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October 2010 Archives

Happy Halloween

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School Board Candidate Jeanne Davis:


From Jerry Brown's Facebook page:


Steve Sojka for Mayor:


Post any more political Halloween pictures to the Facebook page for my blog.

State Assembly Candidate Jeff Gorell Has orders to deploy

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Republican State Assembly candidate Jeff Gorell has received orders to deploy to Afghanistan. Here is the Ventura County Star news story with the details.

If this had come up earlier in the campaign it would be a serious issue for discussion. But at this date all I have to add is my hopes for Jeff Gorell, his family, and other members of our armed forces. The war in Afghanistan is full of difficult questions. This election should remind us of the consequences of our choices.

Jeff Gorell and Ferial Masry have run a classy campaign against each other. I have high hopes for the winner of this race and look forward to Jeff Gorell returning to Ventura County.

Click here to read the details from his campaign.

Click on continue reading for Jeff Gorell's announcement and the reaction from his opponent, Ferial Masry.

Official Ventura County Democratic Party Endorsements

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VCDCC mailer 2010 general2.jpg

Many candidates pay to be included on targeted slate mailers. Sometimes they are deceptive, like when a Republican Simi Valley City Council Member pays to be included on a mailer with the headline: Voter Information Guide for Democrats. That's okay as she helped to fund a mailer for all of the Democrats listed that did not pay!

If there is an asterisk next to a candidate's name that means they paid to be included on the slate mailer. The best I have seen is when conservative Democratic Party Republican Party leader Audra Strickland paid to be on a mailer with John F. Kennedy on it. Audra Strickland is a proud conservative Republican. Her inclusion on that mailer doesn't reflect her voting record.

The endorsement of a party allows access to resources for a candidate including databases of voters, inclusion on official slate mailers, invitations to events, being put on the agenda to speak to party club meetings, and more.

Because of the great campaigns being put on by many proud Democrats like Nathan Sweet, Bob Rust, Marie Panec, and more I expect that Democrats will come out as winners in Ventura County this week. They won't win every contest but they will have a deeper bench of leaders after the ballots are counted.

Funny Video: Mitch Green For Simi Valley City Council

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Mitch Green is among the most entertaining public speakers running for office. He can mix in Burning Man, the landfill, getting suspended by the city, and other offbeat subjects into a short speech. He started his campaign slow but has been picking up more energy in recent weeks.

He is the only Democrat running for Mayor or city council in Simi Valley. He is looking to unite Democratic voters behind his campaign. That could be an effective strategy if he had the resources to get that message out to enough voters.

Here is his speech to the Simi Valley / Moorpark Democratic Club:

In this video he discusses getting in trouble with the City of Simi Valley when he worked as an attorney for them:

School Board Member Jeanne Davis Discusses The Big Blue Ape

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Did you see the story of the Royal High School students that put a giant inflatable ape, taken from a local car dealership, on the roof of the MPR? I was sitting at a candidates forum when I posted on my blog's Facebook page a post about Mr. Pickles, the big blue ape. Apparently, my readers were interested in what the candidates thought about the prank.

The car dealership was more than pleased with all of the free publicity and no damage was done to the school. With that in mind I asked School Board candidate Jeanne Davis her thoughts on the incident. Here is her reply:

I will post the reply from any of the other candidates that choose to respond.

You might say this is a pointless issue. But so is asking about vouchers, when it isn't anything the Simi Valley School Board deals with.

Now I See Why My Progressive Friends Support Her...

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Dianne McKay, candidate for Community College Board, is being attacked for opposing cuts to education funding. Here is the press release from her opponent:


Endorsed by Same Radical Group

Thousand Oaks - Dianne McKay is an extremist liberal who we cannot trust to protect our tax dollars, fight the unions and ensure the district is properly managed.

