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July 2009 Archives

Palin Bails. Again.

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Sarah Palin has announced she isn't coming to speak at the Reagan Library after all.

Seems like her team blamed local volunteers for the confusion when they said:

"...and even requested that the Governor's name be removed from the invitation several weeks ago."

I don't have a copy of a recent invitation to see if it was removed, but I trust that if the local group received her request they would have done so promptly. She was described as "our expected guest" by the local Republican group in many news stories. I highly doubt they would be calling her that if she sent a request to remove her name.

The confusion is clearly the fault of her team for not announcing to the public or to the media that she wasn't intending on coming long before this became a big story.

News like this just make her seem more and more erratic.

Click on continue reading for statements from both sides.

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State Senator Tony Strickland Surprises Me

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I really thought State Senator Tony Strickland would have voted NO on the entire budget deal to protect himself in a potential Republican primary, but the budget deal has been passed and provided the needed vote to make it pass.

State Senator Strickland, you surprised me. Keep it up.

In other Strickland news he was able to deliver by helping to eliminate the trash board, which critics of state government have been complaining about for years. Click on continue reading to see his full update that he emailed out on that issue and much more.

I have been impressed that State Senator Strickland holds public events where he takes questions from people that show up.

Contrast that to Rep. Gallegly who doesn't post his public calendar and doesn't schedule events open to all of the public very often.

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Kurt Fredrickson On Living In The Suburbs

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I know Kurt Fredrickson mostly because we serve together on a city committee together. But many of you might know him because he has been a pastor and long time community volunteer. He has volunteered and been involved with causes to to help police officers, the free clinic, the homeless, Rotary, and more. Click here for his biography.

He writes a blog on spiritual, church, and political issues. His recent blog entry on living in the suburbs is really thought provoking.

Here is an excerpt:

But there is another side to suburban living. Where we live, how a community is fashioned affects the way we think and act. This is the dangerous side of the suburbs. While suburbs are looking more and more like urban settings, there is still something insidious about the suburbs.

Click here to read the rest of his recent blog entry.

Go read it and leave him a comment.

If you see a local blog you want me to post an entry on let me know.

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Jay Kapitz On Health Care Reform

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Community volunteer, Barack Obama delegate, and Democratic Party leader Jay Kapitz has written his opinion on healthcare reform. Jay is a tireless advocate for progressive causes. I suggest Democratic candidates running for congress or state office try to get him involved in their campaigns.

Here is Jay's take on healthcare reform:

Single Payer Health Care for California and President Obama's National Health Care Plan with Public Option

In my opinion, Single Payer Health Care (SPHC) is the best alternative to fix our broken health care system. I hope you will attend the Health Care Forum on Wednesday, August 12, 2009, at 6:30 PM, at the Thousand Oaks Library to learn more about this issue and its solution. This event is sponsored by the Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley, Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, Simi/Moorpark Democratic Club, Camarillo Democratic Club and SoCal Grassroots. While many of us support SPHC we are also aware that President Obama is working hard to reform our health care system at the national level. I will attempt to provide a very broad illustration of the key elements of these two solutions. I will also lay out why it is important to respect and understand that, as Democratic activists, some of us may be drawn to support either or both plans.
SPHC is a plan that eliminates the insurance companies and uses the administrative cost savings to insure the uninsured. It has been called Medicare for all. SPHC is currently working its way through the California legislature in the form of Senate Bill 810, sponsored by Mark Leno. Senate Bill 810 is the successor bill to Senate Bill 840 which was sponsored by Sheila Kuehl. One way to learn more about SPHC is to visit the Healthcare For All website at www.healthcareforall.org. Healthcare For All has a very detailed strategy to pass SPHC in California with the expectation of an eventual state by state adoption.
President Obama's national health care plan is evolving as we go to press. Rather than repeat the failure to gain heath care reform that occurred during the Clinton administration, the President is first asking Congress to present legislation within the parameters that he presented during the campaign. His goal is a plan that provides and mandates coverage for most Americans; contains a choice between existing insurance plans and a public plan; and is financed by deficit neutral cost saving measures. President Obama believes there is no political viability for a SPHC plan at the national level. Even the public option part of his plan is becoming a hard sell to Blue Dog Democrats and of course most Republicans. More information about the President's national health care plan can be obtained by visiting www.healthreform.gov.
We are looking at two battles: 1) a long term battle for SPHC for California (and eventually the rest of the country) and 2) a battle now at the national level for Obama's health care reform. There is concern among some SPHC supporters that a watered down national program may be so ineffective that even if passed the result will hurt the chance for success of SPHC. Both plans face uphill battles primarily due to the health care insurance industry's willingness and ability to spend vast sums in order to maintain status quo.
I suggest that Democrats do their own homework and decide which health care reform campaign they wish to support with their volunteer hours and pocketbooks. Supporters of both campaigns are recruiting volunteers at the club level to participate in phone banking and other outreach activities. This is similar to when we are asked to work for local and state level candidates versus national candidates. We need to make up our own minds on how our efforts can be most useful within the constraints of our time and resources. During 2008, I worked on the campaigns for Obama for President, my local school district bond/tax measures and for local candidates. There will be many issues and candidates to support in 2009, 2010 and beyond. I hope you will be active, while remaining supportive and respectful of your fellow activists regardless of how they choose to support Democratic candidates and causes. Very critically, whenever possible, we should try to coordinate our efforts in these endeavors.
Jay Kapitz
Election Strategy Chair
Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley

