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Twitter and the House of Representatives

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I know that many areas support an active Twitter community discussing politics. I have found that not to as true so far in Ventura County. As Twitter continues to grow I expect that will be different.

Here are the current follower numbers for the candidates for Congress:

Jeff Gorell: 2,926

Julia Brownley: 688

Lee Rogers: 1,841

Tony Strickland: 5,200

Buck McKeon: 12,045

Lois Capps: 5,501

What hashtags do you use to discuss Ventura County politics?

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Jeff Gorell is running against Julia Brownley

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Jeff Gorell has announced he is running against Julia Brownley.

Click on continue reading for the email he sent out.

Tony Strickland endorsed him. As I posted before there was a deal that Tony Strickland would not run against Julia Brownley. But does this mean he plans to run in another district? I believe this makes it more likely that Buck McKeon is retiring.

This also opens up a highly competitive State Assembly seat.

Jeff Gorell has positioned himself as a moderate Republican. He has said he supports immigration reform. What issues do you want to have him explain his position? I would like these three positions explained:

1. Does he believe that climate change is influenced by human activity?
2. What should the federal government do about Marriage Equality?
3. Would he vote to repeal Obamacare or improve it?

I personally like Jeff Gorell. I think the Republican Party needs more leaders like him. But Congress is a partisan position. A good question to ask yourself is if you would prefer Speaker Pelosi or Speaker Boehner. Is Jeff Gorell so past partisanship that he will not pledge to support Speaker Boehner? That would be refreshing.

Jeff Gorell supports immigration reform. The votes appear to be in the House for it. The bill passed the Senate. If Speaker Boehner allowed a vote it could pass. If Jeff Gorell is going to work against partisanship he needs to challenge it in both parties.

In other news a Republican from Simi Valley, Rafael Dagnesses ,is planning to move to the district to run in the primary with Jeff Gorell and Julia Brownley. My instinct is to dismiss him. But should I? He has earned endorsements from some Simi Valley Republican elected officials. But being that he nor those supporters live in the district I am not sure what to think.

A Republican moving out of Simi Valley to run and Tony Strickland moving back to Simi Valley to run? That is funny.

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Scott Wilk asks Tony Strickland to put party over personality

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I have predicted that Tony Strickland will not run against Julia Brownley.

Now there are more rumors he might be working with Buck McKeon to run in the 25th district.

Scott Wilk and other Republicans do not want Tony Strickland or Buck McKeon to run. Click here for a post by Scott Wilk on the influential conservative blog Flashreport.org to read his arguments against Tony Strickland running in the 25th.

I did like the part about saving America.

Rumors: Tony Strickland will not be running for Congress

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I was told that Tony Strickland will not be running for Congress.

If he doesn't run does that mean Jeff Gorell will run against Rep. Julia Brownley? If he does that makes for a primary to replace him in a competitive district.

What have you been hearing?

Bad news for Rep. Buck McKeon

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A new poll from PPP shows that Rep. Buck McKeon is losing popularity. Supporting a government shutdown has hurt his popularity.


I think Rep. Buck McKeon will be retiring. Term Limits on being the Chair of the House Armed Services Committee makes it less likely for him to stay. He has also not been raising as much money as he has in the past.

I do like that he tries to connect with the public. I enjoyed his townhall at the Simi Valley mall. I appreciate that he took questions and explained his views.

Do you think he is going to retire?

Rep. Buck McKeon @ Simi Valley Mall today at 2PM

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He has not scheduled any public town hall meetings but Rep. McKeon will be in Simi Valley today. Here is the information:

Public can meet with congressman

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10049 Simi Valley will welcome Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon, R-Santa Clarita, to its VFW Post 10049 Military Museum at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Simi Valley Town Center, 1555 Simi Town Center Way, Suite 220.

Local veterans and members of the public are welcome to this informal gathering to meet McKeon and his staff members.

Refreshments will be served. Admission is free.

Are you going? What do you want him to discuss?

I want him to tell us if he will support an immigration reform bill with a pathway to citizenship.

I also want him to committ to supporting a vote in the House, even if he votes against it.

Here is a picture I took from the rally outside the Reagan Library. The location was chosen to remind people that Reagan supported immigration reform.


Politics aside the VFW exhibit at the mall is impressive. Stop by and learn more about our history. Thank you to the volunteers that help keep it open.

Rally for Immigration reform tonight in Simi Valley

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Tonight on Madera outside of the Reagan Library local supporters of immigration reform will be organizing a rally to push Congress to take action.