Just like Barbara Boxer, Dianne McKay supports Union bosses and even highlights her attendance at their events on her campaign website. McKay has also accepted Union money. The Union, American Federation of Teachers donated $5,000 to her campaign. We need someone on the district that will stand up to the unions, rather than be their puppet.

Shockingly, McKay doesn't believe in one of the fundamental tenants of American Democracy. When asked about the inalienable rights, defined by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, as Life, Liberty and Justice, McKay stated she does not believe they cannot be taken away by government!

Also, Dianne McKay has been endorsed by the same fanatical leftwing group that has endorsed Barbara Boxer: the National Women's Political Caucus. This feminist group is dedicated to the pro-abortion cause and even advocates for taxpayers to foot the bill for abortions and to not inform parents when their child is getting an abortion.

We don't need another Barbara Boxer. Dianne McKay is not the right candidate for the Community College Board.

Dan Peate will fight to cut wasteful spending, demand responsible management and oppose all new taxes. Endorsed by Tom McClintock, the California Republican Assembly and Ventura County Sheriff, Bob Brooks, Dan will be our best advocate for Students AND taxpayers

I saw she campaigned at a Republican Party event and that worried me because this is a nonpartisan position. But now I know she has support from across the political spectrum. I expect she will win.

Democratic Party Leader Fiona Ma Coming to Simi Valley

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Fiona Ma is popular with the grassroots of the Democratic Party. Her Facebook updates are often very amusing.

Click on continue reading for the details.

Proposition 19 Marijuana

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I am guessing isn't going to pass. Feel free to try to convince me otherwise.

Where In Ventura County: Keith Mashburn For Simi Valley City Council

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This is the final week for my Where in Ventura County Contest. Campaigns send in pictures for my readers to guess where they are located. There will be very small prizes for the person that guesses the most locations and for the campaign with the best photograph. So far my favorite is Jason Hodge's because of the location. Alan Barkwill is the reader with the most accurate guesses.

I will give you a clue for this entry. It isn't in Simi Valley. Thanks to the Mashburn supporter for sending it in. Keith Mashburn is running a strong campaign to replace one of the two incumbents on the Simi Valley City Council.

Click on continue reading for past entries. Scroll through the archives to post a guess. You don't need to register to comment.

The Final Weekend of the Campaign: Steve Sojka For Mayor Edition

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( With all the negativity between the campaigns this video should remind people about what unites us.)

Steve Sojka's field commander Kevin Underwood sends out regular updates with events for supporters to attend. Click on continue reading to see the latest.

I included this message Kevin sent me as an example to other candidates on how to organize field operations for a local campaign. Team Huber is doing similar things this weekend. I expect the street corners and freeway overpasses will be crowded this weekend.

What's your favorite last weekend campaign event?

Local Video: Yes on Proposition 21 Contest

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Local filmmakers Brian Mack and Doug Lamore submitted the video above for the Yes on 21 State Parks video contest. I haven't studied Proposition 21 yet but I am impressed with this tactic to create grassroots support for their proposal.

Go to the website to see other videos and vote.

How are you going to vote on Proposition 21?

Measure H Fans Support Local Education

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I helped raise money for the Simi Valley Education Foundation by promising a blog post for campaigns that donated.

A supporter of Measure H , a parcel tax to fund Ventura schools, sent in a donation but requested to remain anonymous. They would like my readers to study Measure H and the impact it would have on local schools.

What particularly moved me is this person is involved in another campaign but believes Measure H was more important to get out the word on.

Thanks to all of the people that helped me raise money for local schools.

Simi Valley Mayor: Abortion Politics

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I read this post and the comments on it on the Simi Valley Facebook Page. You can go read it by going to that page and scrolling down the page.

I know that parties and activists want to promote people they agree with because candidates for one office might run for another office later. But I don't find this issue compelling in the race for mayor of Simi Valley. Do you?

I do find it interesting to learn how people make their decisions on local candidates.

Where In Ventura County: Vote For Bob!