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A group has filed the papers for an initiative requiring drug testing of California legislators. I have a feeling this is going to be popular with many people after watching the state government deal with the budget crisis.

I think we can safely rule out performance enhancing drugs.

Will you help gather signatures?

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Company Denies its Robots Feed on the Dead

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Tired of all of the serious and depressing news? Well at least robots aren't being designed to human flesh!

Actual intro to a press release:

POMPANO BEACH, Fla.- In response to rumors circulating the internet on sites such as FoxNews.com, FastCompany.com and CNET News about a "flesh eating" robot project, Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. (Pink Sheets:CYPW) and Robotic Technology Inc. (RTI) would like to set the record straight: This robot is strictly vegetarian.

Click here for the rest of the story. I saw this on AndrewSullivan.com.

Budget Deal Complete?

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The legislature and the governor have supposedly agreed upon a budget.

Now is the time to start complaining. What's your complaint?

I am going to make a prediction: State Senator Tony Strickland and State Assembly Member Audra Strickland will vote NO on the budget, even though it is rumored to have no tax increases, although it has many gimmicks that would get a private company in trouble. With term limits being a factor many legislators know their record will come up in a primary if they vote against party orthodoxy.

With them out of the equation, I am wondering what few Republicans will be rounded up to vote for it.

Rep. Gallegly Retirment Rumors From Politico.com

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(This map of the 24th congressional district is interactive. Click on it to explore the district.)

Politico.com recently reported on campaign fundraising and labeled him a retirement possibility because of his fundraising.

Another Republican considered a retirement possibility is Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.), who raised only $42,000 for the quarter -- a significant dropoff from the $115,000 he raised in the first quarter.

If Rep. Gallegly runs again he has more than $800,000 saved up to discourage challengers and to get his message out. The slower fundraising could be Gallegly not seeing the need to spend time and effort raising money unless until he sees a credible challenger. He is obviously favored to win if he runs, but what if he doesn't run?

Rep. Gallegly does appear to be at the end of a long career in politics. He has served as the Mayor of Simi Valley and was first elected to congress in 1986. The question to me is not if he retires but how soon he retires. If he retires this time I would assume the front runner for the seat would be State Senator Tony Strickland, who can run without resigning from his current position. But if he waits until 2012 to retire Strickland would either have to not run for re-election to the State Senate or forgo running for congress.

Add to that mix the new districts that will be drawn up for 2012 and there are many unknowns for this seat.

I expect Rep. Gallegly will run again but the rumors of his retirement draw such interest because an open seat in congress doesn't happen very often.

The polls below are clearly not scientific. Feel free to explain your votes in the comments section. You don't need to register to comment but please keep it classy.

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State Assembly Candidate Jeff Gorell ( District 37, Currently Audra Strickland) Announces Fundraising Report

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Here is a video of Republican candidate for State Assembly Jeff Gorell at a Tea Party, with people that were protesting against Barack Obama, higher taxes, and more government spending.

Jeff Gorell has many reasons to be happy. He has a new addition to his family, no Republican has announced they are challenging him in the primary, and his latest announcement of his fundraising successes shows he is the clear front runner.

Click on continue reading to for the press release.

His major contributers include State Senator Tony Strickland. I am waiting to see if State Senator Strickland also invests in Mike Stoker, who is running in the 35th Assembly District. I don't know if Mike Stoker is planning a serious run for what is considered by many to be a safe Democratic district, but if Tony Strickland donates a large sum of money that will be a good sign for him.

