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VCS School Watch

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The Ventura County Star has dedicated more resources to covering education.

Check it the website:


They have a feature where students can upload pictures of problems at their schools:


Follow them on Facebook and Twitter too. There is a recent article on teacher pay that looks interesting. What do you suggest they cover?

Simi Valley School Board Debate

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( The candidates discussing an issue that doesn't seem to come up much in Simi Valley: Vouchers. The question is more of an ideological litmus test when you consider that this isn't going to be on the agenda of the board. A more pertinent question would be about expanding charter schools or relations with the Ventura County Board of Education. 4 of of the 6 candidates were clearly against vouchers. What questions do you want these candidates to answer?)

I went to the Simi Valley School Board debate tonight at city hall.

First, sorry about getting the time wrong. It was at 5PM. I apologize if I caused anybody to miss it.

On the way in I saw Ray Cruz's bus and van in the parking lot. Here is a photo:


As I got closer I snapped a photo of some Ray Cruz supporters standing outside with his signs:


Inside city hall chambers it was a pretty tame affair. Nothing too unexpected was said from the candidates.

Here is a brief run down of a few statements or ideas from each candidate:

Brad Jashinsky:

We need new technology. Schools are archaic and look like something out of the 1950's or 1960's. Brad spoke about schools using webgrades ( which some schools do ) and posting homework online ( which some schools do ) as a way of connecting schools and families. He is a strong supporter of protecting and expanding programs at Santa Su High School.

Rob Collins:

Ron said he has the experience we need and this is no time for on the job training. The current board is working together unlike it has in the past and wants to continue as a team. Really against vouchers.

Janice Difatta:

The current board has worked together on many issues and looks forward to working with them. Grimaced a few times at statements from other candidates, including Brad's comments about a "new" energy savings plan. I put new in quotes because they disputed how long the district has been doing it. I know there has been an energy czar position for a few years, but I don't know if he was talking about something else.

Debbie Sandland:

She has been on the board for many years and would like to continue with the current board and is thankful for the opportunity it has given her. She takes many trips to see the many schools in the area. She is strongly against vouchers. Debbie also explained that she is in favor of the current options for 6th graders. She ran in an earlier campaign when that was a top priority.

A candidate that didn't get his candidate statement in:

I will put in his thoughts when he gets his candidate statement sent into me. The program for the night said he didn't submit a statement. Maybe I am being harsh, but if you want to have us take the time to discuss your policy views, then show us you are taking this seriously. I will post your candidate statement, website URL, and any videos you have as soon as you send them in. I look forward to posting them for you. You have many talents that will serve you well in life. Make sure to stay involved after the election.

Raymond Cruz:

Ray has refocused his campaign from divisive social issues like creationism that came up in the last election and is instead focusing on the drop out rate and the expulsion rate. He does support vouchers and was criticized by many of the other candidates for this position. He brochure mentions his involvement in Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley and the endorsement of the Ventura County Republican Central Committee.

I found it odd he hasn't switched the words he uses like much of the conservative movement in America. Many supporters of teaching creationism now call it "intelligent design" and many supporters of vouchers now call it "school choice".

I spoke with Ray outside the event very briefly and although we likely don't agree on very many policies, he is very friendly. His involvement in church life shows in his daily life. In his last election I took a few videos of him that I have posted below.

Ray did show up with the most supporters by far. The parking lot had a bus, a van, and more vehicles with his campaign signs on them. He looks like he is putting much more effort into his campaign this time.

I talked to a few candidates about campaign finance and they directed me to the county government website to learn more. Click here to see some of the campaign finance reports. I tried using it to look up current information but I am done with it for now. The information seems to be out of date and not organized in an easy to use way. The most recent report has been downloading for a few minutes and at this rate I will finish the entry before it is done. What's wrong with html reports? If you find anything interesting in there let me know.

There were many responses to questions I am not going to write about.
If you went to the debate and want to share what I left out, by all means post a comment. I saw a few people that post on my blog there including Mike Chandler of VoteSimiValley.com. Mike, I know your video quality is much higher than mine. I use a digital camera with a video feature whereas you actually have proper equipment. Do you have the ability to post the debate in full? I am going to leave it up to you and others to share their thoughts on the debate. My report is not meant to be conclusive.