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I am running a contest for my readers to guess where signs for different campaigns are posted. The goal is for a campaign to send in a picture that is hard, but not impossible, to guess where it was taken.

Click on continue reading for the other entries.

This sign must have really upset someone. As a reminder to overzealous activists cameras are really inexpensive and besides being a crime to damage private property it would really embarrass the candidates you support if you got caught.

Democrat Tim Allison Defends Tea Party Activists

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The Simi Valley / Moorpark Democratic Club had a candidates forum last night and Tim Allison spoke to the crowd. After his speech he took questions from the audience including a question on what he would do to stop the Tea Party agenda. This was his response:

I was surprised that Tim Allison didn't take this chance to fire up a Democratic crowd. When a politician avoids taking the easy path that impresses me.

I was also sent this video of Tim Allison speaking at an event recently:

Democratic Congressional candidate Tim Allison mentioned my observation that he has more signs up in Simi Valley than any Democrat has had in more than a decade. I'm flattered to have been quoted in his stump speech. Tim Allison is doing his best to challenge UnRepresentative Elton Gallegly. Taking on an incumbent with a large financial advantage is admirable and I appreciate that Tim Allison is doing it.

If you are interested in a great political documentary about the powers of incumbency I suggest you watch the film Street Fight about Cory Booker and Newark, New Jersey. It is my favorite political documentary.

I am not comparing Gallegly to Sharpe James but I do understand that incumbency is very powerful.

I uploaded pictures from the candidates forum to my Facebook page for my blog:
facebook.com/briandennerthere Please go there and hit the like button.

Student Running For School Board

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Casey Penn is a CSUCI student and a candidate for the Simi Valley School Board. Tuesday night the Simi Valley PTSA sponsored a candidates forum.

Here is a video of his opening statement:

I asked him a few questions after including who he else, besides himself, he was voting for, and if he favored making a permanent seat on the school board for a student with the equal ability to vote with the other board members. Watch the video for his answers.

Casey Penn graduated from Royal High School but he was never in my class. My family is personal friends with his family. He is a decent young man and has a future in politics.

I am supporting Arleigh Kidd for School Board. He has a passion for public education and a long history of service to Simi Valley Schools.

Click on continue reading for my other videos from the PTSA candidates forum.

Steven Hintz Versus Don Facciano Gets Ugly: The Television Ad

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Last week Don Facciano accused his opponent for Treasurer / Tax Collector of many wrong doings, including using his influence to help a convicted sexual offender. Now he continues on the attack with a radio and television campaign.

This ad just started playing on local television:

Steven Hintz has thus far refused to comment or release anything related to the allegations. His opponent claims there is a letter where Hintz asked for leniency for a convicted sex offender but so far no letter has emerged as proof. But Hintz has responded by releasing new endorsements to show leaders are willing to put their name on the line as character witnesses. Here are some of those new endorsements:



The Ventura County Star has a news story that summarizes the race in detail. The news article includes this quote:

In 1992, Hintz was admonished by the state Commission on Judicial Performance for three instances of misconduct: ordering a search of spectators in his courtroom, criticizing jurors for their verdict, and improperly using his judicial office for a personal purpose in ordering a new trial.

I'm not interested in being critical of searching the crowd but I'd like to know more about the state commission admonishing him for ordering a new trial.

People say endorsements don't matter much but in a story like this where it is difficult for a voter to know the truth watching how many leaders are willing to be character witnesses is very powerful.

Rep. Elton Gallegly Doesn't Want To Debate

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It isn't a surprise that Republican UnRepresentative Elton Gallegly doesn't want to debate Democrat Tim Allison but he should stop playing games and just say so. In a recent VC Reporter article he denied there has even been a request to debate.

That's funny because Tim Allison's campaign has copies of email and details of phone conversations to show Gallegly's government paid staff and his campaign staff have been contacted many times. Click on continue reading to see some of them.