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State Assembly Member Pedro Nava Endorses Tim Allison For Congress ( CA-24 Currently Gallgly)

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Tim Allison, who is running for the Democratic nomination in CA 24 ( Currently Rep. Elton Gallegly), has picked up a great endorsement from State Assembly Member Pedro Nava. Adding this to his earlier endorsements he has a growing list of labor leaders, elected officials, and grassroots activists. I haven't endorsed a candidate and I don't plan to until I know more about each of them.

Click on continue reading for the press release.

Many blogs have a policy against posting press releases. I like to post them so you can read directly what the campaigns are sending out. I also like to post them for the grassroots activists that are looking for tips on how to write an effective press release. It is among the tools I make available to grassroots activists and campaigns. I have also posted a list of party registration, contact information, and when a seat comes up for election to help out those that want to get involved. Thanks to longtime reader and commenter Katie Teague for creating that list. Another resource available is the district maps I have posted. If you know a better source for a map that I have posted please leave a link for us.

To share these resources on a social network like Facebook, click on the appropriate button below.

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Bad Timing

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I recently posted that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had spoken to Jim Dantona about CA 24. My post even made the front page of the very influential blog Dailykos.com :


Click here to see the Daily Kos post. For some reason they called him Peter Dantona.

Then this was reported within days:

A group that campaigned for supervisorial candidate Jim Dantona in 2006 has agreed to pay a $700 fine for accepting contributions that exceeded the county's legal limit.

Click here for the rest of the story from The Ventura County Star.

The article discusses that it was likely an oversight because the independent committee reported their wrong doing, rather than getting caught trying to hide it. That's the strange thing about our campaign finance laws. People frequently get caught up in the regulations on accident. But as far as justice goes by the time the bureaucracy rules on a complaint it is long after a campaign is over and voters could hold a campaign accountable.

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Sheriff Bob Brooks Endorses Pedro Nava For Attorney General

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I haven't been writing much on State Assembly Member Pedro Nava's campaign for Attorney General because this blog is usually focused on local politics. But his latest press release has local importance because Pedro Nava has announced the endorsement of Sheriff Bob Brooks.

The endorsement of such a prominent law enforcement official will go far in his efforts to portray himself as someone that is tough on crime. I don't know who I will vote for yet. I want someone that shows that while they are tough on crime, they are also creative with the limited state resources they are likely able to use.

This endorsement also gives him a chance to show he has bipartisan support, even though his first major effort will be to win the nomination of the Democratic Party. To that end he has also received the endorsement of California Democratic Party leader Eric Bauman.

Click here for my interview with Eric Bauman.

I want a candidate that has bipartisan support as an indicator they view the position as essentially nonpartisan. Getting career law enforcement endorsements from professionals of both parties will show that to me.

Do you know who you are voting for?

Click on continue reading for the full press release.

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This is from Rep. Mark Kirk's own facebook page:



He is running to replace "Senator" Roland Burris, who was appointed by the corrupt governor of Illinois when Barack Obama was elected president. Any of the mentioned candidates would be an improvement over the tarnished legacy of someone appointed by that governor.

Feel free to suggest your own caption for the picture instead of his energized caption.

Which local party do you think has been the most energized this summer? Have you been energized to participate in politics this summer?

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New Blog: Popflict.com

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A friend of mine, Jameson P. Lingl, has started a new blog. Jameson has always come across as very authentic and decent guy. I look forward to reading his stuff.

Check it out at popflict.com and leave him a comment.

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Tim Allison Makes It Official ( CA-24)

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These videos of Tim Allison were made when he was campaigning for Barack Obama:

Tim Allison, a major supporter of Barack Obama, is getting more serious in his campaign to represent the 24th congressional district as he continues to collect endorsements and has now officially filed his FEC paperwork. While other candidates continue to discuss with interest groups and supporters a potential run, Tim Allison has been campaigning at many different events.

He has been lining up endorsements ( click on continue reading for a list) and meeting grassroots activists at event after event. Because he was an early and hard working supporter of Barack Obama he has my attention. The field hasn't been set yet but Tim Allison has so far put together a more credible campaign than any Democrat locally in the last few cycles. If Gallegly runs again he will most likely be the prohibitive favorite. Gallegly has said he is running again which would mean this could be a practice run for a candidate when this becomes an open seat.

When Tim Allison comes to Simi Valley what questions do you want me to ask him?

