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The Simi Valley Library reopens

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The Simi Valley Library was a part of the Ventura County Library system. Now it is controlled by the city. The city council promised improvments when they took it over.

I went there today and I did notice changes. Overall it is better. I do like the increased focus on young people. I need to visit more to understand how signifigant the changes might be. So far they do not appear to be extensive.

I took the above picture there. I guess some people enjoy casette tapes. Have you been to the library since they reopened? What do you think?

Here is their new website.

Here are some articles about the debate over leaving the county library system to be managed by a private company.

So far it is looking good.

What will Democrats do with their Super Majority?

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What do you want Democrats to do with their Super Majority in the State Legislature?

I support ethics reforms, initiative reforms, education reform and education funding reform. We also need to address rising prison costs.

This article from Hullabaloo is critical of Democrats from being timid with their super majority. I would like stable budgets that do not require bad deals to get passed.

I am also curious what Republicans like Scott Wilk will be able to do in the State Assembly. Will he be able to put together a group of moderate Democrats and Republicans to influence policy? I doubt it but good luck to him in trying.

Republicans have the ability to alter their agenda to be more appealing to voters. It would be in the best interest of their party and our state for them to do so. If they supported moderate education reforms there are many families they would appeal to. But they might have to drop their support for right wing policies.

Scott Wilk, what will you do to support charter schools and reform protections for bad teachers?

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2012 State Assembly: Das Williams Versus Mike Stoker?

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Democrat Das Williams hasn't been certified as the winner yet and Republican Mike Stoker has sent out an email announcing he is planning to run again. Besides personal animosity between the two, I assume Mike Stoker is trying to clear the field of primary challengers.

Click on continue reading for his press release.

I am interested to see Audra Strickland's next career move.

Democratic State Assembly Nominee Das Williams Rallying Party Base

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Das Williams won the nomination of his party and will now be running against Mike Stoker in November. The district is considered a safe because of the overwhelming Democratic Party registration advantage. Mike Stoker has been insisting though he is a moderate that can reach out to Democrats. Because he previously worked for an oil company and has worked for Tony Strickland I think that will be a challenge for him.

Das Williams has been rallying the support of the Democratic Party, including elected officials that didn't get involved in the primary. I expect that he will also be finding new ways to communicate his shared values more with independents and Republicans soon too. I think the primary was helpful for Das Williams and I don't expect lasting divisions because of the tough primary to impact him in the fall. Are any of my readers Susan Jordan supporters that will now vote for Mike Stoker? I doubt there are enough to make an impact.

I don't see enough evidence that this will be a competitive election but Mike Stoker has time to provide it.

My reader poll from the primary was obviously wildly inaccurate:


I never claimed the polls are scientifically accurate but this poll is next to worthless. If there is much to learn from it I would say it shows that Daniel Goldberg's and Mike Stoker's campaigns exist more on the internet then they did in precinct walks, phone calls, street corner rallies, or fundraising.

Here is the new general election poll:

Click on continue reading to see Das Williams' latest press release.

Click on continue reading to see Mike Stoker's latest press release.

Das Williams Photoshop Contest

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Click on continue reading to see the original photo and the photoshopped version.

free graphic for myspace

( I am thinking of titles for this animated .gif I created. How about watch Susan Jordan's make wine appear magic trick? Please suggest others in the comments section. You don't need to register to comment but keep it classy.)

Ventura County Star Reporter Timm Herdt has already covered this story in detail but it is worth mentioning again in case you didn't see it. Susan Jordan went on on overseas trip which her opponent Das Williams is alleging was a junket paid for by tax dollars. Susan Jordan's team is countering she was representing environmental groups and it was a working trip.

To make their case Das Williams' campaign photoshopped a picture from Susan Jordan's website of what they imagined the trip looked like. Instead of showing Susan Jordan working on environmental issues they photoshopped a wine glass in her hand.

His supporters argue that a photoshopped picture is less deceptive than quotes and statements used in mailers out of context to make it appear he is a big fan of off shore oil drilling. Out of context quotes seem to be such an expected part of our politics they don't seem to shock us anymore. But are photoshopped pictures taking it too far?

Instead of getting more involved in that story I am hosting a photoshop contest. No photoshops of serious policy matters will be posted. I am thinking Das Williams hanging out with George W. Bush back in college. You get the idea. Post other ideas in the comments section. Entries will be posted after the election with a political prize valued at $10.

Pedro Nava's Campaign Goes To The Dogs

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Democratic State Assembly Member Pedro Nava's animal rights campaign ad is brilliant. He currently represents some of Santa Barbara county and Ventura County in the state assembly. This doesn't fit into our cutest political animal contest but the ad itself is great.

I strongly support animal rights. When we show concern with the least amongst us our compassion can echo throughout society. I wasn't planning to vote for Pedro Nava before but now he is among the finalist for my vote. I have a few more issues I need to research before I finalize my choice.

