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Which State Senators Are Taking A Pay Cut

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Ventura County Star reporter Timm Herdt has an interesting article that lists which State Senators are taking a pay cut.

Click here to read his blog.

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I guess the casino tribes will have to pony up a bit more this year!

With the crappy job he does Phony Tony should be making $0!

Same goes for Pedro Nava. What a friggin' joke! "No drilling, no drilling, no drilling. I'm still living in 1969 and haven't acknowledged the technological advances and safeguards that oil companies have implemented to prevent spills."

Now his wife is trying to fill his seat after he terms out and the Democrats have the audacity to criticize Tony and Audra Strickland for supposedly playing musical chairs? The pot calling the kettle black to be sure.

Jesse James, Susan Jordon has some chops of her own. Audra had none. Susan Jordon hasn't capitalized on her husband's name. Audra did and does. Susan Jordon speaks for herself and to her voters. Audra didn't and doesn't.

I could and will go on and on but you get the drift.

FYI: There was an oil spill in the S.B. channel just last week...

And opposition to new oil drilling in state waters is universal among the Democratic leadership and most major newspapers in the state, not just Nava.

So why was Strickland one of the very last senators to agree to a pay cut? Can you explain that bit of foot dragging Jesse James?

You're so wrong, Katie. Audra has already proven herself with regard to serving her constituents, most recently in helping to fend off the State prison receiver's attempts to force a prison hospital upon the residents of Camarillo.

The State backing off on this preposterous and astronomically expensive proposal was due, in large part, to the efforts of Audra Strickland, Sheriff Bob Brooks, and District Attorney, Greg Totten.

What has Jordan done, except for glomming on to her husband's notoriety to try and get elected? Nothing, is the answer!

By the way, don't you claim to be a Republican? I think I've seen you make this claim in previous posts. Yet, you've come out in favor of most Democrats that are running, particularly of late. Why don't you go ahead and make it official and move over to the dark side?

Pelican Pete,

There are oil seepages occurring off the Santa Barbara coast on a daily basis. These are natural leaks coming from the ocean floor and are simply Mother Gaya's way of burping and relieving pressure.

Of course, the EDC, the Surfrider's Foundation, Heal the Ocean, the Sierra Club and any other number of enviro-Nazi groups in the Santa Barbara area would love you to believe that some dastardly oil company is responsible for it all. They prefer emotion to science though because it bolsters their radical position on everything from oil drilling to letting the ocean reclaim the shoreline where people live, work, and recreate. These nuts value lizards, birds, bugs, and plants far more than they do human beings.

I am a lifelong Republican and a conservative one at that. I am also about integrity and I don't drink kool-aid much to the dismay of some elected officials.

Don't even bring up the prison fiasco - it should have been addressed by elected officials YEARS ago. Why do you think it ended up in receivership? And the $10K that TS committed to the cause came out of campaign donations, not his personal pocket. The lawsuit by Strickland, Brooks, Totten et al was a partisan gambit for publicity.

I support people that have integrity - not of a particular party affiliation.

Well we just caught Jesse the Punk in another lie. They just had an oil spill off the Santa Barbara Coast last week dummy! Maybe if you actually listened to something besides Faux Fake News or Rush Limpdrup you would know that dummy! Makes you wonder with GOP Senator Ensign being caught in an affair and GOP Governor Sanford and before them Larry Craig, Ted Haggart, Foley, etc etc, if maybe Fraudra has ever thought about calling that show Cheaters to put a tail on Phony Tony just to check?

Jordan has had a lifetime of accomplishments, has received many awards for her work and had a stellar business career before entering public service. She has only been married to Nava for a few years.

Don't underestimate her.

I want to know, too: Why did Strickland wait so long to take a pay cut?

Why would anyone in their right mind hand over millions of acres of offshore oil leases to BigOil when (1) CA doesn't receive a penny in extraction fees, as does every other state and (2) when BigOil is sitting on 60 million acres of oil leases withing the continental USA, that they refuse to tap?