Here are a few of our ongoing polls:

(This map of the 24th congressional district is interactive. Click on it to explore the district.)

I will add a poll with Republican names after more people submit potential candidates that I should list. Leave a comment with a name of a Republican you would like to see run for the House in Ventura County.

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Attention All Bankers: Is the CRA significantly to blame for the credit crisis?

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Have you heard someone blame the Community Reinvestment Act for triggering the real estate and financial meltdown?

Well, Barry Ritholtz has had enough and is willing to publically debate, with a cash prize, someone that wants to go at it.

The question to start the debate will be:

Is the CRA significantly to blame for the credit crisis?

Click here for the details.

I am not an expert on the regulations governing lending but I do like the idea of public debates, with consequences, between experts. It would sure beat the people yelling on cable news programs.

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Free Slurpies

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I doubted it when I saw my friend Alan post it this morning but it is true.

It really is free slurpee day at Seven-Eleven today because it is 7/11.

Pictures From Das Williams' Campaign Kick Off Events

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Das Williams is running against Susan Jordan for the nomination of the Democratic Party in the 35th Assembly District to replace termed out Assembly Member Pedro Nava. His campaign kick off announcement was earlier this week in Santa Barbara and in Ventura. I didn't attend the event but his campaign staff sent me some photos to post.

Thanks to his staff for sending them in.



I see Das Williams, Brian Leshon, Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett in the picture and a dog in the picture. Who do you recognize?

Ventura County Star Reporter Timm Herdt had a recent blog entry with the provocative title:

I thought it was celebrity news connected to Susan Jordan before I read more.

Click here to read more from Timm Herdt.

Here is the map of the district:


I reset the poll and made it harder for someone to vote multiple times after a blogger from Ventura had fun with it. Let's try this again:

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Gallegly: Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

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In a recent article Rep. Gallegly said:

"We have a full-time campaign operation," Gallegly said. "We have lots of things on our agenda right now that are really pressing. Most people that are retiring don't work as hard as we do."

What's on his agenda? He doesn't appear on television much, he doesn't hold town hall forums, and he isn't going to be passing much legislation being in the minority party.

In the last quarter he raised: $42,057.75

Should Democrats and Republicans interested in running get encouragement from those numbers that he might be retiring? He does have more than $800,000 in his warchest which should prove effective at protecting him if he does run again. But is a slow fundraising period a sign that he is retiring?

Before you look at the results of this poll remember that many people that want him to retire so they can have an ally replace him, not because of his job performance.

Rep. Gallegly said when he first ran in 1986 "New ideas come with new blood .... I want to get the career politicians out of Washington and make them go home and live under the laws they've passed."

Obviously, he changed his mind on that thought. When faced with more years of being in the minority will he change his mind again and retire soon?

With most pundits predicting Democrats will control the House for at least a few more years I wonder if being in the minority is more or less fulfilling for Gallegly. Sure, all the minority seems to do is say NO and complain but at least they don't get much of the blame for any current flaws in legislation.

I fixed this poll to make it harder for a reader from the city of Ventura to vote multiple times. I am sure Marta Jorgenson appreciates your "support" but try to restrain yourself this time.

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Shop Simi Valley First. Because Brian Dennert Asked:Bike Shop Edition

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Continuing with my one blog Shop Simi Valley First Campaign I want to share with you my favorite local bike shop.

In this era it is easy to get great deals on the internet but the thing that makes a local bike shop great is their service. Whether it is recommending local trails ( Next Campaign: Ride Simi Valley First?), fixing up your bike, or finding out about local events this shop does a great job.

Years ago two of us in our family bought bikes at from them. We could have initially saved money over the internet but over the years the service alone has made it worth it. All of the routine maintenance is free and done quickly to get you riding again. And if you break something you can expect them to see if they can repair it before they try to sell you new parts.

Thanks to All Pro Bikes I have never been able to say my bike is being repaired as an excuse not to ride.

Click here for their website.

Has a local business recently surprised you with a good deal or great customer service? Recommend them and encourage others to Shop Simi First!

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Partisan Breakdown of Ventura County

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My reader and contributer, Katie Teague, has updated the file on Ventura County elected officials with all of the suggestions and corrections that my readers made. It includes their party registrations, when their terms are up, and email contact information.

Post a comment with any corrections that need to be made.

You will want to bookmark this entry. Campaign and activists can use it to invite people to events, ask for endorsements, and to lobby elected officials personally.

