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State Assembly Candidate Jeff Gorell Has orders to deploy

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Republican State Assembly candidate Jeff Gorell has received orders to deploy to Afghanistan. Here is the Ventura County Star news story with the details.

If this had come up earlier in the campaign it would be a serious issue for discussion. But at this date all I have to add is my hopes for Jeff Gorell, his family, and other members of our armed forces. The war in Afghanistan is full of difficult questions. This election should remind us of the consequences of our choices.

Jeff Gorell and Ferial Masry have run a classy campaign against each other. I have high hopes for the winner of this race and look forward to Jeff Gorell returning to Ventura County.

Click here to read the details from his campaign.

Click on continue reading for Jeff Gorell's announcement and the reaction from his opponent, Ferial Masry.

Ferial Masry For State Assembly Campaign Update

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Ventura County Star Reporter Timm Herdt has already covered it in detail but Ferial Masry's campaign to replace Audra Strickland in the State Assembly is getting more serious. Her campaign has a new group of consultants that are more willing to directly attack her opponent Jeff Gorell. They have also sent me the HTML for a Facebook plugin as a part of their netroots campaign strategy. As of now I'd say Gorell is heavily favored to win, but I think the new team has some surprises planned.

State Assembly Candidates Jeff Gorell and Ferial Masry Tie In Kern County W/ ONE Vote Each!

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Fellow Ventura County Star Blogger Eric Eric Ingemunson posted that Jeff Gorell swept Kern County by claiming the only vote in the Republican Primary. That was so funny I went to the elections page and found out that Democrat Ferial Masry also earned the only vote in the Democratic Primary.

Being that these two candidates have tied in Kern County I suggest that Eric and I travel with the candidates to hold a debate for these voters. Sure it wouldn't normally be a wise use of campaign time but I am confident it will attract media attention.

Ferial Masry Wins Democratic Nomination?

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With Ernest Morell and Warren Harwood passing on running for the Democratic nomination in the 37th State Assembly District it appears Ferial Masry has won by default.

They both have been beat by Audra Strickland before but Strickland is now termed out. The field appears to be set with Ferial Masry running for this seat for the fourth time against Jeff Gorell who ran against Audra Strickland in the 2004 Republican Primary.

Jeff Gorell recently had Ferial Masry speak at his CLU Graduate Level Public Policy class. Hopefully this is a sign that the campaign will stay classy and focused on the future of our state. I will check with both of them about having an online debate. I like the idea of a debate where they just go back and forth asking each other questions. This format wouldn't work for many modern politicians but these two seem to really respect each other.

Click on continue reading for the press release from Ferial Masry's campaign.

Ernest Morrell Dropping Out Of State Assembly Campaign

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Democrat Ernest Morrell is dropping out of the race to replace Audra Strickland in the State Assembly. The frontrunners are now Ferial Masry (D) and Jeff Gorell (R) for the nominations of their parties.

Here is Ernest Morrell's message to his supporters:

Hey in 1966, it was still okay to talk like this on the floor of our U.S. Senate:

A revolution is coming -- a revolution which will be peaceful if we are
wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are
fortunate enough -- But a revolution which is coming whether we will it
or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its
inevitability.- RFK

Click on continue reading for the rest of his message.

A lesson here is to not set a URL or Fanpage with a specific date. That way it can be used after the election is over. Barackobama.com will be useful for years to come but Barackobama08.com is next to worthless now and is up for sale.

Ernest, Best of luck in your future political plans. I am sure we will see more from you!

I updated this poll and reset the "I want another _____ to run" choice.

State Assembly Candidate Ernest Morrell On Facebook

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Professor Ernest Morrell is running for the Democratic nomination in the 37th State Assembly District. His likely toughest opponent is Ferial Masry. Audra Strickland is termed out and looking to run for another office.

Ernest Morrell has been sharing news from the campaign trail on Facebook. If you want to follow his campaign closer click on become a fan in the box above.

If you want me to post a fanbox for a campaign you support send me a message.

Ferial Masry Book Signing

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Ferial Masry is a former candidate ( she ran against Assembly Member Audra Strickland three times), teacher, and leader in trying to better our image to the Muslim world is now also an author. You can see the details of an upcoming book signing by clicking on continue reading.

I was thinking of writing a book, but by the end of a long blog post I sometimes get bored. Anyways, if anyone wants to write a review of the book I will post it.

Click here for the book on Amazon.com

In related book signing news author Ray Bradbury ( author of Fahrenheit 451 ) will be giving a brief lecture and then signing books in Simi Valley. Click here for the details.

More Anti-Strickland Mailers

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Click on continue reading to see them.

Do you think we will be seeing mail about local campaigns on Monday?

GOTV Rally w/ Ferial Masry

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Click on continue reading for details.

I plan to stop by Simi Valley Democratic HQ tomorrow and see how many people are really showing up for GOTV drives from across the state. Are you going to the Ferial Masry rally?

Yet another State Democratic Party attack on Audra Strickland

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Another trip to the mailbox and another mailer critical of Audra Strickland from the state Democratic Party for many of you.

This ad features Ferial Masry's son Omar who served in Iraq.

I consider Omar a friend of mine and I think he will make a great candidate of his own one day. A Muslim-American who served proudly in Iraq promoting American values is a storybook candidacy.

What do you think?

Omar, are you listening?

There they go again! State Democratic Party continues going after the Stricklands

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What message are we to get about Republicans from this mailer?

Looks like the State Democratic Party is calling them nerds.

But ethical nerds that don't want tobacco money in politics.

Click on continue reading to see the full mailer.

If you want me to post a mailer, scan it and send it in. That goes for slates and newspaper ads too.

State Democratic Party going on the offensive on behalf of State Assembly Candidate Ferial Masry

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The State Democratic Party continues to send out mail on behalf of Ferial Masry, who is challenging Audra Strickland for a seat in the state assembly. By most accounts Ferial Masry has a serious

Have you been seeing mail from her?

Click here to see my my recent post on this contest.

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