Simi Valley POA Reacts To The Election Results

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The Simi Valley Police Officers Association got involved in the recent city elections in a way they haven't done before. They have argued that the city hasn't dealt fairly with them in recent contract negotiations and that the contention was over more than just benefits. They announced their intentions to get much more involved in local elections long before the final field was settled.

They endorsed Bob Huber for Mayor over City Council Member Steve Sojka and Keith Mashburn for City Council.

The race for Mayor was an open seat election but the city council election had two incumbents running and several challengers for two seats. The POA wanted to defeat incumbents with Steve Sojka, Glen Becerra, and Michelle Foster on the ballot they had their targets.

Huber was also able to earn the support of Rep. Elton Gallegly, State Senator Tony Strickland, the Ventura County Republican Central Committee, and two former chairs of the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee.

Their endorsement of Huber over Sojka wasn't much of a surprise as Bob Huber was the only other candidate for mayor on the ballot and their goal was to defeat an incumbent. Steve Sojka counted as an incumbent because he was already on the city council.

What was much more interesting is their endorsement in the city council race. They had two strong challengers to choose from: retired firefighter Keith Mashburn and LAPD officer Mike Judge. They chose to endorse just Keith Mashburn, although they had many complimentary things to say about Mike Judge. They could have endorsed both of them and tried to get them to run as a slate. I haven't studied slate elections in nonpartisan elections enough to give a well informed opinion, but I am very interested in your opinions on this strategy. You don't need to register to post a comment but keep it classy.

That's academic for now as they chose to endorse just one challenger. I imagine one of the reasons they endorsed Keith Mashburn over Mike Judge was that they thought Mashburn was more electable. That of course turned out to be funny because Mike Judge won without their support.

I am very impressed with Mike Judge's campaign. He had very little money and almost no endorsements. His fundraisers were mostly attended by actual friends of his. That's unlike when other politicians call big campaign contributors that have business in front of them "friends".

The POA most wanted to defeat Glen Beccera on the city council but they ended up contributing to the defeat of Michelle Foster instead. The official score records their endorsed candidates going 1 for 2 in this election but they came out as clear victors. They were able to defeat two incumbents and a police officer was elected to the council.

Click on continue reading for their press release.

It will be interesting to see how involved they will be in two years when Bob Huber will be up for re-election and the two seats currently occupied by Steve Sojka and Barbra Williamson will be up for election.

Both of those incumbents have significant strengths that might deter many challengers from running against them if they both run again. Steve Sojka obviously has a large base of support he built upon in the last election and Barbra Williamson has been very open in her opposition to the landfill/dump expansion plans.

There are many arguments over the validity of expanding the landfill but it is a fact that enlarging the landfill to take more trash from outside areas is very unpopular. A smart politician might come out and convince people that it is in the best interest of the city to support the expansion. But so far that hasn't happened. That means Barbra Williamson goes into the next cycle with a a strong advantage.


Contact person:
Robert Arabian

The Simi Valley Police Officers Association wants to congratulate Bob Huber, Mike Judge and Glen Becerra on their successful campaign for offices on the Simi Valley City Council.

From the beginning, our Association endorsed Bob Huber for Mayor. This has been a very exciting election season, and as an Association we worked hard to support our endorsed candidate. We are genuinely honored that the community has responded to our endorsement by electing Bob as our new Mayor. Thank you to the citizens, business owners, and friends of Simi Valley that put in hour upon hour of hard work to get the message out to the constituency that he can make an improvement in the lives of those that live here in Simi Valley. He is committed to helping the business community grow and strengthen the pride and sense of community. Bob promised accountability and transparency in government, honest servitude, and reaffirming the commitment to public safety that has diminished over the last 10 years.

We also wish to congratulate Mike Judge on a successful and well fought campaign bid for election. We look forward to working with Mr. Judge. During our interview process for endorsements we found him to be an honest, open and forthright individual that we think has tremendous leadership skills. When combined with Huber, together they can restore Simi Valley to it's rightful place on the top of the Safest City rankings.

Finally, we offer our congratulations to Councilman Glen Becerra on a successful campaign for re-election. We look forward to mending fences with the 12-year veteran of the Council as we all work to make Simi the best that it can be.

