Gun violence rally

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A local organizer sent me this email:

Mr Dennert:

My name is Satya Karra a resident of Ventura County for over thirty years.Ama member of the Moorpark Democratic Club,and a neighborhood Team leader for the Moorpark/Simi chapter of " Organizing for Action".

All the chapters in Ventura County and the Conejo valley of OFA are jointly holding a rally next Saturday from 2-4 pm, at the intersection of TO blvd and Westlake Blvd.

This is as part of OFA's National Day of Action for Gun Violence Prevention. Send congress a message and demand that they pass a sensible legislation.
Also to let them know we have not forgotten NEWTOWN, AURORA, COLUMBINE, OAK CREEK, BLACKSBURG, TUSCON.

We are trying to reach out to as many folks as we can for this event,and any help you can render to further this cause would be appreciated.



I told them I would post their pictures if they send them in.

If you attend a political event send me the pictures and I will post them.

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