I call Gallegly by the title UnRepresentative because he won't hold a scheduled townhall event that is open to the public, he won't debate, and this district was won by Barack Obama in 2008. Instead of moving to the center he has moved farther to the right.

UnRepresentative Gallegly claims he doesn't have any time in his schedule to debate an opponent yet he has time to attend Tea Party and Republican Party events.

If he doesn't think the people of this area need or deserve to have their Member of Congress he should come out and say so instead of making lame excuses.

Ventura County Democrats Halloween Party

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The Democratic Campaign Council of Ventura County is having a Halloween party that includes a costume contest. Here are the details:

Date: Saturday October 30, 2010 Time: 6:00 PM - ? Location Magnificent Spooky Estate of Melissa Demarco Camarillo, CA 93012 Admission : $30 Regular - $50 V.I.P (includes Open Bar) Buy Tickets Online at http://www.actblue.com/page/halloween2010 Great Food and Good Times Come in Costume and Win Prizes, It will be an Eerie Fright! FUND-RAISER TO HELP DEMOCRATS WIN IN VENTURA COUNTY Classic Rock and Blues By Teresa Russell and Cocobilly RSVP to Melissa Demarco Missydemarco@aol.com

I will post pictures of some of the creative costumes. Any costume ideas?

The Other Mike Judge

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#1 Campaign Ad Final 2010.png

Simi Valley City Council candidate Mike Judge might share a name with the creator of King of the Hill but I don't see much else in common.

Mike is an old fashion conservative, a police officer, and a critic of the incumbents. Go to his website to find out more.

I went to a campaign event of his and his supporters are very passionate. I'm not sure if that will be enough to compensate for the large amounts of money his opponents are spending.

Where In Ventura County: Don Facciano For Treasurer / Tax Collector Edition

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where in VC(2).jpg

If you missed the cigar guy meme click here to get caught up.

You know the rules. Send in a picture of a campaign sign for my readers to guess where it was taken.

Because of legal threats any discussion of allegations made against Steven Hintz by his opponent Don Facciano can be discussed on the news story link.

I will post my thoughts on the allegations later but for now this entry is restricted to discussions about this sign.

Burgers With Bob Huber Event # 2

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Bob Huber is having another campaign event at a local park. Here are the details:


Follow Local Politics On Facebook: facebook.com/briandennerthere

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I have been taking pictures of events for school board , city council, and mayoral candidates. Some of them I post on this page but many of them I post on my Facebook fanpage for my blog. Please go to facebook.com/briandennerthere to see more about Ventura County politics.

You can also directly upload your photographs there. I will be posting every mailer sent to me there as an online library of Ventura County campaigns.

Tomorrow morning Sojka for Simi Valley supporters will be rallying on street corners again. I won't be going by their rally but they can spread their message by posting the pictures to my blog's Facebook page directly from the event.

Click on continue reading for details on upcoming Team Sojka events.

Where In Ventura County: Patty Lerner For PVSD Board Edition

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Where in VC.jpg

Patty Lerner is running to keep a seat on the PVSD Board. With state control over funding and the education code local school boards don't have nearly as much control as people often assume. These aren't people running because of the immense power of the position. I respect the candidates for local office that put their names on a line to be judged by their friends and neighbors.

The Ventura County Star recently profiled the candidates in a news story for more background information.

The contest rules are simple: Send in a picture of a campaign sign that challenges my readers to figure out the location.

There will be winners announced for campaigns and for readers posting their answers. You don't need to register to comment but keep it classy.

So far Alan Barkwill of Simi Valley is best at figuring out these photographs.

Where In Ventura County: Timur Taluy For Harbor Commissioner Edition

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The Harbor Commission isn't a high profile position and candidates running for this position have to work hard to get their message out. That's a good reason for candidates to utilize blogs and social networks. Timur Taluy understands this dynamic. I interviewed him recently and how he has an entry in my Where in Ventura County Photography contest.

The contest rules are simple: Send in a picture of a campaign sign that challenges my readers to figure out the location.

