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Simi Valley / Moorpark Democrats Panel Discussion on Social Media

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I am going to be on a panel discussion tonight about social media, privacy, and politics at the mall for the Simi Valley / Moorpark Democratic club.

Here are the panel members:

Edward Headington: Owner, Headington Media Group, Former Candidate for CA State Assembly

Mitch Green: Attorney at Law, City Council Candidate - 2010

Brian Dennert: Teacher, Royal High School, Political Blogger, Ventura County Star

Marie Lakin: State Legislative Staff Member, Past Chair Ventura County Democratic Party Communications Committee

Click on continue reading for more details.

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Legislative Score Cards

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The Simi Valley Acorn published a slanted legislative score card ad from the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce. I am not sure how I would vote on any of the bills but their description alone makes it seems extreme that anyone would support them.

Does it seem suspect that State Senator Fran Pavley ignored the environmental impact of polystyrene containers? She wrote AB 32! would State Assembly Member Jeff Gorell vote to inflate litigation costs? Another bill is titled illegal tax increase.

Why not give us the real titles or descriptions?

I would like to see more scorecards like this printed by newspapers. But not from special interest groups.

This should have been labeled a paid political ad.

What will Democrats do with their Super Majority?

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What do you want Democrats to do with their Super Majority in the State Legislature?

I support ethics reforms, initiative reforms, education reform and education funding reform. We also need to address rising prison costs.

This article from Hullabaloo is critical of Democrats from being timid with their super majority. I would like stable budgets that do not require bad deals to get passed.

I am also curious what Republicans like Scott Wilk will be able to do in the State Assembly. Will he be able to put together a group of moderate Democrats and Republicans to influence policy? I doubt it but good luck to him in trying.

Republicans have the ability to alter their agenda to be more appealing to voters. It would be in the best interest of their party and our state for them to do so. If they supported moderate education reforms there are many families they would appeal to. But they might have to drop their support for right wing policies.

Scott Wilk, what will you do to support charter schools and reform protections for bad teachers?

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Fact Checker Linda Parks

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Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks is fact checking campaigns on her blog.

What do you think of her website? With so many outside spending groups it is hard to hold candidates accountable for attacks. I am glad she is trying.

Fran Pavley opening a campaign office

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fran spring fling_dennert.jpg

State Senator Fran Pavley is opening a campaign office. Click on continue reading for details.

She was a major leader of California's global warming legislation.

Todd Zink responds to my question

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State Senate candidate Todd Zink (R) responded to my question with this email:

"If Todd Zink's campaign emails me a single position that they claim shows that he is a moderate Republican I will post it on the front page."


In response to your statement above, I hope you will honor your commitment after showing a photo of myself without explanation and using that photo to draw conclusions as to my political positions. I would imagine that, before you posted the photo on your blog, you did your due diligence on the positions found on my website before posting your conclusions. To be fair, I would imagine you have researched both candidates thoroughly before siding with one side or the other.

I have no affiliation with Allen West. In fact, while attending Congressman McKeon's fundraiser I did not know who he was. I did speak to him about his military career.

Your definition of moderate and mine might be very different. Labels are not something that I look to have attributed to me.

Below however, are a few things that make me very different from the other Senators that I will be serving with later this year:

1) I will likely be the only Republican State Senator in California that has not signed the No Tax pledge that has been promoted by Americans for Tax Reform. It isn't that I have any desire to raise taxes - I just don't believe in political pledges.

2) My campaign and my actions as a State Senator will be focused on three policy issues. They are job growth and economic recovery, maintaining public safety, and improving our public school system. Most of the others want to focus on social issues and legislation regarding the unionization of baby sitters, or resolutions about non-substantive issues. Social issues and distractions are not what motivated me to run for office.

3) I am not someone that has been part of the political process for a long time. Every member of the Senate Republican Caucus has held some sort of elective office prior to serving in the Senate. Those years as an elected official shaped their views. I am coming into office completely free to chart the best course for this region of the state.

4) My experience in the military has included executive experience. Few legislators in Sacramento have this sort of experience. It is easy for someone to throw rhetorical bombs and take extreme positions when part of a larger body of reasonable people. That can't happen when you are responsible to make the trains run on time. That is where you have to make things work and balance the competing interests. Some might say that these sorts of decision-making experiences create moderation of views. I think it creates experienced leaders that are desperately needed in our state.

Thank you for considering my points above.

Todd Zink

Thanks for replying Todd Zink. As I wrote I would post this on the front page. Keep me up to date on your campaign.

Fran Pavley fundraiser w/ Tom Torlakson

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Fran Pavley is raising money with State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson. Click on continue reading for more details.

Compare that to her opponent campaigning with far right Rep. Allen West.

Fran Pavley is strongly favored to win. Todd Zink won't appeal to moderares by campaigning with people like Rep. Allen West. What type of republican is he?

Fran Pavley's potential opponents keep declining to run.

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Republican Cameron Smyth won't be running against Democrat Fran Pavley for the State Senate seat. Republicans don't yet have a declared candidate.

Cameron Smyth could have been a formidable candidate. He has earned a reputation as a bipartisan moderate and has experience as a State Assembly Member.

Who would you like to see run? I posted in an earlier blog entry that Simi Valley Republican Glen Becerra mentioned he was considering running for Congress. Now that there isn't a Republican candidate for this State Senate seat do you think he should consider running?

Does he really want to spend the next few years arguing with Mayor Bob Huber at city council meetings?

There aren't opportunities like this too often. If he intends to run for a legislative seat this could be a decent opportunity.

Here is a repost of a poll from that earlier entry:

Simi Valley politics are going to be very interesting.