Show your appreciation for this free resource by leaving Katie Teague a comment.

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Videos: Candidate For Sheriff Geoff Dean

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Goeff Dean's campaign for sheriff has posted some videos from his campaign kick off press conference. being that most of us will never met a candidate for sheriff this is an alright way to see them speak. I look forward to forums where the candidates answer questions.

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Anti-Gay Marriage Activist Carrie Prejean to speak at Young Republicans Event

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Click on continue reading for the press release.

Video: Sarah Palin Saying Hillary Clinton Shouldn't Complain About Press Coverage

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The video above dates back from the primaries. In it Sarah Palin says that female candidates that are under more scrutiny and unfair press coverage should just work harder and not whine or complain over the coverage.

I guess after she understood some of the types of criticisms launched at Hillary Clinton over the last few decades she has a different opinion.

How long until she announces she will be hosting a show on Fox News?

Partisan Breakdown Of Ventura County

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(If you understand why i chose this video then you truly are a Ventura County politics geek.)

This is going to be a blog entry you are going to want to bookmark.

A long time contributer to this blog, Katie Teague, has created a great resource for local campaigns, activists, reporters, and everyday citizens.

Click on the link below to download an Excel file listing the party registration, contact information including email, and the year the position is up for election.

This information can be used by campaigns to contact people to invite them to events or to ask them for endorsements. Citizens can use this information to lobby for their causes directly, and aspiring politicians can check when the next election for a position is coming up. And of course partisans can brag which party controls more of the elected positions in Ventura County.

This is really a collaborative effort and we need your input. Post a comment if you see any errors or information you would like to see added. I will post a corrected version after Katie Teague is able to use all of the feedback.


Katie, I deeply appreciate you choosing to share this resource with my readers. I fixed some errors myself and I am sure others will help too.

Show your appreciation for Katie Teague's work by leaving a comment saying thanks.

Click on the appropriate button below to share this on a social network like Facebook.

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Side Note: I am behind on finishing some recent blog entries. Some of the completed blog entries I am not putting at the top of the page. Make sure you scroll down so you don't miss some new entries.

Das Williams Officially Declaring He Is Running For State Assembly

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Santa Barbara City Council Member Das Williams is also making it official by declaring next week he is running for State Assembly to replace Assembly Member Pedro Nava who is prevented from term limits from running again. Pedro Nava is running for Attorney General.

I am not going to be going to the press conferences but I will post any video that is made available.

I want someone that will stand up for the vital services the state runs but will also challenge existing orthodoxies that dominate Sacramento. I want someone that knows the issues and knows when their supporters, interest groups, and party leaders are wrong.

We need major reforms at the state level on how we create budgets and I don't want someone that needs approval from interest groups to do what they know is needed.

What do you want?

I don't know if Das Williams or Susan Jordan is that candidate yet.

The latest round of fundraising numbers is expected soon. With that data we can tell if State Senator Tony Strickland is willing to invest serious money into Mike Stoker's campaign. I haven't seen much that would make Mike Stoker have bipartisan appeal yet, but the election is a long time away.

Click on continue reading for the press release.

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Mitt Romney Must Be Happy

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What's going on with all of the potential challengers for 2012?

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Dennis Carpenter Makes It Official

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Dennis Carpenter has officially declared he is running for sheriff. Click on the logo above to go to his website. This is from an article covering his press conference:

Flanked by Sheriff Bob Brooks and his top aides, Chief Deputy Dennis Carpenter started his campaign for sheriff Thursday by promising a "seamless, efficient transition" if he's elected to Brooks' post.

Click here for the rest of the news story from Ventura County Star Reporter Tony Biasotti.

Now that both candidates have declared they are running the campaign has officially started. I would think that Geoff Dean has the momentum of endorsements behind him for the time being but there are many that haven't endorsed either candidate yet.

I have not closely watched an election for sheriff before so I don't totally know what to expect. Will the candidates try to get endorsements from the local political parties? How influential are endorsements from elected officials outside of law enforcement on voters?

There should be a few forums between the candidates scheduled across Ventura County early on before the money, momentum, and endorsements are all determined. We need a robust debate that moves beyond bland slogans and into specifics.

This poll is really a test of the energy and organization of the campaigns and not an accurate sample of the voters. I will keep reposting it when I post new entries on the campaign.

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Let The Intrigue Begin

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Found this on Craigslist:

Is Ventura County politics exciting enough for a tell all book? I'm not so sure. My own blog barely keeps my attention sometimes.