Do you know how you are going to cast your three votes? This is a unique blog entry. Instead of a writer trying to convince you to support a cause or a candidate I am asking you to convince me.

I have my thoughts on the different candidates and I am familiar with most of the issues that they bring up. But I haven't finalized my three votes. Please leave your suggestions and picks as a comment. Make sure to explain how you are going to vote and why.

Thanks for the help.

I like to look at the bumper stickers on cars in the parking lots of debates. I don't know if they were attending the debate but I saw this Mike Judge supporter's vehicle which included a McCain/Palin sticker, a NRA sticker, and a Mike Judge sign showing his unique URL: JudgementSV.com

Mike, feel free to put up a link to the entry where you answered questions here on this blog.


Vote Simi Valley Interview w/ Brad Jashinsky

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The candidates for Simi Valley Unified School Board ( SVUSD ) will be debating at Simi Valley city hall Tuesday night at 6:30 PM.

Are you going to be there?

The above video is of Mike Chandler of Vote Simi Valley interviewing school board candidate Brad Jashinsky. Go to votesimivalley.com to see his other entires about Simi Valley politics.

Mike, are you going to be interviewing other school board candidates? Have you emailed them?

Simi Valley School Board: Brad Jashinsky Goes On The Offensive

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armored_vehicle .jpg

This graphic appeared at the top of a recent flyer being distributed in Simi Valley. For the rest of the flyer click on continue reading.

Brad Jashinsky is going on the offensive in his campaign to get elected to the school board. His is targeting the incumbents for what he sees as a lack of progress with the bond money.

Here are two upcoming events for voters:

Chamber of Commerce event
Lost Canyons Golf Course 11am to 1pm.

School Board Candidates' Forum from 5pm to 6:30pm.
Simi Valley City Council Chambers

Are any of you going to either event? I plan to go and submit some questions. I will also be asking candidate's to do short interviews. Any specific questions you want me to ask?

Brad, I saw this on your website:

This led to other issues coming my way including gay rights, school safety problems, overly aggressive teacher policies, and the false promises made by the school board about when the projects would be completed across the district.

What was your involvement with gay rights and what are your thoughts about tolerance in Simi Valley schools? Do you think there is dramatically more that teachers, administrators, and the school board could do to increase an atmosphere of respect and safety for all? There is room for improvement in every school, but do you see gay rights, tolerance, and respect as a priority if you are elected?

Also, does your URL indicate you are a Batman fan?

For more information:

Click here to see Brad Jashinsky's website.

Click here to see his "Ask a candidate entry" where he answered many questions from readers.

If you have information about any other school board candidate, a mailer or flyer they are using, or a photo of a campaign sign send it in and I will post it.

Ask a School Board Candidate: Simi Valley Edition w/ Brad Jashinsky

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A new candidate for Simi Valley School Boards has appeared. Brad Jashinsky is young but in talking to him I can tell you he is dynamic, motivated, and is intelligent. I don't know if he is ready for the school board but I am looking forward to seeing his answers to our questions. Here is his opening statement:

"As a current college scholar and business owner, Brad Jashinsky, believes he can bring true change to a Simi Valley school board who in his opinion has made false promises and remains stagnate. Only a year removed from attending high school in the same Simi Valley district he hopes to help run, Brad feels he has the unique insight into the students, parents, teachers, and school district administration that no other candidate has. Currently Brad attends Cal State Channel Islands on a full scholarship after attending Katherine Elementary, Valley View Middle School, Simi High School, and Santa Susana High School. Brad is excited to begin finding out the issues that blog readers are concerned about this election year, and is happy to answer questions posted on this blog post."

I have a few questions to get Brad Jashinsky started and then it is time for questions from my readers.

Here you go:

1. Who are some of the most influential teachers in your life? How did they influence you?

2. What do you think about the process to fire a poor performing teacher? Do you think it is too easy, reasonable, or too hard to fire a teacher?

3. Have you attended many school board meetings?

4. Do you support the expansion of fundamental schools like Vista and Hollow Hills?

5. What local politician do you respect for the work they have done for our community?

When I get a candidate to agree to answer questions I tell them that questions will come in over a number of days and I don't expect them to answer every question the day it comes in. These candidates aren't getting paid and don't have paid staff. If you can't deal with waiting for a response I don't know what to tell you. They are running for local office, not the presidency.

Brian Dennert here

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