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Miami Heat support justice for Trayvon Martin

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It is great the Miami Heat joined together as a team to show solidarity with those seeking justice for Trayvon Martin. Especially after the dumb comments by Geraldo Rivera.

It is going to take public pressure to ensure justice is done and this tragedy is fully investigated.


It's curious, isn't it, that usually when these sorts of stories come out, the right wingers say that the tragedy could have been prevented if the victim had only been carrying a gun.

But on Trayvon's murder, the rightwing gallery is eerily silent. No one is out there saying that Trayvon should have been packing heat.

Gee, I wonder why. Actually, no I don't. It's perfectly obvious why.

The Miami Heat are against the murder of this young man, too bad the tea party isn't! The GOP cannot come out against his murder because the are controlled by the NRA.

My team is NY Knicks but I like that picture of the Miami heat , 100% behin the heat the trying to make a point for all those cop & inorante peoples who let this guy walk . Matar a una pesona por el color de la piel eso es viejo inorantes racistas .

No one being silent over here, Atkins. But, it seems that your party leaders over in Ventura County wish you would keep silent for a change and quit sticking your foot in your mouth so often, as you've now done again in the Trayvon Martin affair.

It now looks like Martin went for George Zimmerman's gun after attacking him and beating his head repeatedly on the concrete. Sounds like self defense to me. But, we'll see how you bleeding heart morons try and twist it the other way. Atkins, fool that he is, will likely be leading the way.


What are your thoughts on Barack Obama pouring gas on the fire, "if I had a son he'd look like Trayvon Martin"?

Thoughts on George Zimmerman (Hispanic guy) being a registered democrat?

Thoughts on NO ONE condemning Spike Lee's horribly irresponsible retweeting George Zimmerman's address? Oh wait no THE WRONG ADDRESS!?

Thoughts on this somehow being Jeb Bush's fault?

Thoughts on Glenn Beck thinking this Zimmerman guy probably was in the wrong, but saying we need to have an investigation and possibly a trial before we do "wanted dead or alive" type of things?

It came out today that Zimmerman has a history with the police, he had been busted for beating women, reckless driving and attacking a cop. He was told by dispatch to not follow the kid, he was told by Neighborhood Watch to never carry a gun, he did both and a 17 year old is dead. Thoughts? Also a rumor that Romney is looking at Zimmmerman as possible VP, he wants to out do McCain in looking for a "Game Change".

If you're going to put all this crap out there about George Zimmerman, then you need to do the same with Trayvon Martin:

Travyon Martin was witnessed to be on top of George Zimmerman before he was shot.

George Zimmerman was cut in the back of his head and had his nose bloodied by Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin was suspended from school multiple times for vandalism and caught with marijuana, stolen jewelry & burglary tools.

Trayvon Martin was caught selling weed to his friends.

Trayvon was detained for fighting on a bus and taking a swing at the bus driver.

Trayvon Martin has gold teeth (symbolic of gangsters).

Travyon's gangster tattoos were shared on his Twitter & Facebook accounts.

When Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman collided, why was Trayvon out so late at 3:00 am walking in the rain?

Lots of incriminating stuff here, folks. If Obama had a kid like Trayvon Martin, he would probably be impeached.

More racist comments from Atkins Diet, aka tea party loser tom and 20 other fake names this coward hides behind. The big question is when will the tea party denounce the disgraced leader of the California tea party who is now waiting trial on charges of rape and kidnapping?!

"Factless" continues making allegations of racism where none exist, which puts him in the same alternate universe as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who, as usual, are trying to sensationalize this incident as much as possible as a means of self-promotion.

I love how these two irrelevant figures are using the Martin family to milk as much camera time as they can from this unfortunate event. It's so sad that the family, in their grief, are falling for this scheme hook, line, and sinker.

This filthy racist punk is typical tea party trash. The GOP is about to be wiped out in 2012 because of their racist and anti-woman agenda!

The latest news is that arrogant jerk, Obama, tried to intimidate the Supreme Court today by commenting that he didn't believe they have the authority to overturn Obamacare and that this would be an unprecedented action. It seems Obama thinks he's above the law now. Another reason to toss this guy out on his ear in November.

He's not listening to what a clear majority of Americans are saying about Obamacare right now -- they don't like it!!! Time to cut your losses and let the Supreme Court do what they're appointed to do -- correct all the wrongs created by Obama.