The Simi Valley Police Officers Association represents all sworn personnel below the rank of Lieutenant. As an Association we donate thousands of dollars, our facilities, and numerous volunteer hours each year to youth sports, school / club activities, and community based organizations right here in Simi Valley. We are, as we have been for nearly 40 years, an active partner with the community. We thank you, our neighbors and friends, for your support and trust. We couldn't have done this without you.


There is something very, very wrong in Simi. There is a complete lack of transparancy and responsiveness to the citizens. It is starting to implode.

Katie, That is why Bob Huber will be our next Mayor and why Michelle lost her seat. Michelle campaigned on the premise that SV was perfect let's keep it that way, implying keep incumbents. when the POA published the real amount our council members received in compensation, benefits and deferred compensation and health benefits the people were outraged. Michelle and Steve thought they were entitled and were protected under Miller. The people wanted a choice. If SOjka had been elected we would have had another annointment/appointment like we had with Sojka and Foster where the new council member would be forced upon us and then ran as incumbent. I hope Mashburn will run again against Sojka in two years then we can purge the elitist good old boy club.


I don't see any evidence yet, just an allegation.

The only thing that stinks in Simi Valley is the dump and it will get a lot more smelly with all the garbage coming in from Los Angeles!

Brian, just in the last month we have Waste Management accusing a council member of unethical behavior, a law partner "loaning" himself alot of money, supposed pressure put on a police union to endorse a certain person, etc. And there is the a long history of other weird stuff going on.

What do you mean by pressure to endorse someone? They were looking to endorse an outsider before the election filing period opened.

Katie "alot" is not a word, it is "a lot". Also for WM to call someone unethical is the height of hypocrisy on their part.

We still need to find out the problems that occurred prior to Bob's election as reported by the press. IF the pd refused to investigate bob's partner because the Lt. "special investigator" was in class and wouldn't be back until after the election, why, when he returned, was the case assigned to a sergeant? Sound strange? Why did Bob's partner (sorry, associate), deposit $20,000 of allegedly ill gotten gains into their joint acct? AND Bob says he wasn't aware? Sound strange? What I am getting at is this was a hard fought campaign full of half truths and lies on all sides. The same Bob Huber that put down Paul Miller's leadership for the last 16 years "deflected" those statements when he praised him after he was sworn in. I look forward to positive things in the next few years. I hope I am right.


I think a few details seem to get left out. The POA contract is not up for "THREE" years. What a poor gamble on Huber by the POA if their plan was to influence the next POA contract. Huber still needs to be re-elected before he can have any say on the next POA contract.

Whether you love the POA or hate them, citizens typically like to have their own PD. Contracting out is not going to be popular. I think the council should look at what happened in Pomona this election cycle when talks of bringing the Sheriff's Dept in came about.

The Landfill is a big issue, our suffering retailers is a big issue, where future revenue for the city is going to come from is a big issue. Those vying for re-election ought to think hard about trying to run a campaign of "everything is hunky dory in Simi Valley" - that plan obviously backfired this time.

In two years the election is going to be just as noisy and just as tough - Nationally, Statewide, Countywide and Citywide. The days of cruise control incumbency are over.


What half truths and lies came from Sojka's side? You said both sides.


Are you predicting another high profile race for mayor in two years?

The whole election was about cash. The mayor outspent his opponent by the $42,000 he loaned himself, so that seat was bought, plain and simple considering the slim margin of victory. The guy who won the council seat benefited from his high random placement on the ballot (Mashburn was hurt greatly by being randomly being placed last on the ballot) and the fact that Judge had "police officer" next to his name on the ballot. The POA spent a lot of cash putting out a ton of signs with a little police badge on it for Mashburn. Voters thought police officer but saw only one person with "police officer" next to his name on the ballot, and they saw that name before they saw Mashburn's. The POA's cash got someone else, who they did not endorse, elected. The other person elected (re-elected) raised and spent the most cash in the City Council race.

Ted's pontifications about issues are interesting, but erase the $42,000 personal loan, and Sojka is mayor, and if Foster raises just a little more cash, she's on the Council.

I agree. I was also impressed by Mike Judge's campaign. He is a genuine person and truly deserve respect and authority.

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