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What will Democrats do with their Super Majority?

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What do you want Democrats to do with their Super Majority in the State Legislature?

I support ethics reforms, initiative reforms, education reform and education funding reform. We also need to address rising prison costs.

This article from Hullabaloo is critical of Democrats from being timid with their super majority. I would like stable budgets that do not require bad deals to get passed.

I am also curious what Republicans like Scott Wilk will be able to do in the State Assembly. Will he be able to put together a group of moderate Democrats and Republicans to influence policy? I doubt it but good luck to him in trying.

Republicans have the ability to alter their agenda to be more appealing to voters. It would be in the best interest of their party and our state for them to do so. If they supported moderate education reforms there are many families they would appeal to. But they might have to drop their support for right wing policies.

Scott Wilk, what will you do to support charter schools and reform protections for bad teachers?

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