Fran Pavley's potential opponents keep declining to run.

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Republican Cameron Smyth won't be running against Democrat Fran Pavley for the State Senate seat. Republicans don't yet have a declared candidate.

Cameron Smyth could have been a formidable candidate. He has earned a reputation as a bipartisan moderate and has experience as a State Assembly Member.

Who would you like to see run? I posted in an earlier blog entry that Simi Valley Republican Glen Becerra mentioned he was considering running for Congress. Now that there isn't a Republican candidate for this State Senate seat do you think he should consider running?

Does he really want to spend the next few years arguing with Mayor Bob Huber at city council meetings?

There aren't opportunities like this too often. If he intends to run for a legislative seat this could be a decent opportunity.

Here is a repost of a poll from that earlier entry:

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