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Ventura County Democrats new Chair David Atkins

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The Ventura county Democratic Central Committee has elected a new Executive Board and Endorsements Committee. Click on continue reading for the full press release.

I respected Richard Carter. He is a good family man and a decent person. Good luck to the new Chair David Atkins. He has experience with netroots politics. It will be great if he can implement many of those techniques and ideas locally. He created a minor controversy for ridiculing Republicans from Simi Valley as racists. If he learned a lesson somewhere from that it would be helpful.

I will request David Atkins to do an interview soon. Besides the Twitter controversy what questions should I ask him? You don't need to register to comment but keep it classy.

Kennedy Legacy Dinner w. Rep. Maxine Waters

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The Ventura County Democratic Central Committee has their annual Kennedy Legacy Dinner coming up.

Click on continue reading for the details.

The keynote speaker for the night is Rep. Maxine Waters. I am not sure what i think of her record. I think I'll investigate it more before I comment.

Are you going? I haven't decided if I am going to ask to attend as a blogger and cover the event.

The funds raised from the event cover many expenses including sending out slate cards to registered party members. Candidates that earn the endorsement of the party are able to get their names listed on the slates. This includes candidates for nonpartisan offices. A candidate for school board or city council could greatly benefit from being included on these slates.

I have conflicting thoughts on if candidates for nonpartisan offices should seek the support of a political party. What do you think?

Ventura County Democratic Activist Brian Leshon Appointed To State Party Position

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Ventura County Democratic activist Brian Leshon was appointed to a state party committee to continue his work with internet technologies. If you are a Democrat thinking of running for local office you should reach out to activists like him that have access and training with online organizing.

Click on continue reading for the press release.

Brian Leshon Wins Technology Award

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Ventura County Democratic activist Brian Leshon won an award from his political party for his use of technology. Click on continue reading for the press release.

Which local elected official do you respect for their use of technology?

Simi Valley City Council Member Mike Judge uses Facebook to report on his official duties on the council and to share his opinions on national politics. I often disagree with his posts but I like that he is accessible and responds to the comments of others. Mike, don't let your Tea Party friends know I gave you some compliments, they might think we are both funded by Moveon.org George Soros! Mike, thanks for being accessible. Now stop watching Fox News so much.

I have been watching the potential candidates for the next cycle quietly adding many activists to their friends list on Facebook. Social networks locally haven't been the focus of changing minds of voters but they sure have brought dedicated partisans together.

Ventura County Democrats Offering Training On Earning Press Coverage

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The Democratic Campaign Council of Ventura County is holding a training and panel discussion on how to earn media coverage. This would be a great event for potential candidates and their staff members to meet local activists.

Here are the details:

Training for Candidates, Clubs and Committees
July 9 at 1 p.m.
VCDP Headquarters, 1760 Ventura Blvd., Camarillo
Guest speakers: Tony Biasotti, contributor to the the Ventura County
Star; and Michael Sullivan, Editor of the Ventura County Reporter. More
panelists may be included.
Sponsored by the Democratic Campaign Council of Ventura County
For more information, contact Brian Leshon at BLeshon@venturacountydemocrats.com

Democrats Hosting Online Tools Training Event

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A group of Ventura County Democrats will be hosting a campaign training event on how to use online tools including social media. The event has a low cost suggested donation of $10. Brian Leshon and David Atkins are two party activists that are helping to put it together.

Click on continue reading for details.

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Comments Policy Update: The comments on this blog have become very negative lately. I am not interested in comments mentioning the personal failings of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Anthony Weiner. You have plenty of other blogs to scream at each other on.

Ventura County Post Election Analysis

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National and Statewide campaigns frequently have post election panel sessions to discuss the results and to share insider stories. I look forward to this tradition being extended to Ventura County politics. It would be great if video of the event is later posted online.

Here is the announcement from some local Democrats:

Ventura County Campaign 2010 Forum: What worked and didn't
Thursday December 9, 2010, 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.)

We invite you to come hear from campaign experts and candidates about the results of the local election in Ventura County, learn about all the facets of the California Democratic Party's Coordinated Campaign, discuss the campaign techniques that worked and didn't, and begin the planning for the 2012 election. If you volunteered during the 2010 election cycle, your attendance at this event and input is important.

This event is sponsored by the Democratic Campaign Council of Ventura County and is open to registered Democrats only. It is free of charge, though we are always happy to accept donations. Snacks and beverages will be served.

