The Becker's Christmas House on Sycamore

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For Advent I am mostly focusing on subjects that should unite us. A way I have done that is to promote the causes and places that makes this place our home. The Christmas House on Sycamore is one of those places.

This is my entry from last year since I don't have much to add:

A long running tradition in Simi Valley is the Christmas House on Sycamore. My Mom brought me there as a kid and now it is my turn to bring young people there. We went the other night and I plan on going back to get better pictures. The same family has been decorating the house since the 1960's and it has become a Simi Valley tradition.

If you live in Simi Valley you know what house I am referring to when I say the Christmas House on Sycamore. If you don't, please move to Thousand Oaks or something.

If you want to check out their website click here.

If you know of other cool places in Simi Valley or Ventura County to go check out Christmas lights leave a recommendation with directions. I know there is the house with the model trains and there is another house in East Simi Valley a friend of mine told me to go check out.

A top favorite tradition of mine is Christmas lights. I really like coming home with my lights on. They seem to capture the idea of the season by making our homes welcoming.

What is your favorite local Holiday tradition?

Merry Christmas!

Check out their website:

A young fan of theirs was moved enough to create a fanpage dedicated to this Simi Valley treasure. Please consider showing your support by becoming a fan on Facebook:


Yay! Thanks for putting the fan page up (:

Hey Brian, thanks for the post, we view lights every Christmas Eve as a family, running tradition for 8 years now, however I've never seen this house. Will check it out tonight!

...and God bless everyone!


Indeed so, Sir..

More than one-hundred and sixty-six Chritmases ago, Charles Dickens gave the world the gift of Christmas past, present and future..And he did so in a truly remarkable way.

And for that we should all be eternally grateful.

For in the enduring spiritual power contained in the story of Ebenezer Scrooge meets Tiny Tim, Dickens has indeed given us all a Christmas gift that keeps on giving, namely a piercing mirror of self-reflection, on what truly goes on in our very own God-given souls.

Consider the irony..

Scrooge, an accomplished, wealthy, successful man, hardened by the Darwinian lessons of Victorian English life, is reduced to a scared, whimpering creature, who is but a shell of the rich, powerful tyrant he had become. And all by being visited by three incorporeal spirits, the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future..

And what is the essence of the powerful and frightening message given to Scrooge by each of these three temporal Christmas spirits?

Why it is best manifested by Tiny Tim, that winsome lad, restricted in physical movement due to his medical disabilty; improvished by the economic exploitation experienced by his father, Bob Cratchett, Scrooge's Clerk; but ever smiling, inquisitive, and hopeful for the future.

As such, I can think of no other metaphor that better reflects the spirit of goodness, wonder and renewal, which is the core of the timeless Christmas message.

By writing A Christmas Carol, Dickens has given us all the key to unlock the power of our own personal redemption, regardless of our age, station and condition in this life.

We all need but remember that that power of personal redemption lies in seeing the world, once again through the eyes of a child; feeling the pain, suffering, and yes joy of the world, once again with the heart of a child; and actualizing the proper North Arrow of own moral compass, once again, through the innocent soul of a child..

As the mid-night hour on this Christmas Eve approaches nigh here in Ventura, California, let us all anticipate the arrival of our own Jacob Marley in both humility and trepidation.

And let us all strive to confront our own "inconvenient truths" in such a way that we may courageously master the personal strength necessary to learn from our our own Christmas Pasts.

If we do, then we will surely advance in our personal redemptive journey down the path toward even better Christmas futures, and by so doing, we will forever enrich our remaining days, hours and minutes on this blessed earth.

In the words of Tiny Tim, ".. Merry Christmas to all, and God Bless-us Everyone.. "

Ciao Amici!


You speak an absolute truth about us all, ND. A Wonderful New Year to you and to everyone!

GS, ND, Chuck,

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog entry.


Thanks for finding a way to show your appreciation for the work the Becker family has done for our community. The Facebook page shows how it has touched so many people over the years.

Have you told them that you created a page to thank them?

I have not told them personally but I was very close to being invited to their Christmas Eve party. So instead I just wrote it in their guest book last night haha. But I will for sure tell them the next time I see them. I'm planning on printing out all the comments people leave and giving it to them.

Hi there! I just went to the Baker house last night. First time I've been there in years. There is a really cool house off Yosemite (I think it is actually on Fearing Street) that decks out their house in homemade Disney cut outs. It's really awesome. It is the house that hides Waldo for people to look for and find. Where is the house that has the model trains? Anyone know any other good houses to look at? Thanks!!

Very intriguing topic , thanks for posting .

Brian Dennert here

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