Their support for offshore drilling (and BigOil dollars)is so important to the reelections of GOP candidates that they lie to the voters and create phony excuses for drilling.

What's a 5% pay cut when you're an Alternative Energy Executive? One sunny windy day and it's paid for.

You call less than a barrel of oil (42 gallons) a spill? Again with the exaggerated b.s. from the enviro-crazies like "Jesse James = A Punk" (a.k.a., Wyatt Atkins).

Then he goes into a litany of scandals about Republicans, conveniently forgetting about his hero, Bill Clinton, boffing young interns in the Oval Office; John Edwards, cheating on his cancer-striken wife - nice!; and Barney (SLUR EDITED OUT) and his house full of male prostitutes. Get a life, bone brain!

Katie, it seems to me that you've been drinking the Democratic Kool-Aid lately.

The differences is that not one of those Dems ever stood up to announce their moral purity and condemn others for a lack of same, while secretly committing the same acts they themselves call sins.


You're quick on the draw but you couldn't hit the side of a barn. You sound like you attended the same debate workshop as Owen. Only an idiot would try to defend the Republican's record on morality and obeying the law.

Give me a single example of an American law that hasn't been broken by a Republican office holder in the last ten years. The Republicans have kidnapped, raped, tortured, murdered, lied, cheated, and stole their way into the history books as the most corrupt regime in American history.

You should be ashamed of it but it's actually something that you're proud of.

Lest we forget, there's also the case of Ted Kennedy who murdered his mistress, Mary Jo Kopechne. And let's not forget about Gary Hart. Need I go on?

The Republicans started this family values morality crap in the first place. Why do you think it is o.k. for the Republicans to inject themselves into the American peoples' lives in the first place? Isn't that big government at its worst? Stop being an ignorant hypocrite for a moment and think about it. The Republicans started this nonsense. Why do you think that is o.k. with you?

Rebuttal to the need for Republican "family values" in America:

There you go again Ron. (Grin) Picking on the American people.

Ronald I think if you drove around America and knocked doors you would find allot of hard-working families with plenty of morals. And what they may be lacking they sure aren't going to learn from politicians.

Most Repubs, like most Dems, truly believe in living a moral and ethical life. Those despicable hypocrites who have risen to the top of the GOP leadership, like Sanford, have done so by bamboozling those Repub voters...by speaking up loudly for those values in public yet ignoring them in private.

These leaders have shown that they don't care about the values most of us truly care about. They care only about getting themselves elected and they'll lie, cheat and steal to do it, even as they wrap themselves in the Flag and claim to speak for God.

Now that their Family Values bumper stickers have become a bit worn, they've turned to an Anti-Tax Movement to keep voters bamboozled ...at least through the next election.

Dennert Bloggers:
Friends, you're falling into the trap of focusing on the marginal micro-miniscule, rather than the main macro money mojo!

Who cares whether these Sacramento Legends in their Own Political Minds, be they Democrats or Republicans, take a 5% pay cut?

Do you really think that any one of them will somehow "feel the pain" of the average working class stiff in this State by taking a 5% pay cut in their $116,000 per year legislative salary? (By the way, that figure doesn't include the tax-free per-diem payments they get, as well as all the other State-taxpayer funded bennies).

The average working class family of four in this State earns $40,000 per year. That is if they still have a job. That's just a little over one-third of the annual tax-payer funded salaries earned by most of these State legislators. The Big-Five leaders earn more.

And what did these so-called, self-selected, Family-values legislators, be they Republican or Democrats do to the average working class families in this State when they passed the State's FY 08-09 so-called, “balanced-budget" nearly nine months late in February of this year? Why they increased State taxes and fees on working class families by about $1,200 per year! Worse, at the same time that they gave nearly $1 Billion in tax-breaks to rich, Hollywood and Silicon-valley corporate elites! And remember, all of this was negotiated by the Big-Five, our Girly-Man Governator, plus the then Majority Democratic, and Minority Republican leaders of the State Assembly and State Senate, behind closed-doors and presented as an “all or nothing, vote up or down” package to the State Legislature. This passes for fiscally sound, fully open, 21st Century Democracy in California?