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I agree with Ventura County Star Reporter Timm Herdt that Simi Valley politics will be much more interesting because of redistricting.

There is a State Assembly race that involves two influential Republicans from Santa Clarita. Scott Wilk and Patricia McKeon both have support from Republican Party activists. The district leans Republican but I expect moderate Democrat Edward Headington to make the top two.

Republicans don't have a declared candidate for the State Senate seat yet but many people think Cameron Smyth will declare soon. Democrats have incumbent State Senator Fran Pavley running and she will be campaigning in Simi Valley soon.

A small part of Simi Valley is in the Ventura based Congressional district that has many strong candidates running for it including Steve Bennett, Tony Strickland, David cruz Thayne, David Pollock, and Linda Parks.

The House seat that includes Simi Valley and Santa Clarita so far has incumbent Republican Howard "Buck" McKeon running for it and a new challenger Dr. Lee Rogers. A major issue in that campaign has been the Countrywide VIP loan program that Rep. Buck McKeon allegedly benefited from. Buck McKeon has denied all wrongdoing.

All of this brings me to Simi Valley City Council Member Glen Becerra. When Rep. Elton Gallegly announced his retirement he was quoted as saying:

Simi Valley City Councilman Glen Becerra said he also will take a serious look at entering the race. "This seat looks like it was designed for a Hispanic Republican," he said. Becerra, like Gallegly, lives in Simi Valley, outside of the district lines, but said that makes little difference. "I was born and raised in Ventura County, and this is a Ventura County district," he said.

I wonder if Glen Becerra might consider running for any one of these positions.

House 26th:
I doubt he would run against Tony Strickland. Tony Strickland has quickly united the Republican Party behind him.

House 25th:
Buck McKeon will be weakened from attacks on paying his wife to run work on his campaigns and benefiting from the Countrywide VIP Home Loan program. The attacks on Patricia McKeon from her opponents will hurt Buck McKeon. Could Glen Becerra be tempted to run for what is considered a safe Republican seat because of the growing charges against Buck McKeon and Patricia McKeon from their opponents?

State Senate 27th District:

If Cameron Smyth runs I don't think Glen Becerra would challenge him. Smyth hasn't declared his intentions. I assumed he was going to run but I am not so sure. Cameron Smyth is holding a fundraiser for State Assembly candidate Scott Wilk. That might be a sign that he isn't worried about upsetting special interest groups that are supporting Patricia McKeon. Now that it looks like State Senator Fran Pavley will be the only Democrat running Republicans will consider that challenging her is going to tougher. Fran Pavely is popular with Democratic activists and she has the ability to raise money. She has represented much of the area and was a popular teacher in Moorpark.

Assembly District 38:
If Glen Becerra ran for the State Assembly seat he could have had a decent chance. With the two Santa Clarita based Republicans dividing support from that area he could have joined the Democrat in the top two based on his base of support in Simi Valley. He has already endorsed Scott Wilk though so that would be pretty surprising. Claiming the endorsement of your opponent would make a great mailer. He isn't going to run against Scott Wilk.

Glen Becerra has won four elections to the Simi Valley City Council, including his first when he beat a more conservative incumbent.

The deadline to file is in March. He might not see opportunities like this again for a long time.

Democrat Fran Pavley campaigning in Simi Valley

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Popular Democratic State Senator Fran Pavley has an upcoming campaign event in Simi Valley. Here is the announcement:

Please join hosts Rob Collins, Arleigh Kidd Donna Prenta and the Working Blue Democratic Club For a Meet and Greet with State Senator Fran Pavley Thursday, February 9th 6pm - 8pm At Simi Sams Sandwich Factory 2139 Tapo Street Simi Valley, CA 93063 Fran Pavley is running for re-election for State Senate in the newly created 27th Senate District, which will include Simi Valley in 2012! Come meet Fran and learn about her stance on important issues including investing in education, educating students in the 21st century economy and keeping our communities safe. To RSVP or if you have any questions, please contact Catherine or Adrianna at RSVP4Fran@yahoo.com or call.

Fran Pavely doesn't have an announced opponent yet but many people expect termed out State Assembly Member Cameron Smyth to run. She might also have a fellow Democrat running. Former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg would make for a very tough competitor for Smyth or Pavley.

Fran Pavley is popular with grassroots activists in the Democratic Party. She is the author of the state's landmark climate change bill. She is also a former teacher from Moorpark which explains how she has early support from two former teachers on the Simi Valley School Board.

State Senator Fran Pavley Helping New Political Group

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fran spring fling_dennert.jpg
( Fran Pavley speaking at a previous event.)

State Senator Fran Pavley is helping a new group of women supporting women involved in politics. She is speaking at the official launch of their group. They plan to be influential by endorsing candidates and helping them with their campaigns. Click on continue reading for more details.

On a related note I don't like when politicians add gender to their title. It is cumbersome and doesn't reflect the office they were elected to hold. It also defines the norm for the position in a gender specific way.

It is a group of Assembly Members, not Assemblymen and Assemblywomen. They didn't get elected to the position of Assembly Man.

We call our law enforcement officers by the respectful term of Police Officer. We no longer use the term fireman as often as we use the term Firefighter.

The expectations we impress on young children includes the language we use to describe roles in society.

I don't want young girls limiting themselves because they don't envision someone that is like them being a leader.

If you don't agree with me please start adding gender in useless ways to all sorts of occupations. Start with bloggerman, bankerwoman, Senator Man, Marine Woman, Pilot Man, Computer Woman, Doctor Man and Chef Man to start. Feel free to add your on.

Brian Dennert here

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