What values do you think the next attorney general should possess?

Susan Jordan's Contest Entry

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susan ashley_sign.jpg

State Assembly candidate Susan Jordan is running against Das Williams for the Democratic nomination to replace Pedro Nava in the state assembly. Her campaign sent in a photo of Ashley her dog, a sign photoshopped in, and this quote:

Ever since I was little, I was bringing home abandoned animals. Looking back, my mother was very tolerant considering we lived in a small one-bedroom apartment! Ashley came to us when she was only 8 months old and had been starved and abandoned. She has been a light in our lives ever since she arrived.

Susan Jordan and Das Williams are locked in a tight battle to win the nomination of their party. The intensity is really high because the winner of the nomination is expected to be able to easily beat the Republican nominee in this district.

Lately charges have been flying that the campaign has turned negative. Susan Jordan has been accused of violating a clean campaign pledge. Click on continue reading to see the charge against her and her response.

Susan Jordan's campaign wisely linked to her mailers so that we can judge for ourselves. Download them here ( pdf ) :



I think it would be great if all mailers were posted online so that we can see what candidates try to target to particular demographic groups. With that in mind email me any mailer that you would like to see posted.

Before you vote click here for the other dogs.

Celebrity Lookalikes w/ Republican State Assembly Daniel Goldberg

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avatars myspace with Gickr

A recent news article said Republican State Assembly candidate Daniel Goldberg looks like Adam Sandler. I think he looks more like Jeff Goldblum. What do you think?

Jeff Gorell Photobomb

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The news article was on the race between State Senator Tony Strickland's consultant Mike Stoker and flower grower Daniel Goldberg. But the photo focuses on Jeff Gorell's huge campaign sign.

Send in any interesting photos of campaign signs you want me to post.

A Day Early: Interview With State Assembly Candidate Daniel Goldberg

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I normally interview candidates on Thursday nights but this week I am interviewing Daniel Goldberg a day early. Goldberg is running in the Republican Primary against Mike Stoker. The winner will then run against either Das Williams or Susan Jordan.

This interview is just between the two of us. After 9PM you can post your feedback for me. You can also post some questions then for Daniel Goldberg to answer when he gets a chance.

Daniel, click on continue reading for your first question.

Thursday Night Live Interview With State Assembly Candidate Susan Jordan

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Susan_Jordan.jpg ( This was taken at last week's Democratic Convention as Susan Jordan was being interviewed.)

Susan Jordan is running in the Democratic Primary to take over for termed out State Assembly Member Pedro Nava. She has been running based on her background as an environmental activist and as a reformer that wants to change the budget process.

I asked her to be interviewed on my blog in a one on one interview. Because of that agreement I will delete all other comments until after the interview.

I know on the campaign issue she will be asked many of the typical questions over and over again. If you see that I ignore many of them know that it is not because I don't see them as valuable but because I feel confident she will have answered them many times.

I interview candidates for all sorts of offices on my blog on my Thursday Night Live feature. If you know a candidate for any office in Ventura County that would like to be interviewed send me a message. Click here and here for some past examples. I do not limit myself to people that share my ideology or party.


Thanks for your time. I know modern campaigns are time consuming and demand constant work. I appreciate you coming here to answer my questions. Click on continue reading to see my first question.

Tea Party w/ Audra Strickland and Daniel Goldberg

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The Ventura Government Center Tea Party drew together many local conservative / libertarian activists and local Republican politicians looking for their support. This picture has State Assembly candidate Daniel Goldberg and County Supervisor candidate Audra Strickland meeting. Daniel Goldberg posted it online. If you are interested in his campaign he updates his Facebook page frequently with his latest news.

The Republican primary campaign is between him and Strickland consultant Mike Stoker. The winner will be face off against either Susan Jordan or Das Williams in a district that heavily tilts towards Democrats.

Daniel Goldberg started off his campaign by saying he was a moderate that represents a Republican Party that can win in California. Now is trying to appeal to the more conservative elements of his own party.


You can't be a moderate and praise people that say:

"I have no idea whether or not he's a citizen," Bonney said.

She doesn't budge on this. When told that Hawaiian newspapers carried birth announcements for Obama, she counters that Kenyans believe he was born there.

"I don't really know," she said. "That's pure speculation, I don't get involved in that."

She claims to not know if Barack Obama is a US Citizen. Local Tea Party rallies often have signs with the Soviet Hammer and Sickle with Barack Obama. Their website has captions on pictures that falsely smear the commander in chief stating he won't salute the flag.

Does none of that offend you?

By the way, did you mention to them you supported Barack Obama?

This isn't the campaign I expected from you. There is time between now and June to show you are truly a moderate Republican. Use it.

Brian Dennert here

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