I guess in some "Bizzaro-World" those Legislators who voted to increase the State tax-burden on working class families by $1200 per year may also justify to themselves that their voluntary 5% pay cut demonstrates their personal empathy with working class families. But in the real world, I would be willing to bet their 5% pay cut that most working class families would call their actions personally soulless, and politically shameful!

How can any one of these State Legislators, be they Democrats or Republican, look squarely into the eyes of their constituents who are working class families and say to them with a straight-face, and clear conscience, that they feel their pain by cutting their $116,000 per year legislative pay by 5%?

And finally, let's get to the only Family-values economic performance statistic that matter to working families, do they have a job?

Whether they’re Democrats or Republicans, all of these State Legislators fall over themselves daily to get their faces in the newspaper, face-time on TV, and their voices on the radio, in order to take credit when the economic news is good, either in their respective legislative districts or the State as a whole.

Well, let's take a close look at unemployment statistics in the State and Ventura County during the last twelve months (i.e. May 2008 to 2009). During that period, the State's unemployment rate jumped from 6.8% to 11.5%. And, by comparison, that number was 2% higher than the 9.4% national rate in May 2009. So much for your economic stewardship record for our Golden State, California Legislators and Girly-Man Governator, during the most recent twelve-month period.

Statewide, the May 2009 unemployment figure was reported by EDD as 2,138,000 or some 885,000 more Californians out of work over last May. In Ventura County, more than 41,000 people were reported unemployed in May of 2009, versus 23,000 a year earlier..

If you doubt these numbers, check out the EED's website for yourself. (See URL above)

It's long past the time for all of these jokers, be they Democrats or Republicans, to get real, cut the deals, pass a fiscally sound, socially just, forward looking State budget and turn these numbers around.. That, more than all this puerile political posturing about taking pay-cuts, is what California's working families need, deserve, and demand..

As they shouted on the Streets of Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention, “…The whole world is watching!.”


What I'm doing here, quite effectively it seems, is pointing out the hypocrisy of a bunch of self-righteous Democrats who claim to have a monopoly on morality and righteous living.

I certainly don't disagree with the general premise that many politicians are hypocritical. But, you guys are acting just like them when you focus on one party and don't tell the full story. That's all I'm trying to point out with my comments here.

Does that picture look crooked to you?

Jesse, it is beyond belief that you're now attempting to make the claim that Dems have been acting like abunch of self-righteous legislators who claim to have a monopoly on morality and righteous living. You are unbelievable!

"Gov. Sanford told his staff during a televised cabinet meeting today that he was just like King David, the biblical King of Israel and that if King David didn’t resign after committing adultery and murder, well then neither will he!"

The Bible is full of unsavory types.

Has Rush Limbaugh started selling star of Sanford necklesses on his website yet?


What about former New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer (also a Democrat), who ran on a platform to crack down on vice and criminal activity and restore morality to the state? Ooops!

There are tons of examples of this blatant hypocrisy among the Dems, dating back to JFK and FDR (a couple of adulterers in their own right). I've only touched on a few examples here.

So, down off the high horse with you and take a little reality check.

Yeah, Spitzer was a Dem and a hypocrite but if you know NY state politics, you are elected to office on a combination or Dem & Conservative party lines or Repub and Conservative Party lines...there's no such thing as a purely Dem or Repub victory in NY. The Conservative Party line is an absolute requirement. Spitzer was elected on a conservative platform, not a liberal one, and he turned out to be a hypocrite. He should have been indicted for the same reasons he'd indicted others.