There will be winners announced for campaigns and for readers posting their answers. You don't need to register to comment but keep it classy.

So far Alan Barkwill of Simi Valley is best at figuring out these photographs.

Simi Valley Democrats Holding Candidates Forum

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UPDATE: Ventura County Democratic Party Chair Richard Carter expects both Sojka and Huber to attend.

Add this to the list of candidate events happening long after voters receive and can send back their absentee ballots:

The Simi Valley/Moorpark Democratic club is sponsoring a political forum of local, state and national candidates 7pm, Wednesday, October 20 at the Simi Valley Library community room, 2969 Tapo Canyon Road.

The meeting is open to the public and includes refreshment. Members and guests are encouraged to bring warm winter clothing to be donated to the Samaritan center.

For more information, please call 805-210-6061.

No word yet on what candidates will be there. Republican Bob Huber has campaigned at a Simi Valley Democrats Club Meeting but I don't think Republican Steve Sojka has yet in his race for mayor. With no Democrat in the race it will be interesting to see who makes the stronger appeal to local Democrats.

The State Has A Budget + The Tony Strickland Rorschach Test

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The State finally has a budget. Ventura County Timm Herdt has some details. Basically more cuts, more budget tricks, no new taxes. Ventura County Democratic legislators voted for it, Ventura County Republican legislators voted no, except for Cameron Smyth who abstained for some reason.

This picture of State Senator Tony Strickland is a true Rorschach test. Many of his critics will see a legislator that isn't concerned with the havoc caused when politicians refuse to compromise for the common good. But I assume his supporters will see a tired legislator who laughed at something in the middle of all the shenanigans, budgetary tricks, and empty speeches that defines the state budget process.

The question is what do you see in the budget?

Why Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman would like like to be held responsible for the problems in Sacramento surprises me.

Earmarks + Rep. Elton Gallegly

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Rep. Elton Gallegly is proud of all of his no votes. He voted many times to support massive spending proposals while Bush was president but he has switched gears now that Barack Obama is president.

I often wonder what provisions Rep. Gallegly could have included in the healthcare reform bill if he was open to compromise. The President wanted a bipartisan bill so much that Gallegly might have been able to push for conservative goals like tort reform if he let it be known he was interested in helping to improve the bill. Instead we all knew from the very start that Gallegly would vote no.

But just because Rep. Gallegly is now a proud member of the party of NO doesn't mean he won't include earmarks in bills he plans to vote against.

A past earmark has drawn attention from the liberal blogosphere and now Gallegly's critics are requesting an ethics investigation.

A call for an investigation is far from being the same thing as being investigated, and being investigated alone doesn't prove anything wrong has happened.

You can read the press release here and a related blog post here to see the allegations.

I agree that the public has turned against the current earmark process and it is eroding the trust in government. I support a moratorium on earmarks until the process is reformed.

Rep. Gallegly's website says:

To offer more opportunity for public scrutiny of Member requests, Members of Congress have been required since last year ( Note from Brian Dennert: That's because of a reform Democrats imposed) to post on their web sites information on requests to fund projects in their district at the time the request is made. Subsequently, on March 11, 2010, House Republicans adopted a unilateral moratorium on all earmarks, including tax and tariff-related earmarks.

His statement isn't entirely true as a few in his caucus continue to request earmarks. But both parties have reduced earmarks and started some necessary reforms. I'm glad that Democrats have forced more transparency but more needs to be done.

Simi Valley City Council Candidate Mike Judge Is Raising Money For Local Schools

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Brian_Dennert_Education .png

The 2010 Simi Valley Education Foundation Jail and Bail fundraiser is now over and I am posting entries to thank my readers that helped me reach my goal. I asked my readers to show appreciation for my blog by donating money to the Simi Valley Education Foundation and we almost doubled my goal.

Simi Valley City Council Candidate Mike Judge is running a strong campaign that in a normal year would stand out. But with a contested race for mayor it is hard for city council candidates to get their message out.

