Progress Being Made On Simi Valley Arroyo Greenway

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As a blogger I am often critical of the actions of local elected officials and governments. But I am very supportive of this project in Simi Valley. Most governments don't plan for the distant future. The city of Simi Valley though is rising to the challenge.

Our plans for local economic development should include making Simi Valley more attractive to businesses. Some want to review our regulations and stop there. Businesses though consider many factors including infrastructure and ability to attract talented workers. To make Simi Valley a more livable community we need to continue to improve our schools and the amenities for recreation.

This greenway project connects many issues that are important to me including environmental sustainability, health, habitat preservation, family friendly communities,local history, economic development, and recreation. I am glad the city is taking a progressive approach to community development.

The Simi Valley Acorn reported that progress continues to be made in the plan to change the wash that runs through Simi Valley into the Simi Valley Arroyo Greenway. The plan calls for large amounts of money to be spent in coming decades to change the path that runs along the wash into a park that spans the length of the city. The project won't be free to local taxpayers but many leaders believe they will continue to get financial support from the state and federal governments.


This project will develop an asset in our community into a treasure.

Families from throughout the region will be coming to Simi Valley. Our nationally ranked high school cross country teams could use it for training. Families will have another outdoors option for recreation. Less bicycle commuters will need to use the streets. There will be environmental and historical interpretive signs to educate young people of our ecological and social histories.

California is a dynamic state that is the headquarters of some of the most innovative businesses in the world including Facebook, Google, Ebay, Yahoo, and Apple. We should develop communities that attract those businesses and their workers.

Go the city's website to learn more and then go to the Facebook page I created to support the plan.

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Simi Valley City Council Member Steve Sojka enthusiastically supports this project:



Thanks, I think anything to clean up the Arroyo is a good idea, but HOW they go about it and their expectation I think needs some major adjustment.

1. Water Supply here is tied to the California State Water Project. If you have ever been to Lake Oroville and I have as far back as the mid 1970's, that lake basin is not a bottomless pit. Population and water demands keep growing.

2. We need to think and act like Arizona and Nevada when Landscaping Freeways and places like our Arroyo. The artist rendering that make the project look like the Jungle Cruise are irresponsible.

3. If the Jungle Cruise is the only acceptable position for our Parks and Rec and City Council, then we need to water the jungle plants with the water flowing down the Arroyo and not taken water off our drinking supply.

4. Our idea of drought tolerant landscaping is embarrassing. There is a point where we can use techniques like AZ and NV, be responsible with the water and not worry so much about the aesthetics of lush tropics in the middle of a natural California dessert climate.

5. Having lived next to the Arroyo for 12 years, I used the walkways for running and biking, the area will still have major limitations no matter how much lipstick you put on that pig. I know, if we do grab the grant money someone else will.

As this project goes forward, let's hope that the we can all be a little more realistic about what the Arroyo is and what it can be. Also remembering that we don't need an ongoing burden on our valuable resources.

It COULD be free to taxpayers. A similar land use reclamation was tried once before and was 100% successful in avoiding the use of tax dollars while giving a massive boost to the Nation's growth and its economy. Lincoln and Congress authorized the granting of land and commercial rights along the route to those private interests willing to undertake the financing of the trans-continental railroad.

Why couldn't the City, the Parks District and any other involved agencies do something similar. At the very least, the City should research the potential of having private interests fund the arroyo's reclamation and improvements on a quid pro quo basis, rather than hit taxpayers for the cost. I can easily see local eateries, cycle shops and t-shirt vendors vying for the right to set up shop at one of the two or three vendor areas set up along the arroyo pathway. There's no reason the arroyo corridor can't become the site of an ongoing mitigation effort, whereby developers can contribute fees, services or materials in lieu of certain efforts otherwise required on their own sites.

I'm sure the City can put together a volunteer panel to explore the possibilities and assess the potential for making the arroyo a joint effort by engaging the private sector's interests before taxing the public.

Either Simi Valley will hear crickets, frogs, and owls all night or they will hear gunshots, screams, and sirens. The arroyo can be ignored and neglected and left for gangs, taggers, and accidental drownings or it can be turned into something the community loves and something the communtiy is proud of.

Contact every house along the arroyo. Chances are you will find the arroyo is already being used by the kids in the neihborhood. Right now it's an attractive nuisance. It's being used without the design and landscaping neccesary to
make it safe. A simple chain link fence and a sign doesn't make it safe.

These decisions right now that Simi Valley is making in regards to the arroyo; will determine the cities future. Is Simi Valley going to ignore and neglect it's opportunities to become a world class city or is it going to take on these challenges and realize these are the things a world class city does? The Simi Valley Republican's do alot of talking about family well here's their chance to do something once and for all for the family's in Simi Valley.

Elton! Tear down this chainlink fence!

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