As for the "tons" of examples, JFK and FDR never advocated moral absolutism in regards to sex. Today's Repub leaders have...and continue to do so. It's not the shtupping Sanford did behind closed doors that's hypocritical, it's that he attacked others for doing what he was doing, thinking he'd never get caught. THAT's what's hypocritical.

JFK was a Roman Catholic and was very open about touting his upbringing in this faith and his supposed adherence to its principles and practices, which includes fidelity and honoring the sacredness of marriage. He was a hypocrite, without a doubt.

Spitzer was a Dem and a big hypocrite too and there's no dancing around that fact.

Wrong. JFK made every effort to convince people he was NOT a devout adherent of the teachings of the Catholic Church. He never denied his upbringing but he never let it get in the way of politics. Stop making things up.

Candidate Spitzer claimed the conservatives' moral high ground while he was living in the gutter. Dems commit adultery as frequently as Repubs. The difference is that Dems usually don't condemn others for it while THEY'RE doing it but to get elected today as a Repub, you almost HAVE to condemn others for it...even if YOU'RE doing it.

GS said: "Dems commit adultery as frequently as Repubs."

Thank you. That was my whole point.

The folks that were posting here were the ones sounding all self-righteous defaming Republicans - and only Republicans, without any acknowledgment that Democrats are guilty of the exact same type of behavior.

As the old saying goes - People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

That's a cheap way to declare victory, Jesse. After all, your point really was that Dems are hypocrites.

"What I'm doing here, quite effectively it seems, is pointing out the hypocrisy of a bunch of self-righteous Democrats who claim to have a monopoly on morality and righteous living."

Dems DON'T make that claim. I haven't heard a single Dem castigate Sanford for having an affair; only for being a hypocrite. Dems are merely pointing the finger at those who attack others for committing adultery even as they're doing in when no one's looking.

If you don't see the difference then your only concern about the issue is a partisan one.

GS and Jesse James:

At the risk of experiencing virtual collateral damage from one or more stray verbal bullets being exchanged during your Cyber Shoot-out at the OK Corral, permit me to offer an interesting tidbit..

No less a Republican stalwart than Lindsey Graham, the United States Senator from the Palmetto State of South Carolina, offered the following trenchant observation on Democrats and family-values during this morning's NBC Meet the Press..

He said "I don’t think Democrats are for dysfunctional families,” Graham said, adding that President Barrack Obama has been “one of the better role models in the entire country” as a good family man and a good father.“President Obama has done a lot of good in the way he carries himself and conducts himself” regarding family, Graham said

Senator Graham's comment followed questions about South Carolina's GOP Gov. Mark Sanford, who admitted last week that his disappearance for five days was due to visiting his mistress in Argentina. Earlier this month, Rep. John Ensign of Nevada also admitted to an affair.

Senator Graham speaks with considerable political authority on this matter, since he was one of the leaders of the Impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton, when he was in the U.S. House of Representatives.

To paraphrase Seneca, "..Graham locuta, cause finite.."

Ciao Cyber-Pistoleros


Poor Jesse the Punk. Ensign and Sanford both voted to impeach Clinton you idiot, then they turn around and do the same thing. That is called hypocrisy you dumb punk! All true patriots need to only vote for democrats in 2010, VOTE ALL REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE FOR THEIR CRIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all those who feel that Sanford has come clean and is prepared to atone for his deeds...be prepared. Huffington Post and other blogs are reporting that Sanford may well have been carrying on with three OTHER women. I guess we'll hear more pretty soon.

I hear a fly buzzing around the dung heap. Must be that prissy little girl, Jesse James = A Punk. He always flies out of the crap when I call his name.

I'll continue to ignore his nonsensical rants though, as I usually do, and leave him to lay claim as being the official spokesperson for Ventura County Democrats. What an embarrassment.

Yep! Mr Sanctimonious just caved in and admitted he did have affairs with other women...even while he was waving his family values & morality credentials to the Christian Right by demanding that Clinton be impeached for doing the same thing.

That, Jesse, is hypocrisy!

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