For information, call the Democratic Campaign Council of Ventura County or email Brian Leshon at BLeshon@VenturaCountyDemocrats.com.

What will be covered:

* Ventura County Election Results
* Ventura County Election Analysis
* California Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign
* Volunteer Input


* Brian Leshon, moderator
* David Atkins, Ferial Masry Campaign and Ventura County results
* Timm Herdt, journalist, Ventura County results
* Sandra Kinsler, CDP Coordinated Campaign overview
* Tom Mullens, candidate

The Ventura County Democratic Party Has Some Needs For Their New Office

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The Ventura County Democrats have opened an office to help organize for the 2010 General Election. They are requesting cash donations so they can pay for the following:

1. Phones and phone service for the call bank. 2. Computer parts (hard drives and memory) to fix up the donated computers. 3. Copy machine and printer supplies - copy paper, toner cartridges, repair contract. 4. Internet wireless router - so anyone working in the office can have Internet access. 5. Security system and cameras. 6. Locking file and storage cabinets. 7. Refrigerator, coffee, water, and snacks for our volunteers. 8. Huge sign that can be easily read from the 101 freeway. 9. Keep the office after November 2010.

They are also open to donations of any of the above materials.

Click on continue reading for their email and click here for their website.

There is a protest outside Rep. Elton Gallegly's office today. Send me any photographs you want posted.

Ventura County Democratic Central Committee Goes After Foy And Lunn

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The Ventura County Democratic Central Committee is becoming more involved in local elections, copying something Ventura County Republicans have been doing for years. Their latest mailer ties Peter Foy and Mark Lunn together, something voters paying attention to the proximity and pattern of the many Foy / Lunn signs will have noticed.

The VCDCC is currently the most effective I ever remember it. What do you think of their mailers?

Send me any mailers you want me to post. If you don't see a mailer it is safe to assume a campaign didn't send it to me.

UPDATE: Here is another blog post on the same subject.



For a long time Democrats have complained that Republicans were getting involved in local nonpartisan races but Democrats didn't have a plan to respond. This election cycle is different.

In the last few days they sent a mailer to Democrats in East County attacking Peter Foy and supporting their candidates Bruce Thomas for Supervisor and Jim Dantona for Clerk / Recorder. Earlier today I received a robocall from Brian Leshon acting as Ventura County Democratic Central Committee Chair in support of Ed Summers.

There are spending restrictions in many of these races but these mailers find loopholes including arguing they are only sending them to party members.

I know the Ventura County Republican Party has been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of Democrat Audra Strickland in her campaign against Republican Linda Parks but are they sending mailers in support of Mark Lunn? Send them to me and I will post them too.

This latest mailer hits an easy target when they go after Waste Managements plan to expand the Simi Valley Landfill. I have mixed feelings on the expansion and I could be persuaded to support it if will be in the best interest of Simi Valley. I am interested in hiw many more jobs it will bring to the area and the environmental impact. That said expanding the dump has a very low support in polls and I doubt any politician will make a clear statement of support anytime soon.

In addition to this member communications I saw this ad for Jim Dantona on Facebook. Send me any screenshots of ads for local candidates you want me to post.


Jim Dantona's other recent mailer mixes his vision for the office with an another attack on Lunn's massive pension.



I like his ideas for the office but his attack on Lunn's pension doesn't move me. But Lunn's quote that he isn't a politician is hilarious. Mark Lunn is a Chief of Staff to a politician, he sits on a planning commission, and he was on the Ventura County Republican Central Committee. Add to that he is running in an election and Mark Lunn is literally a politician.

When he denies that he is a politician he insinuates that elected office public service is something unseemly that shouldn't be admired. If he has a problem with the ways politicians act he should set a better example instead of denying the obvious.

Thursday Night Live: Democratic Central Committee Leader Brian Leshon

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I am interviewing Ventura County Democratic Central Committee Chair Brian Leshon tonight on changes in the central committee, new technology to get out the vote, and the June primary.

After the interview live me feedback on the questions I asked and Brian's answers.


Click on continue reading for your first question.

Local Inauguration Party To Celebrate Barack Obama's Victory

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Local Democrats are planning an Inauguration Party. I wouldn't normally post this so early but tickets are already on sell and expected to sell out before the event.

Click on continue reading for details.

You going? I haven't made my plans yet. I usually enjoy watching these things at home with family and friends.

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