For details go click here. The rally is being put together by Barack Obama's Organizing for America and others.

I will be posting pictures and updates. Click here to follow me on Twitter and click here for the Facebook page for my blog.


Immigration Reform and Rep. Buck McKeon

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Organizing for America is rallying outside of Rep. Buck McKeon's office to support immigration reform. Click here for the details for the event today.

Here are some pictures from their previous rally.

State Assembly Member Jeff Gorell says he supports immigration reform. He lobbied California Republicans in DC for it. I wonder if he has spoken to Rep. Buck McKeon.



I support comprehensive immigration reform.


Santa Clarita Letters to the Editor on Facebook

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The Facebook group Santa Clarita Letters to the Editor has a poll about who they want to replace Rep. Buck McKeon if he retires. I was surprised that Tony Strickland does not have any support in that poll. He has been popular with party activists in Ventura County. I understand that his base of support is not in Santa Clarita.

Look what State Assembly Member Scott Wilk posted:


What district do you think Tony Strickland will run in? Who do you want to replace Rep. Buck McKeon?

I think Rep. Buck McKeon is going to retire.

Rumors: Jeff Gorell + Tony Strickland

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pete_wilson_jeff_gorell.jpg ( Pete Wilson, Jeff Gorell, and Tony Strickland)

More people are telling me they expect that Rep. Buck McKeon will be retiring. An interesting question is who runs for his seat on the Republican side if he does.

I am hearing that Tony Strickland is considering running for his seat instead of challenging Rep. Julia Brownley again. Tony Strickland has claimed to live in Simi Valley, Moorpark, and Thousand Oaks. He grew up in Simi Valley so it would not be difficult to claim to be from the area again.

Do you think Rep. Buck McKeon is really retiring? His fundraising numbers are not impressive for someone that is the Chair of the House Armed Services Committee. I assume he might retire and become a lobbyist.

If Tony Strickland switches districts that leaves Republicans needing a candidate to run against Rep. Julia Brownley. The rumor I am hearing is the plan is for Jeff Gorell to run against her.

He was in Washington DC recently meeting with California Republicans about immigration reform. Could he have also been making plans to run? He has not announced the support of any of the Republicans he met with for an immigration plan.

What do you think the basis of the attacks against these two will be?

1. Tony Strickland: Career politician that will do anything to stay in office including moving districts and cities. He will be attacked as a right wing Tea Party supporter.

2. Jeff Gorell: He is much more difficult to argue he is a right wing Tea Party supporter. I am not sure what his latest position is on Marriage Equality. But he is much more moderate than Tony Strickland. He will be attacked for claiming to be bipartisan while not actually accomplishing much. He will be ridiculed for his press releases as someone that is not able to actually get things done. What will he claim is his specific biggest accomplishment in Sacramento?

You can connect with me on Twitter or on my Facebook page for my blog. You don't need to register to comment but...


Do you think these two will be running? What have you been hearing?

Follow Mike Devlin on Twitter

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Santa Clarita based blogger Mike Devlin was the speaker at a recent Democratic Club meeting in Santa Clarita. He was sharing bis experiences with blogging that brought attention to the controversial school board member recently removed from the Saugus School Board.

Guess who attended his talk? The removed School Board Member Stephen Winkler!

Follow blogger Mike Devlin on Twitter @mic_dee .

If you have not been following the story Stephen Winkler was elected with the help of conservative groups like the California Republican Assembly. After the election his pro-nazi statements on Youtube were discovered. He was removed from the school board based on a claim he did not live in the area.

We should be vigilant to protect our democracy. Activist groups should not simply accept a party label as reason enough to help elect a candidate, especially for a nonpartisan office.

For school boards I know we have many successful business people, educators, and PTA volunteers we should promote.

California Republican Assembly: Time to pay?

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The California Republican Assembly believes Republicans are too moderate.

Their goal is to push their party to the far right. Sometimes in doing so they endorse extremist candidates including one that wants to ban a book about Afghanistan and another that was removed from the Saugus School Board after his comments about Nazism became public.

Note: I am not arguing they knew he believed in Nazism. In fact, they knew very little about his beliefs. But they endorsed him anyways because he is a Republican. That is the problem. They unleashed him on a school district without knowing much about him apparently.

There is a California Republican Assembly meeting tomorrow in Santa Clarita. Do you think they will try to hold some of the people that supported him accountable?

They should.

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