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Shop Simi. Because Brian Dennert Asked.

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( This video above is by a young artist that I know personally. If you need creative print or video done check out his youtube channel for samples of his work.)

Instead of just being critical of the city subsidized "Shop Simi First" Campaign I am going to go on a one blog promotion campaign for our city.

I am going to be reporting on local businesses that I frequent that either surprise me with good deals or great service.If you want to help by writing a guest blog entry let me know.

Here is my first entry in a long series.

I have seen the videos that Mike Chandler, the blogger behind VoteSimiValley.com, has produced but I hadn't bothered to check it out myself.

Well, I finally bothered to check it out. Towards the end of a hot summer day I brought my family in and we ordered a monstrous dish of shave ice ( I feel uneasy not adding the D to the end but I understand it is the custom to spell it that way) that was enough two adults and a little one for under 4 bucks.

That's a great deal from a locally owned and operated business.

Click here for Tutu's website which includes live streaming video ( creepy if you ask me), the menu ( more extensive than you might think), and a coupon ( the place is already inexpensive).

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Democratic Labor Group Raising Money

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( Jason Hodge is on the right in this photo from Hannah-Beth Jackson's Simi Valley Campaign office.)

A new group called the Working Blue Democratic Club is holding their first fundraiser this weekend. Their guests will include Ventura County Supervisor John Zaragoza, Ventura County Board of Education Member Ramon Flores, and others.

The Chair of the new club, Jason Hodge, wrote many blog entries for this blog from the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Click on continue reading for details.

I am behind on a few entries so if you haven't seen something you sent in please wait a few days.

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Glen Becerra Uses Campaign Funds To Help Local Businesses

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I have been critical at times over the City of Simi Valley spending money on a "Shop Simi Valley First" campaign because I remain unconvinced it is effective use of government money.

This blog entry though isn't on that program. It is to give credit to Simi Valley City Council Member Glen Becerra for using his campaign funds to help local businesses while getting some buzz around his own name.

Glen Becerra is often mentioned as a potential candidate for open seat elections for the state assembly, state senate, and the US House. People might say he is doing this to improve his own standing in the community and I agree. But that shouldn't be viewed negatively. This should inspire other politicians to think of ways of promoting our communities and themselves, instead of the same tired attacks and the same cliches year after year.

Compare Glen Becerra's ad with the recent op-ed by State Senator Tony Strickland titled " Nevada looks pretty attractive compared with California". I do agree with some of State Senator Tony Strickland's arguments but I don't know if we need the constant reminders of how the failure of California State legislators, including him, to compromise continues to drag down our state.

This is the smartest political move I have seen Glen Becerra do in the years I have been paying attention to local politics. It sure beats the time he helped Governor George W. Bush campaign in Oxnard as a new type of conservative.

The Great Timm Herdt, Ventura County Star Reporter, has already reported on this ad. Click here for Timm Herdt's blog entry.

If you want to help bring shoppers to Simi Valley click on the buttons below to share it on a social network like Facebook.

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Jon Bon Jovi Sings For Iran

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With all of the celebrity news the revolution in Iran has been disappearing from the headlines. Although there are many reasons to be discouraged for the forces aligned against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad it isn't over.

The claim of the ruling regime to legitimacy was supposedly based on divine guidance. They forfeited that legitimacy when they endorsed the results of an obviously fraudulent election.

This movement against the regime represents the best opportunity to improve the lives of the people in Iran, avert a war over Iran's nuclear program, and improve the security situation across the Middle East by removing some of the support for extremism.

If you want to follow the day to day events I suggest the blog AndrewSullivan.com for the latest videos, tweets, and other updates from the people of Iran.

But first let's check out the latest videos:

The first video is Jon Bon Jovi singing Stand By Me with a famous Iranian star. How are the Mullahs going to compete with Jon Bon Jovi?

The second video is of security forces viciously beating down some bikes. You read that correctly: They are beating bikes. There aren't even riders on the bikes.

To show your solidarity please consider changing your Facebook default picture to this image:


Click on the appropriate button below to share this entry on a social network like FaceBook.

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Brian Dennert here

This blog is dedicated to Ventura County politics. Send in ideas for posts to briandennert@gmail.com
Follow me on Twitter Twitter.com/dennert The Facebook page for this blog is facebook.com/briandennerthere You do not need to register to comment but keep it classy. Report abusive language to me at my email address.

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