I offered to post a link to a campaign site to any candidate that donated to the Simi Valley Education Foundation as a way of showing my appreciation for helping me to raise money for local schools.

I have interviewed Mike Judge in person and on my blog before. I have always found Mike to be blunt and polite at the same time. That isn't an easy combination for most people.

I attended a fundraiser of his to find out more about his campaign and I went away from it impressed with how many people Mike has brought into local politics that might not be involved at all if it wasn't for him.

Thanks for supporting local schools. We appreciate it.

Where In Ventura County: Steven Hintz For Treasurer / Tax Collector Entry 2.0

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Retried Judge Steven Hintz is running for Treasurer / Tax Collector against former President of the Ventura County Taxpayers' Association Don Facciano. I'm not sure which of the two has a stronger ballot designation. Steven Hintz has run a much more effective campaign collecting an impressive list of endorsements.

His latest entry was sent in by a supporter of his. The goal of the Where In Ventura County contest is to send in pictures that are hard, but not impossible, to guess where the picture was taken. I will name winners before the election with categories like most on message photograph and best landscape photograph. Keep submitting your entries by email or by uploading them to facebook.com/briandennerthere

Will Democrats Win In Ventura County This November?

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At the state and federal level it will be tough for either party to flip seats this November in Ventura County. As it stands now I won't be surprised if there are no changes in party control over state assembly or congressional seats.

But at the local level Democrats have a strong chance of increasing their representation on many school boards. Filling nonpartisan seats might not sound like much of an accomplishment but it helps a party in many ways.

Winning seats on school boards, city councils, and park boards allows a party to build a bench of candidates for future elections. It isn't a requirement for someone running for the state legislature or congress to have held office but it helps that a candidate has had experience raising money, asking people for their endorsements, and the other basics of campaigning.

Party members holding seats can also help other party members earn endorsements. These endorsements add more legitimacy to a campaign and help make connections to donors and campaign volunteers. Future Democratic candidates for office will likely have a much friendlier time asking for help with the new Democrats I expect to be elected to school boards in several East County cities.

Make no mistake. When we are told that nonpartisan races aren't partisan, that's not how political insiders and central committees view them.

Oxnard City Council Member Bryan MacDonald Is Helping Raise Money For Local Schools

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Brian_Dennert_Education .png

The Simi valley Education Foundation puts on many fundraisers to pay for their enhancement grants throughout the year. This year they invited me to be a part of their Jail and Bail fundraiser where they ask community members to raise money. The event is now over.

I teach at Royal High School in Simi Valley and I know the grant program really has an impact in our classrooms. I have written grants for test preparation flashcards and a class set of the book, The World That Trade Created.

I set my goal at $250 and then I started asking my readers to donate to the Simi Valley Education Foundation as a way of tipping me for this blog. I told them I would post a thank you on my blog. Many of my readers sent in donations and I went way over my goal. I let the education foundation know I will participate in their fundraiser next year.

I told candidates that if they donated, even a small amount, I would post a thank you with a link back to their campaign website. Oxnard City Council Member Bryan MacDonald and his wife donated a very generous amount to the education foundation. Bryan isn't up for election this year but he donated anyways.

You can read my interview with Bryan MacDonald when he first ran for city council and see if he has followed the priorities he campaigned on.

Thank you Bryan for helping to fund schools in this tough budget times.

To see the other community volunteers go to the Simi Valley Education Foundation Website. I am honored to be listed among such a great group of people.

Where In Ventura County: Bob Rust For PVSD Board Version 2.0

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Bob Rust is running a strong campaign for the Pleasant Valley School District. His website lists his endorsements including the union representing teachers in the district, The Ventura County Democratic Party, and elected education leaders. I expect that Bob Rust will win a seat on the PVSD Board.

Here is his new entry into my Where in Ventura County Contest. Click on continue reading to see the other entries.

