bus. Not that Tony Strickland's run for State Senate had anything to do with the "fair and balanced" Audra Strickland endorsement. No way. Endorse Masry twice and then go with Audra Strickland the third time around and just happen to endorse against her husband in a much closer race. Pure coincidence.

Not really. She just proposes stupid legislation that's all. Here's an example:

Capitol Venture, one of the lobbying firms the Ventura County School Board of Education just axed, was also involved in work on a failed bill authored by Audra. According to the Star, AB911, introduced on behalf of the VCOE, would have equalized the amount of money counties receive for students in Regional Occupational Programs. The bill would not have helped the local schools, former Ventura County Superintendent of Schools Charles Weis told the Star, “It would have taken money away from us.?

Good job Audra. Good job overpriced and completely useless lobbying firm.

So just how is Phony Tony involved in the meth bust in San Bernardino County? According to the papers, his name was all over the perps e-mail and telephone records.

Logic, how would you categorize Audra's ability to mobilize folks in Camarillo against the prison hospital? She is unable to get anyone to work with her on the issues she cares for the most, huh?

Now who's logical?

Well, let's be honest here. The folks in Camarillo were pretty well mobilized on their own. They formed a group and were doing all the right things. Then Audra, just before the election, goes off and forms her own very partisan group of selected people. It smacked of political grandstanding.

From what I heard, the first group was not particularly happy about that.

I live in Camarillo, near the proposed hospital site and the new prison group is a political sham - it doesn't exist except in the minds of partisan elected officials. The first group has every reason to be unhappy - doubly unhappy because evidently elected officials ignored numerous warnings before it went into federal receivership.

Did the first group ever get the $10K promised by Tony Strickland?

That's a bunch of hogwash! The group that Audra formed to oppose the prison hospital is the one that's moving the ball down the field. They're the ones who actually got a meeting with J. Clark Kelso to talk turkey on this thing.

Camarillo residents were very appreciative of their efforts too. That's because they realized that Audra and the other officials involved in the meeting (D.A. Greg Totten, Undersheriff Craig Husband, et al) would likely have some political sway with Kelso's office.

Coming from a couple of disgruntled Hannah-Beth Jackson supporters, your views don't have much credibility. But, I'm sure you have another version of the truth that you'd be willing to share.

First I just want to start off with saying HOW INCREDIBLY HAPPY I AM THAT OBAMA IS NOW OUR PRESIDENT!!

OK. Got that out of my system. :-)

Who I supported/didn't support in SD 19 is immaterial to my opinion that Audra Strickland is not a competent legislator. I didn't respect her before and my opinion has not changed. She writes silly legislation, has no original thoughts and takes campaign money from the worst of the worst. Her chief of staff has serious anger management issues.

But we should all just shut up and let her run. In fact, I encourage her to do this. If Audra gets her party's nomination, Debra Bowen will have no credible competition and can continue to concentrate on doing a fine job for the state with little worrying about having to mount a serious campaign.

It is a politization of an unfortunate situation - the latest prison group "formed" by Audra is not bi-partisan. The area Supervisor isn't even included. It is all right wing Republicans - some on the extremist side. It is a partisan hack group and it sent out a very poorly executed mailer. The Political Sway should have come years earlier - instead of after the horse has left the barn.

So Illogical, was the $10K ever sent to the first prison group? I have no idea but perhaps you do.

So, Marie, who would you say is a competent legislator? The rest of the morons up there (majority of them Democrats, BTW) who can't pass a budget?

And, believe me, the legislation that's coming out of Sacramento these days is nothing to be proud of (especially all the nanny bills). If I were Audra, I'd be proud of the fact that I'm not authoring any bills, in light of the Legislature's failure to balance the budget. That should be their top priority, don't you think?

Fran Pavley has passed landmark environmental legislation which has been nationally recognized, yet she remains a very humble, hard-working public servant averse to political grandstanding. She is a hero to those of us who care about the environment.

Pedro Nava is Banking and Finance Chair, and Joint Chair of Legislative Committee on Emergency Services and Homeland Security. He has taken the lead in disaster preparedness issues and is well liked by both the environmental activists and business folks. (His wife announced last night she is running for his seat. I have an item about it in my blog.)

They aren't in budget negotiations year round. Audra is authoring bills; but they are not quality legislation and never go anywhere. I've read analysis of the few that have it. Tony didn't pass much when he was in the Assembly, either. Reagan license plates, renaming highways, expanding gambling in the state, another bill vetoed by the governor for "increasing the size of the government," etc.

The Democrats have proposed major budget cuts -- in some areas, more than the Republicans. It is the Republican minority which has been hanging the budget up. Thankfully, there is now movement, as I read a story yesterday which said Villines has talked about backing off the "no new taxes" stance. California Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Allan Zaremberg said this week that his group is "not opposed to all taxes" in the current budget environment.

We elect politicians to negotiate and compromise, not take hardline stances.

Yes, it's painfully obvious they're not in budget negotiations year-round. Maybe they should be. At a minimum, they should be chained to their desks in Sacramento until they pass a budget. It just doesn't appear to be much of a priority for them.

Meanwhile, the State's bond ratings turn to junk. The State is running out of cash to pay vendors and contractors. And now it seems certain they'll be issuing IOU's for State income tax refunds. This is pathetic!

Audra is absolutely right. The Dems are trying to shame the Republicans into passing their version of the budget (which is loaded with tax increases). They shouldn't be bullied into adopting a budget that is not the right fix for the State's fiscal problems just because Democratic legislators say so.

I intend to vote against any and all incumbents in the next election. If enough people follow suit, maybe they'll finally get the message. Up to now, they haven't gotten it.

Audra Strickland know thast california is have a budget problem? So while Audra Strickland, is cutting your childs school funding to pass a GOP "bad for California" budget. She feels things are fine state wide to raise money to Secretary of State? that is shameful.

Brian Dennert here

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