It looks like George Zimmerman is not going to be charged for anything related to him defending himself when he was attacked by Trayvon Martin. Justice prevails again!!!

As long as Thomas & his wife are on the payroll of anti-HC supporters and Scalia is toasting right wing excesses and successes with the Koch Bros, Obama would be failing the American people AND this Republic by staying quiet.

Our SC is, without quewtion, bought and paid for by corporate, right wing Amerika and for conservatives to question Obama's motives makes it clear support that corrupt relationship.

Show a little respect for the Supreme Court, gs. They're just trying to do what's right for our country and, with Obama in there, they've got a lot of fixing to do. All this conspiracy garbage you're throwing out there about the Koch Brothers, etc. is nothing but a smoke screen.

Obamacare seems like it's going to be at least partially struck down by the Court. America is not happy with Obamacare. This is going to be a campaign issue for Obama too because so many people are upset with the way this thing was forced down our throats.

I'm among those that have been against "Obamacare" from day one but I am also certain that there are two members of the court who sit there solely to protect the right neo-con/corporate agenda.

Yes, gs, I'm sure these 2 Justices wake up every morning and say: "Well, here goes another day at the office protecting the right neo-con/corporate agenda."

The reality is, like most American citizens, they have a certain political perspective/philosophy that they bring to the job they do. I'm sure they don't have, as you suggest, this narrow political agenda that they are endlessly pursuing day in and day out in their roles as members of the nation's highest court.

I'm sure they evaluate the merits of each case that comes before them in as objective a manner as possible and reach their decisions based on a whole host of facts and nuances that every case presents. To assert, as you do, that they have their minds made up well in advance of reaching a decision based solely on ideological considerations is just not a fair assessment.

Then, by your own logic, there are at least one or two justices on the SC that should not be there. If they all make their decisions based on all the facts and nuances of each , and are not voting along ideological lines, then the 2000 psuedo election decision, the corporation as person decision and the Citizens United decision are the result of ignorance, lack of true judicial reasoning and /or gross negligence.

The first decision took the election for the Presidency out of the hands of the American voters and turned it into an exercise in legal & procedural gamesmanship. The second create two classes of citizens in the USA. The third makes possible for our enemies to directly affect the outcome of local, state and national elections on a scale never dreamed of by an American until last year.

Each decision had the practical result of not only placing the democratic process further out of reach of most Americans, they also violate the Justices oath's of office by wholly ignoring the qualifying principles of WHY we have a constitution. You can find those principles listed in the Preamble.

Your argument that those decisions you've cited are evidence that one or two of the Justices should not be there is not very compelling at all. Rather, it is just you stating your opinion about the impacts of these decisions.

I don't believe one person's opinion should be the basis for declaring that some of our Supreme Court Justices are unfit to serve.

If the right wing facists on the Supreme Court overturn National Healthcare then they will have spit on the Constitution and basically torn it up. As George W. Bush said "It is time to stop these appointed, not elected Judges, from making laws rather than doing their job of interpreting laws, we need to reign in these activist judges." Also GS don't try to reason with the filthy little racist "More Breaking News" aka tea party tom and 20 other fake names this racist punk has to hide behind like a frightened child hiding behind his momma's skirt.

Listen to this paranoid little girl, Breaking News, crying about what the Supreme Court is about to do, which is come to a reasoned, rational decision on Obamacare. The high court will very likely strike down this unconstitutional piece of legislation that Obama foolhardily tried to shove down our throats.

This failure on the part of Obama, along with the worsening economy, skyrocketing gas prices, the increasing budget deficit, and the soaring national debt are all going to be contributing factors to Obama losing his reelection bid in November.

And this little whiny, girly, punk, Breaking News, has the nerve to criticize me for not posting under my real name, while he posts under 20 (or more) fake names himself. What a big fat hypocrite!!!

Here's another bit of breaking news this little punk is going to love. Florida's attorney general, Angela Corey, has decided not to convene a Grand Jury in the Trayvon Martin case. Anyone with any legal background whatsoever can see that this was clearly a matter of self-defense on the part of George Zimmerman. Hopefully, this will put an end to this circus once and for all.