Where In Ventura County: Jason Hodge For Harbor Commission

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This is my personal favorite entry so far in my Where in Ventura County contest. His entry is on message and has an interesting story. The goal is to make it hard, but not impossible, for my readers to guess where a picture was taken. Jason will tell us the background story to this picture after we get a few guesses.

I know Jason Hodge personally and if I could vote for him for Harbor Commissioner I would. I don't offer many endorsements on my blog but I know Jason has the passion and skills for this position. Check out his website or Facebook page for more information on his campaign.

Thursday Night Live: Simi Valley School Board Candidate Arleigh Kidd

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I am interviewing Simi Valley School Board candidate Arleigh Kidd tonight using the comments section of this blog entry. Click on continue reading later to read the interview. Arleigh Kidd is a personal friend of mine and I am supporting him. But that doesn't mean I'm not planning on asking him tough questions. I am going to ask him about charter schools, tenure, budget priorities, and more. After the interview let me know how I did.

Read his website to find out more about him:


You can also read a past guest blog entry Arleigh Kidd wrote years ago:


There are a few weeks before the election ends. Send me an email if you want to schedule an interview.

Simi Valley Acorn Hosting Forum For Candidates

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The Simi Valley Acorn is holding a forum for 12 candidates that is scheduled to last for 1 1/2 hours. Here are the details:

Candidate forum set for Oct. 19

Candidates from the city's most talked-about election cycle in more than a decade are coming together to answer questions from the Acorn.

The first-ever Simi Valley Acorn candidates forum will be Tues., Oct. 19 inside the multipurpose room at Simi Valley High School. The forum starts at 7 p.m. and is free to attend.

All school board and council candidates have said that they will participate.

They are, for mayor, Bob Huber and Steve Sojka; for City Council, Glen Becerra, Michelle Foster, Mitch Green, Mike Judge, Keith Mashburn and Ken Sandberg; for school board, Jeanne Davis, Josie Hirsch, Arleigh Kidd and Casey Penn.

Time Warner Cable has agreed to tape the forum and make it available to Simi customers on its On-Demand programming within a week.

Acorn managing editor John Loesing will act as moderator. He will pose questions and each candidate will have a limited time in which to respond.

The candidates will have no advance knowledge of the questions.

The forum will end at 8:30 p.m. Send questions for the candidates to simi@theacorn.com.

In such a short amount of time I don't expect there will be much opportunity for new issues to be discussed. I suggest getting there early to get your questions written and included. A write in candidate for Mayor of Simi Valley posted this on the event listing on Facebook:


Maybe they didn't include him because his name is not listed on the ballot. I'm not sure if Eric Halub will be included but if you have seen him at city hall you will know he is very angry with incumbent politicians.

Where In Ventura County Steve Sojka For Mayor Edition

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I have a photography contest that calls for campaigns to send in pictures of their signs that my readers can post comments guessing where the sign is located.

The goal is to make it hard, but not impossible, for readers to correctly identify the location. Before election day I will recognize the winners in a few categories. The categories include most creative and best essence of a location.

Keep sending in your photographs or upload them to my Facebook Blog page.

Where In Ventura County: Bob Rust For PV School Board Edition

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Bob Rust is running for a seat on the Pleasant Valley School Board. His website lists his endorsements and biography but this picture above was submitted by his campaign for my where in Ventura County contest.

The goal is for a picture to be difficult, but not impossible, to figure out where it was taken.

You don't need to register to comment but keep it classy.

Where do you think this picture was taken? Be as specific as you can.

Click on continue reading for past entries or go to my blog Facebook page to upload your own entries.

Brian Dennert here

This blog is dedicated to Ventura County politics. Send in ideas for posts to briandennert@gmail.com
Follow me on Twitter Twitter.com/dennert The Facebook page for this blog is facebook.com/briandennerthere You do not need to register to comment but keep it classy. Report abusive language to me at my email address.

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