Listen to this filthy racist punk spewing his talking points that Phony Tony shoved up his behind. "More Breaking News" is a gutless cowardly puke who has lost so many battles he has begun to enjoy losing, that's why he clings to the idea that Romney or some other filthy republican could beat Obama, in reality Obama is gonna win this one by 20 points or more. Get used to it punk! Of course you bow down and worship Zimmerman, he killed an African American kid and being a racist you really enjoy that I imagine. Now take some advice and get off this blog punk, go do your facist ramblings on Inge's blog!

If you take a look at the pictures of George Zimmerman after he was attacked, he clearly was severely injured (around the face and the back of his head). This was a totally justified killing by a man who feared for his life after being attacked by that punkish thug, Trayvon Martin. Good for him in defending himself. Any other person facing those circumstances, black, white, or purple, would have done the same thing.

There is a new web site up in support of George Zimmerman. I would encourage those of you who feel Mr. Zimmerman is being railroaded by the fabricating, manipulating, lying Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to visit it.

The web site is called: TheRealGeorgeZimmerman.com

There is also PayPal link that you can go to if you would like to donate to Mr. Zimmerman's legal defense fund. I just donated $100 today and will probably contribute some as it becomes clearer what Mr. Zimmerman's legal status is.

Mitt the Liberal RINO Romney has kicked Santorums butt so badly he has dropped out of the race. So long Santorum, better luck next time sucker! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Santorum dropped out of the race today. Apparently, no one, except "Bye Bye Santorum," was surprised at this news.

This is actually a good thing for the GOP, which "Bye Bye Santorum" and his 20 other fake names can't seem to grasp with his infantile mind. Now everyone can unite behind Mitt and focus on the main task at hand: Get rid of Obama!!!

We'll be confronting Obama and his Socialist agenda out on the campaign trail at every opportunity. This is going to be lots of fun, Punky Brewster!!!

Zimmerman charged with 2nd degree murder and is now in custody! Looks like the GOP is supporting and sending donations to a criminal.

Republicans turned their back on conservatives and tea party losers by going with Mitt. Obama is already 10 points ahead of Mr. Plastic phony Romney. I hope the idiot loser Hello Mitt and 30 other fake names this gutless punk hides behind enjoys 4 more years of Obama! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I find it quite amusing that "Goodbye Mitt" and his 30+ other fake names are bemoaning the fact that Mitt Ronmey is supposedly a RINO. This loser never stopped bashing Gingrich, Santorum, Bachman, and Perry for being too conservative. Now that the GOP's nominee will be more of a moderate, this hypocrite is criticizing him for not being conservative enough. What a complete schizophrenic idiot!

Obama is going to get a run for his money now that the GOP has settled on a nominee. It will be a full-court press from this point forward and the American people are going to be reminded what a colossal failure Obama has been on the economy (the Number 1 issue for Americans right now), gas prices (another huge issue), the federal budget deficit, the national debt, and some stupid decisions the Obama Administration has made like putting the kibosh on the XL Keystone pipeline project (that would have generated thousands of jobs), handing over almost $600 million in taxpayer funds to a solar energy company (Solyndra) that went belly up, and much, much more...

I see where that lousy scumbag, Al Sharpton, is again hogging the spotlight and claiming that justice has been done for Trayvon Martin even before the case has gone to trial. In his mind, George Zimmerman is already guilty of murder simply because he's white and Martin was black. This trial hasn't even begun yet and a lot of facts and evidence will need to be convincingly presented to a jury of Mr. Zimmerman's peers before any verdict is rendered.

But that filthy scum of the earth, Al Sharpton, would rather try this case in the media because it means money in his pocket if Mr. Zimmerman is found guilty. MSNBC had relinquished any small remnant of objectivity that they may have had left by making Al Sharpton their primary spokesman and allowing him to rant and rave and spout his racist viewpoints across the evening news. Al Sharpton is a lying, scheming, cheating, scum bag who owes the American people $1 million for taxes that he openly refused to pay to the IRS. He openly and arrogantly defied the federal government by refusing to pay $1 million in taxes and told them if they came after him he would accuse them of racism. If anyone else refused to pay their taxes they'd be sitting in prison right now.

The only filthy scumbag is the gutless punk above who has to hide like a little girl behind his fake names, probably afraid Sharpton will kick the crap outa him! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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